What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction? (What Causes Dry Eyes)

What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction? (What Causes Dry Eyes)

So what is meibomian gland dysfunction? and
how is it related to what causes dry eyes? Well in this video, I’m going to be explaining
meibomian gland disease so that you can better take care of your eyes and hopefully improve
and prevent dry eye symptoms. So let’s tale a look. SPONSOR: This video is brought to you by OCuSOFT. The number one doctor recommended brand of
eyelid cleansers. Hey everyone this is Dr. Joe Allen here from
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of my future videos. So chances are if your watching this video
you have been told that the oil glands on your eyelids are blocked or clogged and no
longer secreting properly. Or your trying to figure out what causes dry
eyes. Well these oil glands on your eyelid we call
the meibomain glands and when they are not secreting properly, we call that meibomian
gland dysfunction. And its one of the most major contributing
factors to evaporative dry eye eye disease which accounts for over 70% of all dry eye. These glands run vertically on both the bottom
and the top portion of your eyelids and if you look in the mirror and look at your lids
you just might be able to see them. But when these oil glands are healthy, they
actually secrete a little bit of oil on every complete blink and that oil mixes with the
liquid portion of your tears and helps prevent them from evaporating. And when these meibomian glands are not producing
enough oil. Or if the oil coming out is a very poor quality
then of course the tears will evaporative very fast and that’s what we call meibmian
gland disease. So if your somebody who has dry eye symptoms
where your eyes could be red, feeling gritty, sandy, maybe your tearing occasionally or
that your vision is fluctuating- especially when looking up close on your phone, computer
or while reading a book. Then chances are you have some form of evaporative
dry eye and its probably related to meibomian gland dysfunction. The big issue with these clogged glands is
that in the early stages people are completely asymptomatic and if these glands remain clogged
and completely blocked up then these oil glands can eventually die off and when they are dead,
you can;t get them back. And without the oil glands there to protect
the tears from evaporating, treatment for dry eye disease becomes extremely difficult. And that’s why its so important to see your
eye doctor regularly so they can detect MGD and treat it before it becomes a problem. Now there’s multiple strategies for meibomian
gland dysfunction treatment. But they mainly involve reducing inflammation
and getting those thickened oils to secrete out the glands so the glands can start producing
healthy oils again. Your doctor can offer you treatments with
oral medications such as doxycycline or azythromycin. They may even offer you in office treatments
such as the Lipiflow or Ilux device. Or they can do manual gland expression. Basically using a little tweezers to individually
pop those oil glands open. But thats something you need to let your doctor
do. Don’t try to do that yourself, you could actually
end up hurting your eyes. Sometimes even conservative treatments by
taking omega 3 supplements, doing frequent warm compresses and eyelid massage can help
with meibomain gland expression as well. But hey if your worried that you may have
evaporative dry eye disease from meibomian gland dysfunction. Make sure to talk with your doctor about the
best treatment strategies for you. But no matter what just make sure that you
are performing good eyelid hygiene because thats a way you can help prevent this from
getting worse or becoming a problem in the first place. So eye health question of the day. What meibomain gland dysfunction treatments
are working for you? Are you doing the lipiflow device in the office? Are you taking medications? Or are you just taking Omega 3 supplements
and doing warm compresses? Comment in the section below and let us know
what’s working for you. Hey thanks for watching if you got something
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    Eye Health QOTD ⚡⚡: What treatments have you been using, Lipiflow- Ilux- or conservative treatments such as warm compresses and omega-3s?

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  3. Nova Ash says:

    Please help! For several months I have been experiencing involuntary eye movement (my actual eyeball is moving). I have had MRI's of brain, spin, and orbitals; results were non-worrisome. I am scheduled to see several other specialists, but I would really like any suggestions on conditions that could cause involuntary eye movement. Thank you!

  4. Werner Danler says:

    Funny you mention it. I was sent to an outside Ophthalmologist by the VA for cataract surgery and he discovered I had this. I am now taking oral antibiotic, antibiotic eye cream and gel eye drops. I have been taking Omega3 for several years. I am going in for LipiView testing in a couple weeks. I guess the will see if my glands can produce any oil. I have been going to the VA optometrists for several years and they always said I have dry eyes and yet never did anything about it except give me Refresh eye drops which don't help.

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    Eye floaters: how to get rid of black spots

  8. Johannes Brahms says:

    People don't realize that visual acuity is very dependent on proper lubrication of the cornea. When I noticed that my vision was becoming blurry in one eye i automatically thought it was caused by a change in vision that needed stronger correction or possibly due to cataract. I was very surprised to find that meibomian gland disfunction was the real cause and that proper treatment allowed me to see clearly again without changing my prescription.

  9. bluegreen13 says:

    My eye doctor is going to love all my questions when I see him next. lol Thanks for all the information. : )

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    I must say I do nothing because my eyes are fine. Thank you, doc. I will keep in mind to be careful about this condition. 🙂

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  14. Jeanne Kiewlak says:

    Another great video! I have dry eyes. And a contact lens wearer. My eye doc told me I produce enough tears, but they evaporate & disperse rapidly on my eyeball as soon as they're produced. So maybe I have this gland problem, although they never assessed this specifically. Take Omega 3, restasis, warm compresses to eyes, lots of eye drops without preservatives. It's a constant battle. Did not know they could try to unblock the gland itself. I'll mention that in my next eye visit. As always, thank you! 👍

  15. Chris Pallé says:

    Woah. Had no idea this is a thing. Very interesting and will keep eye on it… okay okay, pun intended. 😁 srsly, we’re all on devices with screens and if the strain CMS affect our eye health, this is good to know. Thx!

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    Hi doctor, I had a Cornea transplant plus cataract surgery done together. My eyesight has obviously improved but I do have problems with watery eyes and my surgeon says I have dry eyes. So he recommended Hylo Forte drops. More of a thicker consistency than normal eye drops and it has definitely helped! 4 times a day and less time on my computer lol. Love your videos.

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    I have a question? I don’t know if I have dry eyes or not because my eyes feel dry and I always roll them I want to know if that is dry eyes or not…

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    How long does it take for blocked meibomian glands to die? Is it years or months? And how do you know if they are already too late to recover?

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    LIPIFLOW treatment, supplemental therapy including lid hygiene, omega 3s makes treatment last 3 years! Great video and editing!

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    Hi Doc! Thanks for your super helpful / informative videos. I was diagnosed with posterior blepharitis/MGD/Dry eye syndrome 5 years ago and have been managing my symptoms using warm compresses, ocusoft eyelid scrubs and retaine eye drops, eyelid massage and more recently, doxycycline and lipiflow. I have two questions for you:

    1. I miss wearing eyeliner and mascara, as I’ve pretty much steered clear of eye makeup for the last 4 years. I’ve tried to find brands that are natural/ophthalmologist-approved, but I notice my eyes feel inflamed the morning after I wear eye makeup. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can wear eye makeup without aggravating my eyes?

    2. Ocusoft scrubs and eye drops are effective but expensive. Do you have any suggestions for cheaper alternatives to these products?

    Thank you!

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    Wow, thanks man. I think I have this problem. I don't wear glasses but I feel like I may need to start. Thanks for the info, it may explain what I've got going on. Definitely improves temporarily with eye drops and the severity fluctuates.

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    My husband's left eye has watered profusely for some years now. He recently went to an optometrist and just waved it off that he may be on the computer too often etc. Which he isn't. He has to carry tissues with him 24/7 could chronically having a teary eye be symptoms of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

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