Trump Now Riding with Doctor After Hospital Visit

Trump Now Riding with Doctor After Hospital Visit

So listen, we need to know what’s going on
with Donald Trump’s health. In this story I’m talking about physical health,
not mental health. Mental health of course has also been a big
topic of concern, but that’s not the focus for today. Last weekend Donald Trump went to Walter Reed
hospital for an unplanned visit. The white house has since said, Oh, he was
getting a jumpstart on his 2020 physical. This is not something a president has ever
done. This is something that dr Sanjay Gupta indicates
is not how physical physicals are done. As a general rule, it was all very weird. Walter Reed said they weren’t expecting Trump. Trump was out of sight for two days following
the visit. Then when he finally got back in front of
the cameras, he looked acutely not good. So the other day I noticed Donald Trump arriving
on air force one in Austin, Texas. And I notice a couple of unusual things. Donald Trump, other than looking very sort
of ginger as he exited gingerly walking I should say, not ginger as he exited the plane,
left through a lower door on air force one, not something that presidents tend to do,
uh, but he was also followed closely behind by white house Dr. Sean Conley, who then got
into Donald Trump’s limo with him. And now it is normal for the white house doctor
to travel with the president. It is not normal for the white house doctor
to come off the plane right behind the president and then ride in the president’s limo with
them. A former white house doctor actually said
to CNN that when they were a doctor, they never rode with the president the entire time
that they were working there. And indeed when Donald Trump rode back from
the hospital last week, the doctor also rode with Trump, which is very odd. We’ve now heard from Walter Reed staff that
normally when the president goes there, certain roads are closed, certain corridors in the
hospital are closed. Didn’t happen last weekend because they didn’t
know Trump was going. So dr Sanjay Gupta has been looking at all
of this. He says, look, you’ve got a 73 year old Trump
who has heart disease. He’s medicated for it, he’s clinically obese. He admits that he doesn’t work out. He has a long history about lying regarding
his health. And still now, nine days after this Walter
Reed hospital visit, nothing is adding up. And on top of it, Trump is now writing with
his doctor in the limo after coming off of the planes lower stairs, which is unusual. And again, speculating a speculators might
be thinking that the idea is have Trump come off of lower stairs in the event he were to
fall. Uh, he can take smaller stairs. So for me there is a very simple explanation
here. They are lying to us. We don’t know exactly why. We need to know the truth. They’re lying to us. We’re not looking to make fun of anyone for
being obese or being sick or anything like that. This is about the lying needs to stop. It was a lie when Harold Bornstein put together
that bogus letter saying Trump would be the healthiest president ever to be president. Trump obviously wouldn’t be healthier than
the prior president Barack Obama. Nevermind every president, irresponsible thing
for Harold Bornstein to say they were lying when they said Trump. Trump was I believe six three two 39 which
would put them just one pound short of being obese. Trump is closer to six feet tall, five 11
six feet, six feet and a half, something like that. Based on being shorter than Obama being shorter
than Tom Brady. It’s lie after lie after lie after lie. We just need to know the truth. That’s all, and if you really want to see
another indicator that something is wrong with Trump’s health, he has not gone this
long without golfing his entire presidency. We’ll have more information about that. I don’t, I don’t want to muddle that in a
butt, but it’s a related story and we will talk about that tomorrow. Something is wrong here. We are not being told the truth and I think
we deserve to be told the truth


  1. Felecia Goldson says:


  2. Amy Sternheim says:

    So much for transparency…..

  3. Jasko Hodzic says:

    Fuck him, he can con his health. He can not lie to his health and make it better. Lier

  4. Jannett Snow says:

    Well if he's doing this, hhe needs out of office NOW

  5. Donald Intlekofer says:

    Just dreamed up another way he can spend my tax money, remember tax money, something this orange bag of puke doesn't pay.

  6. Joey Big Things Poppin says:

    Knowing that all the crimes he has committed he now has anxiety as he should !
    ☆R.I.P. Secret Agent Orange!!☆

  7. Patricia Gurwitz says:

    Constipation….. he’s full of hot air!!

  8. Sedona Brain says:

    To the White House chef: please keep those cheeseburgers and KFC coming. The future of the free world depends on it.

  9. Jason Zee says:

    Only the left calls this news. They want him dead

  10. GOLDEN BUDDHA says:

    I have it on the highest authority that Spanky gets his erect 1/4 inch cheeto foreskin caught in the zipper….😱

  11. wakeup people says:

    Hopeful his Dr. is smart like his lawyers. 🤔 🤔 😉

  12. wakeup people says:

    Golfing! He's got to wait on the new budget!

  13. WeedWhacker2010 says:

    Just look at him. He is either high on uppers, or coming down off them.

  14. Lindsey Stein says:

    I’m willing to bet he had a heart attack. Obesity, heart disease, poor diet, doesn’t exercise, and takes uppers. Put the normal stress of a presidency, the impeachment inquiry and trying to juggle/hide all of his shady dealings- definitely a heart attack. Especially if a doctor is following him around after that emergency hospital visit.

  15. Cynthia Sala says:

    Trump entire life is a lie

  16. Bob Minichino says:

    We'll know, hopefully from the autopsy, soon, very soon.

  17. Chris Didieu says:


  18. Deborah Tinsman says:

    Could he be having panic attacks?

  19. rft says:

    they should check him for Sylphilis, would explain so much, I have read destroys the brain. maybe his bs presidency is over. I hope he has passed it to pence as well as those idiot spineless worms in the senate that are terrified of trump and his stooges.

  20. ethel newberry says:

    The old Bloated Goat just want's "Oh!!! Pity me attention." He will get it any way he can.

  21. TheDeluche says:

    He must’ve had a heart attack

  22. Calvin Brown says:

    We don't care about traitor high treason pig Donald Trump's health and we hope he dies

  23. Brownie lover says:

    I just watched william shatner in SOMETHING! And he is 88! And looks far better and more sprite than Donld dumb! The man is only 70 something! And he is falling about because that how laws of attraction work out! He is what he delivers in life!

  24. Help ForNPD says:

    Trump may have had a mini stroke. It would explain his slurring and mental confusion. TIA's cause dizziness. Could be heart issues but I think his brain is toast.

  25. Edith Woods says:

    Somebody need to leak it. We will be waiting on it

  26. Emespher says:

    Anything to stroke his ego

  27. jsunflyguy says:

    David, the lower staircase is used when the airport does not have Airstairs large enough to reach the exit door; that isn't necessarily dispositive…although the Airforce puts a SUBSTANTIAL effort to make sure that the President can descend the airstairs for optics. So it does mean something .

  28. daryl H says:

    Siphylis !!! & Boofing Adderall !!!

  29. tombell12 says:

    Trump has never been sound in body or mind, what's gonna happen next?

  30. Edie Babe says:

    Could be there is something real going on but equally plausible that the lazyassnobrains is seeding a Jurassic line of cowpucky to try and feed us later so he can pretend to “bow out” of a losing presidential race and, in his tiny mind, somehow “save face”.

    I, for one, am hoping it’s the latter not because I give a crap about his health more because I’m just fascinated at what kind of a fantastic lie that he could pull out of his ass; I mean you just have no idea what he’s going to come up with next and it’s entertaining to say the least.

  31. G Tirado says:

    Drugs! Case he needs a quick fix

  32. Adela Rodriguez says:

    At least the fat slob eats while people starve in America!

  33. Bob Pants says:

    Hope he just bites the dust

  34. Thomas Carpenter says:

    Did you ever notice when guys in the mob have court cases, all of a sudden their health gets bad and they show up to court in wheel chairs and shit. That is what is happening here. No escape though dick head.

  35. Bobby Smurf says:

    He needs Michael Jackson home doctor

  36. Bobby Smurf says:

    Did you know lying has fat calories ,side symptoms bloating anal leakage and losing of election,itchy dry eyes

  37. BRUNOSE7EN says:

    That’s the defense strategy, not to go to jail.

  38. boogey man says:

    God is now on Trump's sinful ass, thanks to all the thoughts and prayers coming from the evangelicals.😂😂

  39. AustinFan4Life says:

    This isn't really a news story, it's clickbait. It's quite common, for those in their 70s to be treated quite often by physicians. Let's not forget the darling left candidate, Bernie Sanders does the same, more so after his most recent heart attack.

    Even past presidents Bush 41 & Ronald Reagan had doctors travel with them.

  40. Lynette Patton says:

    Trump's stupid, but he knows what he signed up for.. sound familiar?

  41. Patrick Swezey says:

    Just keep eating crap and take a handfull of pills everyday sence collage. It will bit you in your fat ass.

  42. My Business says:

    Hopefully he’s as incompetent and clueless like the rest of his “cabinet” and won’t know what to do in an emergency

  43. sneakcollector says:

    Doctors wanted to check his brain… Didn't find any…

  44. Burger WithEverything says:

    I am pretty sure it is about his golf shoulder, his back bonespurs, his blocked colon and plus hemoroids. Plus his crooked mushroom fell some more.

  45. Isaac Rizard says:

    Counting days for his demise?

  46. Karen Reed says:

    God please let it be fatal and let it be quick…

  47. Frank Winkhorst says:

    Has anyone checked Melania's house in Potomac, Maryland, to see if she has an orange doll with pins stuck in it?

  48. Justice Johnson says:


  49. David L Lewis says:

    "The truth? You can' handle the truth!" (sorry, could somebody please provide refence for this quote)

  50. norma armstrong says:

    Poor old Donnie. Is he really on his last legs? What a pity!

  51. TheMaloney says:

    People are saying Trump had a heart attack and is getting worse.

  52. Debbie Horn says:

    Maybe their trying to cut back on his Adderall and he could be going thru withdraw . He doesn't seem to have he's old piss & vinegar energy. .

  53. Jeffery lyon says:

    tramp went to the hospital because he has a republican stuck up his ass

  54. Spencer Calvert says:

    My guess is trump needed stents and refused

  55. Betty Boo says:

    Poor thing and he thought he was going to live forever SPOILER ALERT the old demented lunatic idiot maybe sick.

  56. Salvador Vidrio says:

    Could it be?
    KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut are doing what the Senate Republicans don't have the guts to do…. remove Trump from Office.

  57. Christine Musselman says:

    He probably had an MI and had to go to the hospital asap. (Myocardio infarction)

  58. Pholy Iv says:

    How much was the co-pay on that Obama care?😆😀

  59. snapdragonfly66 says:

    It would definitely simplify getting rid of this disaster of a president if he was to get ill

  60. Stormchasingirl 1 says:

    Trump is probably having a lot of physical symptoms due to anxiety such as chest pain, palpitations, etc. Not to mention problems from his diet…..

  61. Connie Hahn says:

    Wonder who gets the blame for this? Why isn't this a "fake"doctor…..everything else according to him ….only people who fear death would have a doctor companion….

  62. Lois de Montmajour says:

    Better be followed by a psychiatrist…

  63. Cosimo Kramarawicz says:

    I wonder does his doctor can treat a " Voodoo Curse" . Day ain't no protection there.

  64. Magdalis Almodovar says:

    The drama 45.

  65. John Patriot eagle freedom boner says:

    How many strokes is too many?

  66. kqueenz77 says:

    The doctor referred Trump to hospice but Trump refused so the doc was paid extra to hospice on the go I bet

  67. Daniel Vigil says:

    We don't need to know s***. He's sick in all aspects… Physically mentally challenged. This is his ploy: to keep his self in the media. To earn sympathy from his followers.. he was just visiting a veteran for his planned next week's publicity. Where HE is (righteous) protecting "Navy SEAL( s) who were wrongly done" by a poorly managed Navy justice system.. Donald Trump… Evangelicals' chosen one shall rectify this Injustice. Politicizing the military.

  68. Daniel Vigil says:

    Stop wasting time discussing Trump let's talk about issues affecting regular people.

  69. Duh Duh duh says:

    The bull shit artist can’t tell the difference between truth and lies

  70. Jay D says:

    His ass is sick 😷 like shit and he knows it.Trust me his ass is bipolar and yes overweight and he can have a heart attack his pressure is so high along with that

    Cholesterol is so BAD. That chest out tight. Lying ass man he is evil and what goes around comes around ✌🏽💯

  71. Super Sonic says:

    I hope the media catches onto this!! We all know Donny has to prove "me strong, me healthy, me black belt Vladimir" & how he's as healthy as a 20 year old too… sooo then he'll have to prove that he can walk down the big boy stairs and hopefully as he does he'll take a hard tumble all the way down and well snap his fckin neck vertebrae!!
    (was that too harsh? Oh stop, I kid, I Donny says, just sarcasm folks) lol 😜 muhahaha

  72. billy walik says:

    DJT… Is DATING again! Viagra is a prescription medicine. Thanks Doc!

  73. Mike says:

    It would be an unspeakably vile thing to say that I hope he drops dead.  

    So… I hope he gets diarrhea. Soooo much diarhea

  74. JAZZLlFE says:

    Probably because the Dr. is the only one by law who is allowed to use a tranquilizing dart to subdue that buffoon.

  75. Margaret H says:

    It does not matter that other presidents have not done things that Trump has done. Trump does things for his own reasons which are usually odd. He is not getting awsy with his crap in politics so maybe he is going for the sympathy vote or to prevent him attending the impeachment hearings. What ever it is Trump will still lie about it.

  76. Troy York says:

    you need a doctor at your site at all times. I have several Psychiatry doctors I could recommend

  77. Michael says:

    I think he likely needed to be sedated or acting psychotic, something primarily based on brain function.

  78. Irma Knight says:

    As for me he can eat sh## and die. The sooner the better. He won't be missed.

  79. L S says:

    Who's paying for Trump's hospital bills and the traveling doctor? I don't wanna pay it. I have my own hospital and doctor bills. Send that travelling doctor back.

    I don't get to travel with my doctor. Trump is wasting tax payers money, again

  80. kismyass fu says:

    I hope that guy drop dead in the beast.

  81. moinmoin says:

    Maybe the doctor has to give him feelgood injections every few hours to keep him functioning like the ones Hitler got…

  82. Joe Laursen says:

    Oh please let him have a stroke.

  83. Katie M66 says:

    One can only hope he will have a heart attack and die soon. I'll literally throw a party when that putrid man dies.

  84. jason9022 says:

    Hopefully he gets an assisted suicide soon

  85. jason9022 says:

    They will lie and say that the doctor is there because hes just s ok busy and hes catching up early on next years "checkup"

  86. Michael Thomas says:

    My future favorite day will be the day he Dies, that should be a day to celebrate! P-Dump is the biggest embarrassment to the US ever.

  87. Craziejane73 says:

    Could it be all the Sudafed he's been using?

  88. Craziejane73 says:

    He has heart disease? Maybe he should lay off the junk food?

  89. Tanya Owen says:

    Could be his exit strategy. I dont care how he leaves office as long as he is held accountable for any crimes he and his minnions end up being charged with after investigations are completed.

  90. Randy Reneau says:

    Might be the best thing, maybe God has seen his evil

  91. Ann Ellis says:

    That shit is a sham, he just gone start saying, this impeachment is bad for his health.. WE DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK!! RESIGN THEN.. we not stopping til the fat Lady sings.. She died yesterday

  92. Susan Jackson says:

    The Simpson's family hasn't let us down yet lol

  93. Sean Gelarden says:

    Watch how sick he gets when they threaten to put him in prison like Cosby suddenly going blind

  94. Rikki Hoffecker says:

    The stress or the drugs are getting to him. Or both.
    Coronary problems perhaps?
    I don't wish ill on anyone…

    except Trump.
    Rot in the ground, you lying Nazi acorn cock.
    Sooner the better.

  95. Antonia M says:


  96. Noneof Yourbusiness says:

    Is it wrong that I'm counting on the fact that the average white male in America lives 71.5 years, adding Viagra, adderal, a fast food addiction, and Congress' boot hot up his ass, that its only a matter of time. Somehow, that is sickly satisfying.

  97. Richard Marchant says:

    I do not like your president but what a way to die KFC and Big Macs death by fast food crappy American fast food he'll probably die in office of a stroke or a massive heart attack

  98. Lisa Currier says:


  99. Kimberly Williams says:

    We all already know why Trump doctor is my his side FEAR!!! anxious worry the his fat ass will be be locked up. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  100. Patrick Gallimore says:

    It's good that a doctor is travelling with Trump, for his sake, but, he needs a psychiatrist to travel around with him, too, for our sake and, moreover, to live with him at the White House, because Trump is extremely mentally and emotionally unstable.

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