The Fixies ★ The Laboratory – More Full Episodes ★ Fixies English | Fixies 2018 | Cartoon For Kids

The Fixies ★ The Laboratory – More Full Episodes ★ Fixies English | Fixies 2018 | Cartoon For Kids

They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Laboratory …help! You’ve got to get to the school. Right away! What did he say? That we’ve got to get to the school. How come? – Did you hear why?
– I didn’t. Did you? I wonder if Simka didn’t go to school today? Or if Nolik got into some kind of mischief! I’m worried this is something serious. And that’s five, six… I like this hair style! Seven, eight… Hi there! Hello, Verda. Where’s Grandpus? I’m not postive, but go and look in the Chemistry Area over there. Over in Chemistry? Tell us, was Nolik doing anything wrong today? Nolik? He’s always fooling around. Right. So we’re not here for anything Nolik did. Maybe something awful happened to him! Like what? Well, how about anything!
This isn’t just a school for Fixies. This is a laboratory! The Laboratory where Professor Eugenius works
is always humming. In the Mechanical Zone Professor Eugenius
tests all sorts of different devices to see how well they are made. In the Chemistry Zone he conducts experiments
on the quality and safety of food. In the Electrical Zone he repairs
electrical devices and checks their safety. Unfortunately, the Professor can be absentminded, and that can cause things in his laboratory to bubble, spark, or even explode! Masiya, there’s nothing to worry about yet. But how can I not worry? Digit, have you seen Nolik anywhere? Do you know if anything’s happened to him? This is a laboratory here, who knows what could happen to anyone. Like what? What are you saying? Like that. I told you. Things happen here. – And where…?
– Let’s go! Quickly! Masiya, no need to panic! – Toola, where…?
– Oh, it’s so good you’re here. We really need your help! What is going on? Grandpus! What?! Where?! In the Mechanical Zone… there! And Simka and Nolik? There. They’re all there! Oh, my children! Don’t lose your head! Masiya is my wife and the mother
of our children Simka and Nolik. Masiya is a real beauty, a kind and gentle soul, and a wonderful homemaker. She is also a very responsible,
and extremely skilled fixie. She is our family’s expert
in kitchen appliances and gadgets. Masiya works from morning till night fixing and cleaning anything
that is in need of her expert care, because she just loves
when everything is clean and tidy. But most important for Masiya are her children. She takes loving care of Simka and Nolik and tries to protect them from harm. Masiya worries about them so much that sometimes her imagination gets carried away
with what might have happened to them. Although our little Nolik
can get himself into situations that even Masiya could never have dreamed of. Nolik! Hang on tight! We’ll save you! – Heeeey!
– You’re alive! What’s going on? I don’t need
to be saved from anything. So, it’s Simka we need to save? Not you? I don’t need saving either. I’m fine. And what are you so worried about? Everyone’s alive. Then why did you make us come here? I need you to help with a little accident we had. Nolik! Was this your fault?! Oh no! It’s not Nolik’s fault. Quite the opposite, he was trying to help me fix it. Papus, we need you to help us with one of the pieces
that we couldn’t get back in place. This one? Tideesh! A perfect repair! That was really the only reason
we had to rush here? Why not? There was just no way we could let this wait,
so I sent for you. – But Fire said…
– Why Fire? Why is it always Fire? How come you had to scare us so badly?! I’m not the one who scared you, you did that all by yourselves! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Paper Hey, Tom Thomas! You’re watering plants? Not only. I’m writing an essay for school. I don’t get it. I have to write an essay
that’s called How I Take Care of Nature. Only I have to write what’s true.
So I’m writing what’s true! Wa-te-ring my plants. Chewsocka! Chewsocka! Come here, girl! Stop! Don’t be scared! Why did you pick her up? I want to pet her a little so I can write
about how well I take care of animals. Tom Thomas, I want to take care of the nature too! That’s sounds good!
And what should we be doing? We could try saving air
by not breathing as often. Awesome idea! Way to go! Saving air! Let’s go for it! And… ready? Humans invade Nature and destroy
more and more of her riches with each passing year. They extract her minerals and oil, cut down her trees, and pollute her air and water. They do all of these to produce food
and all sorts of other things. It’s a shame that people don’t really need
all these things that they produce. They often buy something and then
just toss it away when it’s still almost new. And then there’s all the food
that humans buy and just throw away! So, if you want to help nature, try not to buy
anything that you really don’t need and take good care of the things
that you do buy. And you can be sure that we Fixies
will do everything we can to make your things last
as long as possible. That’s it! Now we can write it. Uh-huh. Write this: I also do my duty by saving air. A whole twenty seconds worth. You got it? What’s that noise? I must have left it running
when I needed some water for my plants. Tom Thomas, I think you should write
that you’re saving water too! It really matters,
cause there’s not enough of it. Nolik! That’s a good idea!
Let’s add that! Hi there! What are you guys up to? We’re writing about
how Tom Thomas protects nature. It’s a home work assignment for school. I’ve already written how
I’m watering the plants, I’m good to living creatures,
how I’m saving air and water. And how I’m conserving carrots, too. I never wanna eat them,
especially in soup. Not eating your vegetables?
No way. Doesn’t count. You sure of that? Why did you rip your paper out? You won’t let me say how
I’m conserving carrots, right? So I’ll have to rewrite it. – You’re not taking care of nature!
– What?! Where did you get that idea from? That’s all I’m doing! No! When you keep on throwing your paper out, it means you’re not taking care
of trees out there. What trees are you talking about? Didn’t you know humans
make paper out of trees? Humans make paper by cutting down trees and shredding the pieces into chips. The chips are then placed in water, chemicals are added to the solution, and then it is all mixed together
into a mushy watery substance called pulp. Next, the water is drained from the pulp, and with the help of
huge rotating drums it’s flattened into thin sheets of paper. So you see, to make new paper,
humans have to keep cutting down trees. And you should know this: if every person on the planet would use
one less sheet of paper, you know, they’d saved a million trees all together! – You sure?
– I’m sure. And now when you know
about trees and paper, what are you gonna do next? Hey, you know, I’ve decided not to write
any essay for school! You what? I want to help save more trees
by using less paper! That’s all! Oh, Tom Thomas! You’re my hero!


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