What kids can expect during an MRI scan at Medical City Children’s Hospital

What kids can expect during an MRI scan at Medical City Children’s Hospital

(Medical City Children’s Hospital) – Hi. Welcome to Medical City Children’s
Hospital. Today, we’re going to be learning about having an MRI scan. You’ll learn about who you’ll meet, what you need to wear and the tests the doctors
will be performing. This is my friend, Jordan – Hi. – She’s gonna have her first MRI
scan. – What’s an MRI? – An MRI is the camera that takes pictures of the inside
of your body. This helps the doctor know how to best treat you. Let’s
go learn more about it. When you first come to the hospital, you’ll check in at the desk
that looks like an ant farm. The person at the desk will help you know where to
go to check in for your procedure. – Hi. I’m one of the first
people you’ll meet in the hospital. I’ll get you ready for your procedure and let the MRI
technologist know that you are here. – After you’re all checked in, you and your
family can wait here by the caterpillar. When it’s time for your procedure, an MRI
tech will take you and your family to your room. Once you’re in your room, an
MRI tech will make sure you have on the correct clothes and are ready
for your procedure. – Does it matter what kind of clothes I wear? – It does. For many radiology
procedures, you can’t have any metal on your body so let’s take a look at some
of the clothes that you brought. Sweatpants are a really good choice, they
don’t have any metal on them and they’re comfy. T-shirts are great too as long as
they don’t have any sequins or sparkles on them. Now jeans will not work. Jeans
have a button and a zipper which are metal and we can’t wear that during your
scan. Although this necklace is very pretty, you can’t wear it while you have
your test but your mom or your dad can hold it for you while you have your scan.
Just remember, when you have any radiology procedures, try not to wear any
metal but if you forget, it’s okay we have special hospital gowns
that you can wear. You may meet few more people during your visit. – Hi. I’m your child life specialist.
It’s my job to teach you all about the hospital and the tests you may
be having. I’ll let you know what to expect and answer any questions you
might have. I can also bring you fun activities to do while you’re
waiting and sometimes I
can say with you during your test. – Hi. I’m Dr. Smith. I’m one of
the pediatric radiologists. I’ll be taking a look at your images and letting your
doctor know what I find. You may not see me when I’m here but know that I’m
behind the scenes, making sure that you get everything taken care of. – Now that you’re dressed and ready and go it’s time to go
to the room with MRI scanner. Sometimes to get the best picture, the doctor has
to give you a medicine called contrast. Contrast is given through an IV.
An IV is a small plastic tube that goes in your vein. Some kids say it’s like a
straw. This medicine shows the doctor the part of body that they want to look at.
If you need an IV, I’ll be the one to start it for you. To start your IV, I will
first try to find the best vein by tying this tourniquet around your arm. – It looks
like a giant rubber band. – You’re right it does. Now once I find the best vein, I
will then wipe your arm off with this pad. Some kids say it feels cold or wet.
– It smells funny too. – Then, you will feel a poke from the needle as the straw goes
in. I will take the needle out and throw it away but the straw will stay in to
give you your medicine.
Your job is to stay as still as statue. – Does it hurt?
– Some kids say it feels like a pinch but I’ll let you tell me what you think. You
can watch or you can look away. – That wasn’t too bad. I have to take deep
breaths and blow out some air. – Once you have your IV, it’s time to go to the MRI room.
– Can my mom or dad come with me? One parent or family member can come with
you, the rest will wait in our waiting room. The parent or family member that
comes with you cannot have any metal either. Also moms who are pregnant or
family members that have medical conditions cannot come into the MRI
room. Some kids have trouble staying still for their scans. An
anesthesiologist will give you some sleepy air, through a mask like this. It’s
red because the inside smells like cherries. You’ll fall asleep when we take
your pictures and then wake up when they’re over. Your parent or family
member will be with you when you fall asleep and then wait in our waiting room
until your pictures are over. This is the MRI scanner. Some kids say it looks like a
giant spaceship. – Cool, I love outer space. It looks like a rocket ship. – First you
will lie down on this bed. I will give you blankets and make sure you are nice and
comfortable. Your job is to stay still as a statue, that way your pictures would be
very clear for the doctor to see. – How long does it take? – It normally takes
about an hour. About the same time as your two favorite TV shows. To help you
keep still, you can daydream about your favorite place, take a nap or even listen
to music but you can’t listen to music from your phone. – Does it hurt?
– The scanner never touches your body while it’s taking the pictures. It does make a loud
noise so let’s listen to it. – That’s really loud. – It is, but we have
earplugs and headphones to
make it softer. – Awesome. – Once your pictures are done, you can go
home. A doctor will call you if any more tests are needed. So how do you feel
about your MRI scan now? – I feel good now that I know what to expect. – Good, I’m glad.
We hope that you know what to expect when you come in for your MRI scan. If
you have any more questions just let us know. Until then, see you later. – Bye! (Medical City Children’s Hospital)


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