Town bans future use of oil, gas in new buildings

Town bans future use of oil, gas in new buildings

how it works. in Brookline with Saladna is
live Mary burden. call it a costly Opponents
climate change. aimed at fighting in Brookline
people building new rule for
That’s the pipes. No new gas lines. No new oil ***MARIA***
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School. Vandenbulcke is on leave… ordered to wear a GPS monitor… and stay away from the school. ***MARIA***
No new oil lines. No new gas pipes. That’s the new rule for
people building in Brookline
aimed at fighting climate
change. Opponents call it a costly
burden. Mary Saladna is live in
Brookline with how it works. ***MARY***
Maria, It’s a bold move.. and
it applies to homes and
businesses.. and not only to new
construction.. but to gut
rennovations. Brookline town meeting members
passed it overwhelmingly. A
by-law that bans oil and gas
piping in future construction
(107/ 57:36 – 57:47 Rep. Tommy
Vitolo (D)
Brookline: we know we need
significant emissions reductions
from out built environment to meet our climate goals. We’re in
a hole. what this bill does is
takes away the shovel. let’s
stop making it worse)
But unlike a handful of other
communities– mainly in california– this ban applies
not only to NEW buildings.. but
major renovations as well.. which is espcially relevant in
Brookline– where about half the
housing stock was built before
(lisa Cunningham/ Architect and
Bylaw co-sponser : 110// 1:05:15
– :22 and so a lot of times when
we’re doing a project in
Brookline it is a gut rennovation and we are replacing
systems, //1:05:28 – :32 you
want to replace them with a
system that will work.. for our
There are Exceptions to the infrastructure ban.. fuel piping is still permittted
for backup generators,
commercial AND residential
cooking, for
laboratories and medical
offices.. and to supply hot water systems in large
buildings. But using fossil fuels for
heating and hot water is now
pretty much hi


  1. Drake9Draconiangar says:

    well…..thats the end of the housing market in Brookline.
    this whole "climate change" scam needs to end.
    all its doing is putting all the money and power into the electric company and for something thats being lied about.

    your electricity is no better than oil or gas.
    you are just trading any bad things oil and gas have for all the bad things that electricity has. electricity is not clean energy. it doesn't come out of nowhere. you make just as big of an impact on the environment, if not bigger. dont believe me? go look at how your electricity is made.

  2. Larry 306 says:

    Wood stoves?

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