Come to G harbor Bro, don’t mind me teammate: That’s fine teammate: Just say it I heard your friend said me abnormal Is he saying me? Am I listen to the wrong? I’m not an abnormal person There is a team on the right teammate: Your voice are too loud Really? I’m sorry teammate: Can u lower your voice? Okay Is it okay right now? How then? teammate: There is no gun I have teammate: I don’t have a gun player: Bro, kill me player Bro, kill me. He has get down player: Why don’t he kill me? Yes, I’m playing 1v4 All died Girl Where is the another box? teammate: Let me shot the signal gun There is a 98k Some audience will think about why don’t i use medicine Let me tell u why don’t i use medicine Teammates pick the equipment so fast If I spent some time to use medicine Let me tell u There is no more equipment left So, I must pick the equipment first Then use medicine, don’t worry Who are u calling for? Who are u calling for? teammate: I’m calling u Oh, I see How u recognize me? Do u guys need extended? Do u guys need extended? teammate: I want Let me open the guess Can u speak normally? teammate: Are u an anchor? Your friend has calling out my name, so what do u think? One player at the houses down teammate: Can u inform me There is one guy on the roof top On the roof top Follow me teammate: There is still one more guy Give back my 3 level helmet I’ll get angry if u didn’t give back my 3 level helmet teammate: Don’t be so fierce Give me to me Give back my 3 level helmet Give back to me teammate: 3 level helmet Only bad guy will use automatically pick Wait me for while, let me drive a car to fetch u guys teammate: Where do u on air? I’m on air at my home, u can’t come What do u want to do? Bad guy, this is the first time play game with u U want to visit me teammate: Babe, do u want to fetch me? Okay, be quick teammate: Babe Thanks for subscribe 3 of this teammates are very strong If u like these teammates, subscribe me Welcome Who are doing the customer services? teammate: On air Really? teammate: I meet my friend Okay teammate: I’m on air in Huya Cool Thanks for the gift Where do we go to fight? teammate: Thanks for the gift Thank you Thanks for the gift ya Thanks for the coming gift teammate: BuQiuRen come to my live broadcast Bro, u have open the door teammate: I think there is still someone else teammate: In front there Lets drive across Over that side? teammate: Over the school there teammate: They use silencer teammate: Lets go teammate: They didn’t appear footsteps Maybe they hide somewhere teammate: Over here teammate: There is car coming teammate: Go ahead Don’t make this kind of sound, I thought u want to throw a grenade teammate: There is car coming Shoot them Lets go, Chase them Be quick teammate: Go Be quick, there are someone at the hostel there. No 4, u again Punish him to do 50 times push up teammate: Me leg is short There is gunfire here jsut now Where? I can’t see the point that u have pointed teammate: Over here teammate: Let me go first teammate: Shoot him teammate: Bitch Press the medicine and get him up at the same time That’s a bug I do this is because I want to get attention from the official Then they can repair this bug I don’t like to use bug. Impact on the game experience Not good Use medicine and get teammate up at the same time teammate: Use medicine and get teammate up at the same time is it? Yes Bro, over here Who shoot the car, kill teammate? Beast teammate: Who do that? Too over There is grenade On the roof top teammate: I’m injured too Bro, throw a smoke Bro teammate: Bro I don’t want to go there Is better for u to come here U can get me up at here teammate: Are u sure? I’m… I’m very sure U get back I stay here teammate: Okay teammate: Excellent teammate: There is still someone else There is someone at the garage teammate: At the ramp there teammate: I’m afraid I’m here, don’t scared Don’t be afraid Don’t cry Lets go Get in the car teammate: Disgusting Don’t cry, Love u Baby, don’t cry. I’m here There is someone using short gun Be careful There is still someone ont eh roof top Lets go across One player down teammate: Where? On the right side wall teammate: Is there someone upstairs? Am I see the wrong? teammate: Over here teammate: Upstairs I’m coming Let me throw the burning bottle teammate: Bro teammate: There is one guy beside the wall teammate: Let me see if i can go to your side That’s okay Thanks for the gift Lets get int he car first Is okay for u to use first aid kid Don’t worry I’m here Lets go Be careful, there are many people Bro, like, comment and share my first post 3 of my teammates Like my post Help me to like, comment and share the first post, Love u guys so much teammate: Where? At Weibo. Huya-BuQiuRen teammate: He is real BuQiuRen Is it a fake? Your friend has call me Qiu teammate: Qiu Something wrong with this current moment teammate: Why u shoot the car just now? I have advise u The previous one second before i shoot the car, I have advise u No cooperation Why don’t u hide? teammate: Bring me play one more match Why don’t u hide? Get up Kill them All died teammate: Can u leave one person for me to kill? Be careful, there is still another team around teammate: Qiu Yes teammate: It’s so late There is someone coming in front Get back Let me throw the grenade first teammate: He has gone He is died There is a motor at the houses that we stay just now Yes No problem There is AWM But i don’t recommend u to play it teammate: there is someone teammate: On the right All died There is AWM and 8 scope I don’t want teammate: then no need teammate: U rarely use sniper at all I play it recently I saw a car went to the houses just now They haven’t get out yet I think they haven’t get out yet Is there anyone up there? Lets go back Wait for me teammate: U are in the rush That’s fine Get back, this position is not good What’s that sound? I didn’t see them teammate: I think he has get down Be careful Find a bunker Babe, get up The person behind the rock died teammate: I killed a girl


  1. Rsool Akm says:

    يااخي طركاعه وربي افضل من ابن سوريا ومليون روسيس بالف مره

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    اذا ما تعمل ترجمه للفيدوهات رام نلغي الاشتراك الي معاي لايك ☹

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    45 ?

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    ♥️ from ??

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    يتخيلي متغدي جلب بالدهن الحر وجاي يلعب ?

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    ههههههههه هاذا ويش يقول يتحدا ولاويش ?سالفته

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    يعوذه شلون يصرخ بالعام

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    Hi ? from Iraq ??

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    قااااااااوووووسسسسسسسسااااوووووهههههههههههههييييييييييتتتتتتتتتتتتهههههههههييي …… تعني مرحبا بكم أعزائي المتابعين ?

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