Reimagining Medicine for the Children of the World

I was moved when I recently got a message from a patient’s father telling me that his child just started high school. It’s a day their family only dreamed of when his daughter Emily Whitehead was diagnosed with cancer at the age of five. She is the first child who received one of the most innovative therapies in the world, a cell therapy that trained her immune system to fight her cancer. She is now seven years cancer-free, a freshman with her whole life ahead of her. Novartis is deeply committed to reimagining medicine for the children of the world. In 2018, more than five million children died before reaching the age of five. It’s a devastating reality, but there are many reasons for hope. The progress we have made in improving and extending the lives of children is nothing short of remarkable, and we must accelerate it. Novartis is proud to be the leading company in the world in finding new medicines for children. We sponsor more pediatric clinical studies than any other biotech or pharmaceutical company, and to date, over half of our FDA-approved medicines are approved for children. We have provided more than 380 million doses of our malaria medicines specifically designed for children at no profit, Our medicines have been used to treat more than 280’000 children with pneumonia, the leading infectious killer of children under five. We have developed the world’s first-ever approved systemic cell and gene therapies. They are some of the most innovative medicines ever, approved for children with spinal muscular atrophy and with b-cell cancers, two devastating and deadly diseases. We are working to ensure we can make these treatments accessible for all children who need them. As a public health physician, and as a father, what inspires me most are the stories of what these efforts mean to children and families around the world. So often parents tell me about the firsts first birthdays, steps, days of school that medicines like ours make possible. At Novartis we will continue reimagining medicine for the children of the world. Because every child deserves the chance to live a full and healthy life.

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