What Is A Medical Writer?

What Is A Medical Writer?

hey guys ECR G here back with another
episode today we’re gonna be talking about what is a medical writer what is a
medical writer now a lot of people are interested in getting their foot in the
door in clinical research so I have this series going on like a what do they do
you’ve seen a thumbnails the same kind of similar thumbnail you’ve seen for
this video if we’ve been watching on YouTube also on the podcast will be a
similar type of thumbnail but we’re doing an expose on a lot of these
clinical research positions so you guys the audience can learn more about maybe
your position or you can learn more about a position you’re interested in or
maybe you’ve never even heard of some of these positions and you are going to try
and apply for these and try to become these in the future so I think this is a
really helpful series I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on it so if you want more
videos like this more episodes like this go ahead and comment or email me at Ali
clinical group at gmail.com telling me that you’re interested and learning more
about these random various clinical research positions
so today’s position is medical writer and this part this person just like the
name suggests is a writer of things and usually they are in the medical field
these are people that are former pharmacists former medical doctors
former you know PhDs these are people with advanced degrees typically and they
are writing kind of medical protocols any type of medical thing where medical
knowledge is going to be required and in a CRO or a pharma or even at the
academic level there’s going to be a medical writer so for example they are a
medical writer is going to be the person that creates that initial draft protocol
they may have like a template or something to create a protocol this is
something that sponsor typically do handle
handle the writing of the protocol but I’ve seen CEOs do have medical writers
also for other documents they may have someone go out and correspond with them
or maybe their medical monitors correspond with them one develop Dell
when developing a protocol so they’re gonna create an initial draft are gonna
go through a drafting process for writing of the protocol they’re gonna
work with the clinical trial lead maybe the project manager of the study to
draft and review the draft protocol so that is one of the most important
documents in a clinical trial is the protocol and you want to make sure that
it’s written clearly and succinctly for every single person on the study to be
able to read and understand once again as a CRA as a CRA the protocol is
something that I have handy at all times I’ve got to be able to fire that
protocol what I need to when I’m monitoring and when you know sites are
asking me questions about how to do certain things I need to make sure I’ve
got that protocol handy so that I can answer those questions appropriately so
this is something the medical writer is gonna be working on and doing making
sure that protocol is really bulletproof to minimize any mistakes because the
study coordinators are gonna be looking at this also making sure that they’re
conducting the research appropriately so this is something I mean this is go this
goes through drafting commenting and you know all these different revisions get
incorporated into the protocol so you’ve really got to have a strong science
background and a strong writing background because these protocols I’ve
seen them 50 70 90 maybe even 100 pages long depending how complex they are you
really got to have a strong background so other thing I want to do what the
medical writer position is so you kind of got the basics down but what kind of
what kind of experience do you need to become a medical writer on a wide to
false to Raleigh when I do this what kind of experience you need as a medical
writer and you know maybe we can find a little bit so let’s go in here so let’s see we got this company grifoll
x’ it’s a medical writer so you see here a medical writer interprets analyzes
writes formats and produces clinical development documents such as study
reports abstracts white paper reviews regulatory agency submission document on
a given product or medical question across several therapeutic areas before
we go in deeper let’s make sure medical writer one bachelor’s degree plus five
years from Seville sweeteners with coursework in biology or really advanced
degree masters so they’re saying you didn’t even get one with the Masters
they’re probably gonna want someone with the advanced degree like higher than a
masters plus five years of experience so this is definitely a job that and that’s
just the level one this is definitely a job that you’re gonna need some
experience for definitely gonna want some experience for so that one’s good
will read this so author’s the first and subsequent drafts of study reports using
ability to understand and interpret the data from tables and graphs and be able
to place them and written a diagrammatic format with the medical scientific
perspective utilize the statistical and medical literature evaluation skills to
compare data and potential citations for generation of these documents so you
know working with co-authors ensures the production of final report is according
to development departmentally Soapy’s so this one’s about like posters and stuff
like that any type of medical protocols Shell’s yeah so like the basic
foundation scaffold of a protocol they’re gonna be working on updating
investigator brochures annual safety reports regulatory documents such as
sections of biological science license applications to FDA and other regulatory
agencies so yeah that’s good it’s a it’s it’s a good role I mean obviously you’re
gonna need a lot of experience become one
let’s see what other let’s see what other stuff we can get medical writer
and grand writer medical writer here’s one quintiles Wow and they’re still
advertising themselves as quintiles IMS they’re clearly IQ via now as you can
see what IQ vo so let’s see what they got English blah blah blah you know all
the generic stuff this is what I want to see bachelor’s degree 1.5 years of
experience in a medical clinical pre clinical chemistry environment so that’s
actually not even that bad of a requirement this sounds like a entry
level medical writer position which is crazy so they’ve got level one medical
writers let’s see what a senior medical writer is gonna look that so access lead
medical writer with limited guidance from supervisory staff arranges
appropriate internal review of a signed document and takes responsibility for
on-time delivery identifies project knees negotiates and tracks project
timelines and implements client requests obviously you need all the LSC so
bachelor’s degree at least three years broad ranging experience as a medical
writer within a pharmaceutical environment including extensive
experience in preparing all types of regulatory documents with consistently
positive customer feedback okay so a lot of these companies clearly you know it’s
gonna be hard to get your foot in the door as a level 1 medical writer but
once you kind of get in it sounds like you’re able to move up move up the
ladder there quickly in the medical writing domain this is something that is
you know very much needed I’m sure there’s a good demand for this medical
writing ability I know myself I do not like writing to this extent so you’re
gonna have to love writing to do this if you’re somebody who you know was loved
English and science this is probably a great opportunity for you to kind of
combine those two passions of yours into becoming a medical writer so I
definitely would recommend this career path
doesn’t seem like you’ll have to do too many much traveling if you are about
that it doesn’t really seem you know it seems like you might be able to work
from home a lot too you’re just gonna be you know kind of
writing these these uh you know reports and these documents you must be working
on that so overall so it’s a pretty good role
this is not an entry-level role as you can see you’re going to acquire some
experience no problem but this is just one of those roles that I’m sure not a
lot of people know about or I’ve heard of or I was familiar with
everyone is more familiar with clinical research associate project manager some
of the entry-level like study coordinator positions things like that
so I just wanted to bring to you guys a position that you may or may not have
known about so hopefully you guys enjoyed this we’ll be coming back with
other positions let us know in the comments if you have an idea for a
position that you want us to review or talk about email me Ali clinical group
at gmail.com for any questions you may have take care

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