Prince Philip Leaves Hospital As Queen Prepares Her Holiday Address | TODAY

Prince Philip Leaves Hospital As Queen Prepares Her Holiday Address | TODAY


  1. mark turnbull says:

    dirty pedos the whole family

  2. First Last says:

    Royalty is for peasants and pissants. Wise up throne sniffers!

  3. lorik67 says:

    Why can't the queen be by her husbands side. Screw your duties. There are so many in line to the throne. Cold and unloving just like w Diana. Prince Andrew is showing how seedy they really are. Megan should move to America where the weather is better

  4. Beverly McCaskill says:

    Stop believing everything you hear. They never said anything about not liking or unhappy to fulfilled their royal duties nor did Prince Harry stated anything about him and his brother having a rift. It's these lies that the press (even those reporting under the American banner) make up and those of you who cannot listen or read for yourself listen to and take as gossip and true. Kier Simmons had also better be carefully on how he reports or he will be another so call royal reporter to be named in a lawsuit

  5. qigung says:

    I’m sure that Prince Phillip will have much more spring in his step now that he’s had his monthly infusion of infant’s blood and adrenochrome!

  6. ted dymski says:

    Phillip is the Keith Richards of royals. both should have died 3 years ago.

  7. papa pie says:

    Can't blame Harry and Meghan for choosing to not exchange gifts and sit at the same Christmas dinner table as the Queen's pedophile son, Andrew. Will the Queen parade Andrew in her car for the whole world to see on her way to church tomorrow? They really are a very strange and cold family.

  8. Elizabeth Brewster-Rutherford says:

    Meghan never thought it would be easy, but thought it would be fair? Does she know anything about Diana at all?

  9. N C says:

    Pedos and cannibals

  10. Valerie Howard says:

    Why did the other two have to even be mentioned in the Queens speech. The other members of the family don't get mentioned when they have a baby i.e. Zara, or her brother, So why them theyre not important …..

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