The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory

The Collaborative Teaching Laboratory

Collaboration is a really important part
of the student experience in laboratories. Most of what’s done is not
done by individuals but as in industry it’s done by teams of people. Welcome to
the Collaborative Teaching Laboratory the building is divided into three
floors the upper floor is the wet lab which serves chemistry and chemical
engineering and environmental sciences. In the middle floor we have the E lab
which is the largest computer cluster on campus and then on the ground floor we have
the dry lab which serves subjects like electronic engineering geology and earth
sciences. I’m working with other mechanical engineers but also a civil
and an electrical engineer and we’re designing a light aircraft it’s really
useful to be able to work together with other disciplines and have the space to
do that. It’s much more like in industry. The
microscopes are fully digitized which makes my job a lot easier if I can just
take a picture and annotate and get very accurate measurements from them. I also
come here outside of lesson time to use as a normal study space me and friends can
come here to the wide open area with lots of tables to complete group work
and projects together. In the dry lab we work on embedded microprocessor system
lab activities as well as robotic project activities it promotes
collaborative teaching and learning and it has really given us a chance to work
together with our course mates to share ideas and knowledge. CTL kind of links
between the University and Industry together because how quick the equipment
are and how powerful they are will help me and my course people especially to build
up our confidence where we go into placement years. Out in the real all the things are not
divided by subject areas challenges are multidisciplinary and you’ll see
exciting new things developing in this building in the future.

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