What’s Up: December 2019 Skywatching Tips from NASA

What’s Up: December 2019 Skywatching Tips from NASA

[Bright music] What’s Up for December? Venus, Saturn, the
crescent Moon and Mars make close passes at dusk and
dawn throughout the month. December starts off with a
lovely string of pearls, with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
and the crescent Moon forming a lineup at dusk
on December 1st. You’ll need a pretty clear view
toward the horizon to see Jupiter, which is setting
soon after the Sun these days. Look for an unobscured view
toward the southwest about half an hour after sunset. In the middle of December, watch each evening from
the 9th through the 13th, as Venus and Saturn
just skim past each other, with brilliant,
cloud-swaddled Venus rising higher in
the sky each day. [whoosh] Early risers can catch a glimpse
of the Red Planet being visited by the slim crescent of the Moon
on December 22nd and 23rd. To see them, look
toward the southeast about 45 minutes before sunrise. You’ll see the Moon
above Mars on the 22nd. By the 23rd, it’s moved below
Mars and a bit toward the east. At the end of December,
you won’t want to miss a dazzling pair-up of Venus
and the crescent Moon. On the 28th, look low in the
southwest sky at dusk to find Venus
hovering in twilight just above a slim
lunar crescent. NASA’s space missions explore
the Moon and the planets of our solar system to answer
fundamental science questions about where we come from, where we’re going and whether we’re alone. Here are the phases of
the Moon for December. Follow all of NASA’s current and
future missions at nasa.gov. I’m Preston Dyches from NASA’s
Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Join us next year as we
continue to ask, “What’s up?”


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    I always feel brightened up every time a "What's Up" video is out like always! 🤗


    The Last Conjuction of the Moon and a Planet of 2019
    The Crescent Moon and The Planet Venus


    I Love This Videos 🙂

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    Forgot the Geminides, 14. 15. Dec

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    Thx Preston. You gave me something to look forward to.🔭

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    nasa future video 2020 new video

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    What about Geminids? Will we see Geminids this year?

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    Observing conjunctions is as exciting as observing the paint dry.

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    26 december 2019 annular solar eclipse..happen in southeast asia..

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    What about the eclipse in 26 Dec ?? Ohh it is not visible in US

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