RQFlex and Reflectoquant strips – The mobile laboratory

RQFlex and Reflectoquant strips – The mobile laboratory

Hello everybody, today I am with Matthias
from Merck KGaA. I met him at the “beer show” : BrauBeviale. It’s not only about beer ? It’s not only about
beer, it’s also about soft drinks, the technology, hops, raw materials… And you told me that, on your booth, there
is something that you want to show me, something cheap, fast and very useful. Exactly, we see a trend on the market that
a lot of customers want to test more and more parameters, in a fast way, easy to handle. And for that we have a very good solution. But that’s not Microbiology, you said to me
that’s more a chemical thing ? Exactly this is more a chemical thing. So that’s pretty new for me. OK, Then I will show you how it works. So let’s have a look! So Matthias, that’s it, that what you want
to show us. What is it ? This is a reflectometer, you
measure the colour of a reaction zone. What is a little bit behind, I think you know the normal test strips we have available from Merck KGaA ? Like the one for the pH, for
my swimming pool ? Exactly. We have here the test strips and at the end
if you take it into the sample you have a colour reaction and you have here the reference
colours and then you can decide which pH it is. The problem is sometimes you don’t see if it’s
more 6 or 7 or in between. This is based on your eyes. This is really sometimes a problem for some
customers. Some lab managers said “I want it a little
bit more precise, but I want to stay on this technique with a test strip. It’s easy per parameter, it’s cheap per
measurement, and we have a technology to do that. So if we combine the test strips with the
colour measurement. The only thing that you have to do is to use
a little bit different test strips because they are a little bit more broader because
of the accuracy. Then you put the test strip into the sample,
put it into the instrument and then you get a result. So finally that’s a strip reader. Exactly. I could have been part of the marking team,
“The Strip Reader”. The good thing here is, what is coming more
and more you have to test the instrument. And you cannot test your eyes but you can test
the instrument. This is very important. OK so you can control and do sort of calibration
? Exactly. So beside the pH, what kind of test do you
have ? Because if it’s pH, that’s for the water ? Do you have something else ? Exactly we have a lot of parameters like Nitrates, Peroxid it’s also very important for the cleaning
step in production. There is also special application like Glucose,
Saccharose, Total Sugar… Good thing is that we have a lot of applications
available for the customers. They can look on internet and download it
like “how to prepare my sample”, we have done that for the customer and that’s easy for
them to do. I have one question : Who’s that guy ? This is Uwe. Who’s that girl ? This is Beate. This is real person working in our R&D in Darmstadt. They are working in R&D and they are really
looking for such applications for our products. They are taking care of the products that
we are selling to our customers. Thank you very much. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions you can ask Uwe or Beate from the R&D in Darmstadt. Thank you guys, Bye.

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