Why work at ARUP Laboratories?

Why work at ARUP Laboratories?

hi my name is Gary Sant I work for ARUP
laboratories as an IT database architect as a database architect I use business
intelligence to develop integration services packages that extract data from
variety of locations transform the data to fit our business needs then load the
data into an enterprise data warehouse I also perform maintenance and administer
our databases ensure that data is protected such as patient health
information data is optimized query performance and that it’s always
available I personally make a difference in patient care and ARUP in general as I
make data available that is needed for reporting which is used to make informed
business decisions and also to make sure that results are correct and are
available as needed only to those who need them ARUP creates a unique culture that
I personally love my family’s worked here my father two sisters and brother
have all worked here and really enjoy it it’s a very relaxed environment that’s
also very professional focuses on the needs but also focuses on the employee
and their families needs ARUP’s IT department has a wide
variety of positions from support administration programming I personally
do database development along with the database administration we have systems
administration and we have a clinical systems department we have a lot of
options as far as what you’re looking for with your personal skill set

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  1. Sarah Schapper says:

    This guy is ah-maze-ing. Made me work for ARUP. And then I met him and he became my knight in shining armor for all my data needs!

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