The Most Difficult Full Mouth Implant Case | Part 2

The Most Difficult Full Mouth Implant Case | Part 2

In this video I will show you how can we solve these kind of things not many dentists know,
I’m sorry about that but I’m working with dentists nationwide
probably 300 most of the time I get difficult full mouth
different cases from them this is part two as I show them my design the patient has the 3 implant here
2 implant here so underneath is long span if I make it zirconia
because too long span bridge, it will crack so I cannot do that
about the screw retained acrylic denture, possibly
but the screw-retained denture has a little bit problem due to heavy forces facially
so easily denture tooth will pop out they can easily repair too
but, after one two years laters, this acrylic will get a lot of stains, it will smell
alright, but concept is great concerning about the another
implant here yes that’s another great option for that
so they can place implant maybe two maybe they can sleep here
yes they can do that but nowadays the technology so fast
so fast movement meaning without implant placement, we do have a great
idea come up this is the best, all ceramic it’s chrome cobalt, not many people can do
this kind of framework underneath and then we made all ceramic and not only that we get the good tissue size
of contour and contact lift up and then bring down
so they contour we just accomplish this too ok, so 12 piece is this, which is final framework and then we just individual cement carefully
so make one piece so doctor can have the the all together is
one piece even though it looks like tooth prep
but we going to cement this one individually really careful about that, tooth by tooth,
okay from the beginnings
we have them make the verification jig and then bite block and then make the wax try in set up
and back and forth, and then we set the teeth and then we design it, after we design it,
after I mill it from the chrome cobalt and then we just grinding properly done with
metal and then we put the opaque with the 900 celsius
and put gum and tooth color not only that, we design again
make the individual zirconia restoration, here is the mono, we just put
little bit about here layered just a little bit, I don’t want too much
layered just like that, looks like the piece of diamond
and then we put together, and then make her extremely happy
this is a long journey I call this is maybe uh the big house building
Alright, this is final, what it look like you can see the closer view
so we make this one single restorations and um the other ones we just got the second
one we got the great just a little bit layered
almost monolithic we’re trying to give them strength for the protect porcelain
just like these three, I like the lingual morphology
and another is lateral, 4 and then here is the 11, got that, right
and then here is the 6 number alright so you can get a beautiful 6 individual
teeth before cementing it show you the quality of work
and um here’s two spots, so it’s one, two, and then three
so we make a little bit thicker here then here is final
this is piece of art okay, that all intentions from the beginning,
and then final alright, that is what it looks like
look at this all slim and after this, we can show you after cement
show you the final shot inside alright, this is cemented everything is great cementations
it’s just one piece now a piece of jewelry So we set the occlusion plane as well
so she’ll be really comfortable to get the good occlusion and um here’s my final statement to Marissa
I appreciate you supporting me and you trust me therefore, I spend quite a bit time about your cases too
not only we had your cases bite block, cases study, and doctors send me the wax try in
then we set up and show them the nice digital way and then not only that
we finished the final prosthetic and then I put the artist skill outside too
so you get my own things, not only that I give you the hard and soft night guard which
is very important to you so when you go to sleep so you have to wear
this night guard for this it’s like that and then you are fully protected
ok, Marissa, not only this, when you have a problem, I’m here, until I retire
I don’t know when I retire, but I stand behind you
thank you very much, appreciate it you will get all great stuff to you in New
York Thank you


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