The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital 20th Anniversary

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital 20th Anniversary

>>MRS. BUSH: For me, the very best thing
to happen was the great honor you gave me when you put
my name on your children’s hospital. Now, I know it’s not my hospital. It’s ours. You make each patient and member of the family
feel comforted that they’re in such loving, caring hands. [music]>>Can you say thank you?>>Thank you!>>Can you wave? Say ‘thank you!’>>Give Connor a kiss!>>You can do it! You can do it! And there he goes! [laughter] [music]


  1. Jolene Lent says:

    Barbara Bush, a fantastic lady, love her and you too Cathy, for all you do for all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His site, Jesus loves the little children of the world 😘💖💕😇

  2. andrew parker says:

    i have so much honer to you guys at the BBCH. i was on your floor back in 2007 for that major surgery. i had that internal bleeding that caused me to have surgery. i was so sick prior to surgery. i was nausiated every day and i had pain in a certain place when sitting and to be honest i thought i was going to die until i was sent to portland but then i was scared iwas afraid i was not going to get through the surgery but i got through it but i came out really sick but the day after surgery i was transferred to your floor the barbara bush unit and you guys there made an amazing impact. i can't express in words alone how thankful i am to ALL of you and to the amazing nurses i know i might have been angry at times due to the pain and the fact that my pepre wasslowly passing away the staff and child life and jr volunteers gave me so much comfort and you guys made my hospital stay so much better then i thought it was goung to be. i remember when it got so depressing the jr volunteers would make me feel so much better when they hugged me and they would sit with me so i would feel like i had a friend there helping me to feel better. i thank you so much to this very day. it has been 8 and a half years and i still reflect on how amazing you all where at the BBCH at maine medical center. i've had my jaw surgery last september and now i'm far more amazing then i ever was and i would not be who i am today if it wasn't for maine medical center.
    thank you and god bless everyone

    Andrew parker

  3. jamicaman900 says:

    I will never forget during the Hurricane Katrina B . Bush said " blacks dwn there r used to such conditions " & guys like Sean Penn where knee deep in that filth helping people. This's a diff btwn liberals & conservatives in the world ! She's not that nice of a person

  4. DomainofDotArt says:

    Who would you contact at The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital if you had an idea that you felt would make patient’s lives easier and wanted to share it? Thank you.

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