Relaxing Doctor Visit | ASMR Full Body Exam with Ear Cleaning

Relaxing Doctor Visit | ASMR Full Body Exam with Ear Cleaning

Welcome to the magical sensory world of ASMR. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is a tingly feeling that usually begins in the crown of the head and works it’s way down the back of the head, down the spine and sometimes through the limbs too. Most people who experience this sensation have done so since childhood and it is very relaxing and meditative. Triggers for ASMR are varied and each person has their own preferred sound, movement or action. These include, watching someone receive a massage or massage sounds, tapping, crinkles, rain, nature sounds, soft speaking, whispering, back tracing, soft nurturing touches on the skin. There are many but mostly any soothing sound can be triggering for ASMR tingles. An ASMR video is content made specifically to trigger ASMR. Everything in the video no matter how mundane or strange is usually there on purpose. Hand movements, hair play even make up and a kind face can trigger ASMR. The ASMR community is huge and worldwide. Likeminded people meet here to share experiences and friendship. Welcome to the ASMR community and enjoy your new relaxing experience! The videos can be used to fall asleep, to have on in the background whilst working or just to watch in the day to have rest and tingles. My name is Emma and this channel WhispersRed ASMR is to trigger ASMR, to help people sleep and to relive anxiety and stress. I am based in London, England, UK and my website is Welcome to my channel. My love to you XX Emma

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