Sai Inspired Medicine: Department of Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery at SSSIHMS

Sai Inspired Medicine: Department of Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery at SSSIHMS

Open your eyes, how are you, are you feeling good? Your operation is over, happened perfectly Om Sai Ram My name is Deepa, I have come from Erode District, Tamil Nadu. Here treatment went very well. All treatment done here was
completely free not a paisa was charged. Everything was done completely free of charge. What facilities Swami has provided here are great. The hospital, the school. Wish to thank Swami for that. Sairam my name is Riyasuddin, I have come from Dimapur, Nagaland. My by-pass surgery took place completely free here. I am very happy and I feel free. Whosoever comes here from far off distances, I feel very happy looking at them (undergoing treatment). For the poor Sai Baba is God. and I wish to say thanks to Him from the bottom of my heart. Sairam I have come from Parbhani in Maharastra.Here every thing went very well by the Grace of Sai Baba. Everything happened very well for my son. Outside doctors told that this operation was risky. But here doctors told that there was risk but with Sai Baba’s Grace everything will be all right And after surgery my son is doing well. Nice facilities are available here. What we do not get in private hospitals, all those facilities are available free here. The doctors are able to understand everything clearly here. The environment here, the behaviour of the staff, the will to do service, the service of the sisters, I will not forget my whole life I will tell my son about the service he received here. And later in life I would encourage my son to join as a volunteer here Secondly, I feel that due to the Grace of Baba, my son has got a new life here.


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