Why Is There a Doctor Shortage?

Why Is There a Doctor Shortage?


  1. Crazy Uploads says:

    Okay this is really sad tbh 😫

  2. jason morgan says:

    Doctors are only good if they care. Btw there no smarter than you or me. Only a handful stand out otherwise they hold the key to a data base that may cost you your life.🤔

  3. Joe Postove says:

    If we are so narrowly focused on doctors who graduate with an M.D. then we are doing ourselves a real disservice.

    There is NO shortage of alternative care healers like those who are in Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chinese or Oriental medicine and many many other "alt-medical" care givers.

    Doctors are THE most important caregivers, but there is (and can be even more in a free market of medicine) men and women who can heal us without having to see an M.D.

    Some traditional physicians may not like that, but the future is in sick people having an array of choices and not be tied down to the status quo.

    AND…the future is here!

  4. Amy Ketchum says:

    I had a nurse send me to hospital thinking I had appendicitis even though it was a cyst

  5. Adhi Suryana says:


  6. Fyi Hfy says:

    Overworked, Underpaid, Incompetent, and they overcharge the medical bill.

  7. Shady Pikachu says:

    I’m trying to get into medical school so this is so relevant to me right now 😩

  8. Neutral 69 says:

    Not many people want 2 be doctors because of the schooling it takes & many people aren’t smart enough 2 be a doctor & a lot of people don’t care 2 help people.

  9. Hoodwink says:

    Look at these scared fucks. They know the doctor shortage is artificial. But, are making excuses that it's about money.

  10. J London says:

    Here's a thought .. there is no shortage of doctors … there is a shortage in the use of " traditional medicine" . i.e. prevention through nutrition & traditional home remedies .. and an over abundance of prescription medication and their assosiated side affects along with the disappearance of G.P. & the plethora of lawyers. The lack of ability ( of patients ) to pay cash because of the requirement of the insurance processes could be concidered the the number one cause of overpricing of the market. Planned over-testing in the design of corporate heath facilities is not any help , but is apparently part of the potential litigation hanging like a Domocles sword .

  11. Only Child life says:

    Maybe drs need to stop taking kick backs to promote vaccines. We have the most medicated population in history and the sickest.

  12. American Man says:

    Prob because most people dont want to give up so much time to become one. Its a calling.

  13. Whit23ney says:

    I’m a CST and I worked with a surgeon who’s phone started ringing during surgery. She said to the nurse “If it’s Fanny May, tell them I’m dead.” She hadn’t even passed her boards and was already getting calls from debt collectors. She was a black woman from an impoverished home who had beat all of the odds to become a surgeon, and during surgery, was being harassed by loan collectors. Wtf?! Seriously? This is what it’s come to? No wonder!

  14. kim Ell says:

    The bigger question is why such low numbers accepted into medical school? I know people with 4.0 GPAs who couldn’t get accepted.

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