Radiopharmaceuticals – a key component of nuclear medicine

What are radiopharmaceuticals? How are they used and produced? Radiopharmaceuticals emit low levels of radiation. They are used to diagnose and treat diseases like cancer. But some types are only effective for a short period of time. And therefore need to be produced close to where they are used. The IAEA supports the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and other countries in producing these drugs. Radiopharmaceuticals can be used in positron emission tomography (PET). This diagnostic technique helps detect tumours and other health problems. In Skopje, medical radioisotopes are produced in this particle accelerator. Our patient now can use the big
opportunity to have this very important diagnostic tool. We can produce the
radioactive isotope for our institution, but also we can produce this isotope and
supply in the near future for the other centres in the country and in the region. This project, this university Institute of positron emission tomography, from the very beginning was initiated as a project with the International Atomic Energy Agency and all these years we have continued
collaboration in support. The IAEA supports countries with technical advice, training and equipment.

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