World’s first laboratory-grown steak may reach market by 2021

World’s first laboratory-grown steak may reach market by 2021

Time now for our “Life & Info” segment…
where we focus on information useful for your everyday life. The food industry has now gone far beyond
the veggie burger in recent years, introducing all kinds of non-meaty treats for vegetarians
and vegans. An Israeli startup has taken the next logical
step forward,… developing steak in a lab using cells from a cow. Park Se-young has more. It cooks, smells and tastes like steak, but
this meat is not from an animal. This steak was grown in the laboratory of
an Israeli startup using a small number of cells taken from a cow …without slaughtering
it. “This small amount of cells serve as a basis
for getting more and more cells and from these cells we create the different cell types that
comprise the muscle cut – which is actually the steak that we are eating.” Because the meat is grown in closed containers
that allow no contamination, there is no need to use antibiotics …which can be harmful
to meat eaters. While there have been lab-grown hamburgers
and chicken, …Aleph Farms claims to have developed the world’s first lab-grown steak. And it could be seen on restuarant menus in
the near future, …as the company is in talks with high-end restaurants in the United States,
Europe and Asia to have the product released for a trial phase in 2021. It plans to officially launch the product
in 2023, …first in restaurants and then in stores. “Imagine the same steak, the same experience,
same taste, same texture, but produced in a way which is more ethical, more sustainable
and without all the public health issues associated with animal farming.” A serving of a thin slice of the meat currently
costs around 50 U.S. dollars, but the company hopes to bring that down by 2021 …to cost
only a little more than a traditional steak. Amid increasing consumer concerns about health,
the environment and animal welfare, …there has been growing demand for meat substitutes. The number of startups producing lab-grown
meat has risen from four in 2016 to more than two dozen as of last year, …with hopes of
entering the one-point-four trillion-dollar global market for animal protein. Park Se-young, Arirang News.


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