I guess what I’m thinking is life can still be enjoyed even in circumstances that are very much the opposite of what we were hoping for. Ups and downs… it’s part of the journey. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys and welcome to Friday in the hospital. I love when he stretches out his little paw. Good morning, we have been doing the hospital routine. Mary’s CF team came around this morning and… we… did blood work today and it turns out that her white counts and some of her blood numbers were trending down so we went ahead and did… Mary did the neupogen shot today. Oww! We asked about doing an IV instead of doing it… What is it? Subq or is it, it’s like intramuscular? Intramusculuar. Anyways, the injection, or the IV instead of the injection. But apparently the pharmacist said that it’s absorbed better in the body when you do the shot, so… Unfortunately that was the case today, so… Mary did that and then she’s been noticing some changes in her hearing and so the audiology team came in and with a lot of the medications that Mary goes on she has hearing loss in some of the higher ranges and so she has constant ringing in her ears and so she felt like that has changed a little bit in the past few weeks, which she was just on a long course of vancomycin, which can do that. So here’s what it looked like when they came in to have her hearing checked. Ow! That didn’t even touch you, come on! [laughter] I might be known to be a prankster. ♬ upbeat banjo music ♬ Yeah, so my hearing has worsened slightly in my left ear and it’s the same as it was last time. I have a little bit of hearing loss in both ears, but it’s like I have ringing in both ears. So, your ears… I think the way they explained it to me last time was your ears will sometimes ring at the frequency of the sound that, of the hearing that you’ve lost, so I have a really high pitched ringing because I’ve lost the hearing of those high pitches. But it’s not enough hearing loss that like I would notice it necessarily. They’ve just said like you might notice that you turn the TV up a little bit louder, but for the most part, or like in a big crowd of people trying to have a conversation with somebody you might notice it a little bit there and that’s about it. That’s all that I’ve ever noticed. And I think that’s very common like when you’re in a crowded place and it’s really echoey, it’s hard to hear the conversation. But anyway, so I might just like strain a little bit more. But I was thankful to hear, that even though this ear got a little bit worse, it wasn’t like crazy or anything. And I mean that’s part of the reason why we have to be so careful with… these medications and like we said yesterday and I literally just posted it on Facebook, on our Facebook page. If you guys didn’t know, we have a Frey Life Facebook page and we’re actually doing some special videos over there, which has been fun. I think we’re posting another one today. But anyway, it’s another reason why we have to be really careful with like blood counts and stuff. So the kidneys, when the creatinine bumps up… So the number, it seems opposite, when the number goes up, that means your kidney is not doing as well. Or…so like for white blood cell numbers when those numbers go down that’s bad. But when creatinine goes down, the kidney number, that’s good. So it’s like opposite. Creatinine is like a toxin in the blood that it’s measuring, that the kidneys filter, so when the number is higher in your blood, it means your kidneys aren’t filtering that toxin as well. So that’s why. It’s not actually measuring function. It’s measuring the actual toxin or whatever it is. Interesting. So some of these medications can… be so stressful on the kidney, the kidneys, that it causes them not to do their job as well and there’s some connection between hearing and I don’t think it has to do with kidneys. I think it’s just that the medications that happen to hurt your kidneys also hurt your ears. So…but again, risk versus benefit. Yes, there is a risk for hearing loss, but… the medications that I need…we got to do what we got to do. But yeah, today’s been a pretty good day. I’m really thankful, last night we slept pretty well and… I’m really really thankful for that, because the night before I was pretty frustrated with not being able to sleep. And…um…there was still a lot of beeping, but I can sleep through beeping. It’s…there’s a lot of other things that…anyway. Slept well, got up. Did my nebs, did chest PT, did an EKG. Did blood work and then went to the gym. And now… [coughing] In like… a half hour another round of chest PT. And then I get a little break. And the neupogen shot…we did that. Ouch! I was so excited. I mean, a shot is whatever but this shot… to me it felt different. The first time it like didn’t hurt at all. Last time it hurt really bad. This time… it hurt, but not like really bad. So anyway, my arm doesn’t even feel that a sore. So it’s all fine. It’s just if it was offered in IV, if it worked well in an IV form I would totally choose that. So, that’s our… What is this? Friday? Today is one week since I started IVs…again, but of course the… time clock got restarted when we had to start a new set of IVs and stop the old ones. Because we’d like to do about two to three weeks depending on that would be considered like a full course of IV antibiotics. But we have the new bacteria we’re treating… and we have all of the blood work and stuff. So I’m not even on the full dose yet of all three of my antibiotics that I’m on. So we were waiting to see if my kidneys would be…if my creatinine was getting improved. Being? What? Improving? But…it’s not, yet. It actually got a little worse today. So we will just keep doing what we think we can’t do. But I just have to tell you guys, I wanted to pick up the camera so bad. Peter and I sat over at that table where he’s sitting. We sat over there. He ate lunch. I still have no appetite and we had a business meeting. We’re talking about new designs for our online store and some things that have been highly requested. I’m not hinting at anything else. Anyway, we just had a fun little meeting and it was a reminder that life.. I guess what I’m thinking is life can still be enjoyed even in circumstances that are very much the opposite of what we were hoping for. We were so like anticipating doing this whole course of IVs at home and we were like, okay, I’m gonna feel awful, but we’re gonna make it work. But here we are. This is where we need to be. So we’re making… making the most of it, and so we had our business meeting. We brainstormed, we were making designs, and doing work, and it was fun. And I think it’s also like I haven’t really been able to like have discussions for a week because I’ve been feeling so bad, but now that those side effects are gone I think I feel like a million bucks. Which reality is my body is still, like my lungs are probably the still as the same as they were before all those bad side effects. So I’m still working hard, but we’re gonna keep working and um…so keep your eyes out for exciting new things on the store. Same girl. Same bed. Same pillow. But way exhausted. I am realizing like how many things I did today. On top of the…you guys saw the audiologist come. So, I did the EKG, the feeding tube nurse came. She’s like a nurse practitioner who works a lot with feeding tubes and she helped me evaluate…like it’s been leaking more and so she helped me evaluate, like, do I need a shorter tube or whatever, so we just filled the balloon up a little bit more and we’ll see how that works. Just so many people and I worked out. Did I say that? Oh man, so now I’m exhausted. [yawns] Sorry I yawned and that probably made you yawn, but anyway. Peter is out. I’m really really glad that it’s like nice outside, because he took a walk to a coffee shop nearby to work and study and get ready for his sermon. And I’m just really glad that it’s nice out so he could enjoy some fresh air. But anyway, that’s my update. I’m exhausted. [Mary] I’m gonna see if I can capture the colors outside my window. [Mary] Do you see that sky? [Mary] Wow. [Mary] Embrace today. [Mary] And celebrate the beauty that is there. [Mary] Now, ideally I wouldn’t be looking out of a hospital window, but I am, so I’m gonna find the beauty in it. [Mary] Also, random note, I think I’ve always thought when I’ve seen couches in hospital rooms. How is that at all like.. [Mary] hygienic? But it’s like a plastic material. [Mary] It’s like vinyl sort of like this so it can all be sanitized with those like toxic wipes. [Mary] So, that’s how it can be cleaned. Also before I forget, they were able to put up, put the… put the… correct dose for two of my three antibiotics. So, I haven’t heard when they’re gonna put the third one up to the correct dose. But we will recheck labs in the morning and look who’s home! Hi guys! Hi! I was just telling them they just put my meds up to the right doses, so this is the first dose. Um, I just found out that they put them up, but anyway… Hey, how’d it go? It was good. I’ve been out working most of the day. There’s a very excited poodle to see you. [Mary talking as Ollie] I’m so glad you’re back! [Peter] Oh, the tail waggies! Bonesy, are you gonna go out on a walk? You’re gonna go with Peter? Yes, I’m talking to you. Did you miss me? Yeah, I think he was like ‘hey, we’re all supposed to be together, man!’ But we’re all good. So it has been a completely… and utterly full day. Utterly full? Full of utters. [Peter chuckles] Hold on a second. We already closed the vlog… probably an hour or two ago, and… Mary was telling you guys that they put her drugs up to full dose and she is not feeling good. I don’t know if this is neupogen. It could be neupogen, it could be the higher dose. I mean, you…I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the higher dose of ceftaroline… because you have noticed nausea with it. [Mary gasps] All along. Anyways… Oh my gosh. But I did eat some food. [Peter] Yeah, that’s good. Yeah. She de-accessed her port, we’re going to access it here in a little bit, but we just wanted to check in and say kind of a bum end to the day. And you remember how excited I was for tonight? Yeah, because you were having… she’s got her needle out of her chest for a couple hours. [Mary sighs with relief] But she did take a shower. [singing] I ain’t got no needle in my chest, in my chest. [singing] But now I gotta stick another needle in my chest. But I don’t feel good. Ugh. Part of it. Ups and downs… it’s part of the journey. And. Back to two hours ago when I felt better. [snaps fingers] And. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Goodnight! ♬ Good night Ollie boy. [Mary] Are you gonna have such a good walk? You gonna go run and run? [Mary] You gonna go outside and go run run run? That’s gonna be fun, I wanna go with you! [Mary talking as Ollie] Good night guys! ♬♬


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    Keeping you all in my prayers ❤❤ keep fighting!

  91. Anna's Vlogs says:

    Hi The Frey Life, I have a hearing loss that I was born permanently with. I struggle with it on a daily bases but I manage it somehow. I have to look at you when speaking and you must be in the same room in order for me to understand what you are saying aside from being able to read lips. I also have to read the caption on tv because that is the best part about watching it. I wear them to bed so that I can wake if I hear the baby so usually, I just wear one and fall asleep on the side that I take out the hearing aid. Cost wise it is pricey depends on which ones you purchase but I absolutely will not wish I had a life without them because I think it makes me a unique person, sharing my story with others.

  92. Cody Scherrer says:

    How to get feel better ???

  93. Mellybeans0919 says:

    Mary you are so strong and amazing.

  94. Tammy Grosso says:

    I am so glad I watched this. I had missed a few days from chemo sickness. But something told me to go back and watch the ones I missed. I have noticed lots of hearing loss, and lots of, ringing in my ears. Mostly my left ear. I never connected it with meds. But now, after watching this video, I can ask my onco, if my current or past meds cause hearing loss, & ringing in my ears. Thank you!

  95. Kelly Black says:

    You're going through all of this terrible stuff, and yet you still seem to have the forethought and ability to enjoy something as simple (yet beautiful) as the colors of the sky outside your hotel room. I'm humbled by your strength and goodness.

  96. Millie Maxwell says:

    I have hearing loss in both ears, initially due to mumps in my left ear, and recurrent infections in my right ear. But then worsened by some medications. I also get tinnitus, especially in my right ear. As it’s worsened I got hearing aids a couple of years ago, and they are pretty and pink, and the best bit (apart from being able to hear lol!) is that my tinnitus is significantly improved. Perhaps something to think about in the future x

  97. Amanda Cornell says:

    I have Ménière’s Disease and two of the several symptoms are slow progression hearing loss, and tinnitus (ringing of the ears) mine have been ringing for 6 years and I just got to a point where I needed my first set of hearing aids! I’m glad they offer bed side hearing tests!

    A great way to combat the tinnitus is to use a white noise app to mask the ringing. I use naturespace.

  98. FunsizedStyle says:

    Even though it’s from hospital bed, that is a beautiful view of the city ??

  99. አምላክ ፍቅር ነው says:

    I just had a kidney transplant. Before I had it, my creatinine was 5.5 and my GFR (the rate my blood was filtrated) was 9. Now they are normal, but my WBC is very low – very low is not good either because that means you're immunosuppressed, which I am due to the medications I have to take for the remainder of my life. I hate being in the hospital, I'm glad you're able to be so positive and that your husband is there with you.

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