President Trump’s Unscheduled Hospital Visit

President Trump’s Unscheduled Hospital Visit

-Let’s get to the news. At today’s impeachment hearing, Congressman Devin Nunes
criticized the media and called them puppets
of the Democratic Party, though you shouldn’t
call anyone a puppet when you look 100% like
your eyes were sewn on. [ Laughter ] I mean, look at him. He looks like the sad muppet
on “Sesame Street” who Elmo cheers up. [ Laughter ] During today’s hearing,
Congressman Jim Jordan accused National Security Expert
Alexander Vindman of leaking information and displaying poor judgment
on the job. He displayed poor judgment? This is an impeachment hearing, and you’re dressed like
you’re here to fix the copier. [ Laughter ] Video has surfaced
from this weekend showing President Trump heading to his unscheduled
hospital visit, appearing to hold
a yellow folder with an unknown device
attached to his sleeve. And I’m not going to speculate
about the hospital visit, but it’s just a bad sign that we have to talk
about this President like he’s bigfoot. “I’ve seen him once,
broad daylight. He had a —
he had a folder or something. Sometimes at night,
you can hear him howling.” [ Laughter ] The White House issued
a new statement late last night about President Trump’s
unscheduled hospital visit. Apparently, it turns out he was
pulling at his stitches again. [ Laughter ] Officials in South Dakota
are facing criticism after rolling out
a new slogan… [ Laughter ] …for the state’s
anti-drug campaign, reading, “Meth — we’re on it.” Even worse,
their slogan for cocaine. “Cocaine — we’re on it.
Are you on it? Why aren’t you on it?
Are you too good for cocaine? You think you’re better than me?
Stop looking at me like that. What’s your problem?
You want to step outside, bro?” According to a new study,
half of men say they would feel comfortable with
a woman leading the government, just not that woman,
they said, about every woman. [ Laughter ] Scientists have developed a new
shark-proof wet-suit material that they say will reduce
blood loss from shark bites, though it’s still
not as effective as my favorite method — land. [ Laughter ] A bagel store manager in New
York is receiving praise online after he drove seven hours
to Pennsylvania to return a set of keys
a customer left behind. Said the customer — “Oh, I hate
to tell you, these aren’t mine.” [ Laughter ] Organization expert Marie Kondo
has come out with a new line of 125 home
and self-care products. She recommends buying them all, then throwing them
in the garbage. [ Laughter ] And finally, the annual New York
City cab drivers calendar has gone on sale. It’s the only calendar
that’s rated “R” not for nudity,
but for language.


  1. Mats K says:

    It was the perfect unannounced hospital visit. Read the god damned transcript!

  2. robj says:

    He has a frontal lobotomy as he had lost his mind.

  3. Kevin O’Brien says:

    Trump voters:

  4. Dave Shelles says:

    The folder was pinned to his suit like a reminder note on a kindergartner.

  5. ursaltydog says:

    Numbnutz Nunes shouldn't call others puppets.. that's like calling the kettle black, when Trump's little hands are up his ass..

  6. The Stuport says:

    The ONLY medical news about President Orange Putz I want to hear is D O A…..and then I will know America can begin the long road to recovery.

  7. Angry Socialist says:

    Next up: Trumps unscheduled divorce

  8. ka11am says:

    Fat orange trump

  9. Lori Morse says:

    I think Jennifer Williams should have gotten up and farted in Jordan's face so they would both smile LMAO. I'm goin to hell haha Trans guy Lee, Richmond, VA

  10. Lori Morse says:

    Dr. Eric Berg put forth a reason why Trump may be sick. He has all these symptoms. Check this out

  11. scott mckenzie says:

    seth u r a pos

  12. TheKaiTetley says:

    Is it possible? Trump is Bigfoot.

  13. Fix News says:


  14. Bantamdude Rodriguez says:

    He's having his rectum reguvinated before his Unlimited Healthcare is canceled.

  15. Damir Poljak says:

    Guys, please stop – you are killing him!

  16. Purple Rain says:

    The only way you can get rid of evil is have a heart attack or stroke,that take evil right out of the way.poof evil is gone.

  17. Vox Populi says:

    Hopefully he'll stroke out on the toilet mid-tweet with a half a hamberder stuck in his throat.

  18. Celisar1 says:

    So much for all the mostly male commentators on YT who swear up and down that sexism and misogyny don‘t play any role in the election.

  19. Ser Garlan Tyrell says:

    I don't know about you but I'm getting really tired of Seth & co. just making snide jokes about the way people look, or how they're dressed when you disagree with what they say.
    Just grow up and stop perpetuating the rift between parties.

  20. Charles Charlemagne says:

    disgusting leftist media is giddy with hate over Trump having a possible health issue…so sick of these leftist rats in the media

  21. ABC XYZ says:

    tRump’s blood pressure is most likely through the roof.

  22. Charles Charlemagne says:

    sorry liberals…Trump didnt have a heart attack, Bernie Sanders did…looks like you are going to have to get a job after all. No free college for you.

  23. 2445ace says:

    Joke's on you thanks to global warming you lose the land advantage!

  24. Jacob Bielski says:


  25. Ash Tapiwa says:

    2:08 must have forgotten about the sharknadoes

  26. Thomas Palazzolo says:

    Yeah, if a lady was in charge of the government they might do something embarrassing, like shoving another world leader or groping people or insulting our allies or siding with nazis or…. god I got partway through that and it just became too depressing.

  27. Ruby Lambert says:

    Trumps a bad dog!

  28. NoirParvana says:

    South Dakotan here. Most of us are pissed at our state leaders too.

  29. Eileen Farrar says:

    A sedentary 73 yr old type A personality who eats nothing but fast food trash, needs a quick trip to the hospital? WHAT A SHOCK!!

  30. Prowler Cam says:

    I got to thinking last night about how his staff wanted Twitter to put a fifteen minute delay on Trump's account. Do you think they might do the same with the nuclear launch codes?

  31. tom mcfeely says:

    Nunes has to say the media is the left's puppet, because the Republican party is so corrupt its constantly getting bad press, so he could admit the party is horribly messed up or just say everyone else is out to get us.

  32. Dawn-Marie Langlois says:

    NUNES lost any credibility long ago, his farce running to WHITE HOUSE with important disclosure (SOURCE WHITE HOUSE).his participation on

  33. o says:

    He won't get my sympathy. boo hoo we treat him terribly! Make baby dump sick. boo hoo. His antics have been making the world sick for 3 years. And, NO, Dump, I will not share my Zanax with you!

  34. Uptin Sinclaire says:

    Maybe his bone spurs are flaring up. 😒😒😒

  35. MusicfromMarrs says:

    If anyone knows about inappropriate workplace behavior, it’s Gym Jordan.

  36. Yobogoya says:

    I'm a man who said, "just not that woman" about Hillary, but I would definitely be happy with Elizabeth Warren as President.

  37. We Believe says:

    I prefer presidents who don’t have to go to the doctor

  38. Impeachment inquiry says:

    I can translate this

  39. The Long Khan says:

    Jim Jordan allowed a faculty member to jerk pff in front of students at Ohio state university. I think it’s time for jim Jordan to resign, don’t you?

  40. Elizabeth Huntley says:

    He had to get them Benadryl lol 😂

  41. Mark Gigiel says:

    Anyone that wears "cheater" reading glasses on the tip of their nose should retire and stay out of Congress. That includes me, because sometimes I do. Time for the Smart Progressive younger people to take over and move us forward. They are smarter than we think. Even though they will all have tech neck.

  42. Mark Gigiel says:

    Hey South Dakota. I'm sure you're not all stupid. What were you thinking?

  43. Bigbradwolf says:

    These elites in the media are pathetic communists. Liberalism is causing insanity

  44. Mr Skarbie says:

    Trump is a Russian agent

  45. Im 12 says:

    you are literally a puppet lmaoooo

  46. Time Warped says:

    trump Red n'xs all around!!

  47. R MD says:

    Check on his VD?

  48. Ole Abdallah says:

    Trump said make America great again, America was never great history proves that.

  49. SuperbeNain says:

    Next stop; BONE YARD hopefully.

  50. Trocken Rolla says:

    Idiocracy will end soon

  51. Amanda Gardner says:

    he needed to have nunes, jordan and graham surgically removed from his lower intestine.

  52. Sunrise Morninglory says:

    Nunes, Jordan have soulless eyes. Like a shark.

  53. Sunrise Morninglory says:

    Michigan, wow get a cup of coffe.

  54. Sunrise Morninglory says:

    Shark joke 😂😂😂

  55. Ancient Alien says:

    Drove 7 hours to return keys? Either he's never heard of mail or she was really hot

  56. はるのおがわ says:

    President Trump signs the Hong Kong Human Rights Bill early and all the students are killed

  57. Jarid Gaming says:

    I hope its Super Cancer Aids.

  58. New Message says:

    If anyone would know about poor judgement on the job, it'd be the guy who overlooked sexual abuse as a gym teacher, I guess.

  59. Chat Noir says:

    Medicare for All

  60. Shannon Kelly says:

    Seriously, why is every second segment like 8 decibels louder than the first one? "LET'S GET TO THE NEWWWS…" Hahaha

  61. Johnny C says:

    Trump was evaluated for "foot-in-mouth" disease. Because his condition is so far advanced, it's chronic, contagious & incurable. 😕

  62. McDonald's Big Mac says:

    jim jordan absolutely retarded confimed

  63. Roberto Onofre says:

    I can only hope for the worst…..

  64. MarthasMuWz says:

    Very funny!!!!!

  65. Kaiser Klovis Klans says:

    Nothing but insults and left wing propaganda.

  66. Justin C Love says:

    Seth is either a pedo or pedo protector. Or maybe the whole media has been compromised the plot thickens.

  67. kaduzy says:

    I don't get the joke about throwing the stuff in the garbage.

  68. Rich M says:

    I can't believe the Kondo joke fell flat. I love ironic jokes.

  69. greatboniwanker says:

    It's No-F#@!ING-Vember! (Not Nov…)

  70. Rhys B says:

    since he is in hospital , will he invoke the 25th ammendment?

  71. RTussenIO says:

    Marie Kondo: “Now, does your empty bank account spark joy?”

  72. the walkin dude says:

    No prison time for trump,
    Make him wear the cone of shame for 4 years.
    Nobody likes the cone of shame.

  73. magnetospin says:

    Driving 7 hours to return a set of keys is kinda creepy when you can just mail it.

  74. Charmaine Goulbourne says:

    Seth I'm dying over here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Big foot epic.

  75. pauline brooks says:

    Someone needs to start a 'Go Fund Me' page to get Jim Jordan a jacket.

  76. Andy Nystrom says:

    By any chance, was the guy who came with that ad campaign someone who likes to refer to himself as Heisenberg?

  77. jobless.bum7 says:

    Trump had to go to the hospital because he got a gerbil stuck in his ass.

  78. L. A. Gothro says:

    My mom told me when I got my Raggedy Ann from my Gramma King about a week after we came home from the hospital, I immediately bit her black-button eyes off. May Mr. Nunes and I never meet.

  79. Retro io says:

    Cocaine. We're on it. Are you on it? Why aren't you on it? Are you too good for cocaine? You think you're better than me? Stop looking at me lik,e that. What's your problem? You want to step outside bro?

  80. Liza Tanzawa says:

    (Why not put these long ads after the video? We can watch them in gratitude, instead of being chained to them like galley slaves!)

  81. Cherah Lindo says:

    "Meth. We're on it." 🤣😂😂

  82. Archi Teuthis says:

    Maybe it was a suicide attempt?

  83. EVOLUTION says:


  84. amanda handscombe says:

    Boy did you demon rats get "TANGOED" by Trumps republicans "can laughter that one "

  85. Delila Knight says:

    He went to the doctor to see. if he can get a new brain, because the one he have (if he has one) is burned out

  86. 7000000000th Human says:

    Bad news everyone, Presidementia Trumpski survived….


  87. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Nunes makes California sad.

  88. ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

    Land is good

  89. IMA RUSSIAN says:

    why isn't this TV turd committed to a psych ward?

  90. Charles Seitzinger says:

    Look at the cholesterol figures on the WH memo, those numbers are implausibly good, and not just better than Obama's, those are better than the average olympic athlete….. why is nobody pointing that out?

  91. Anthony Gracey says:

    I fucking love Seth. Love him.

  92. Courtney Phillips says:

    mental health moment

  93. Jerome FitzRoy says:

    Puppet calling others a puppet

  94. Brian Williams says:

    I got lifetime banned from politics subreddit for just saying "cyanide pill" about this story. They've gone crazy. I got banned for death related nonsense. I did't say anyone was going to take the pill. Just a joke that a Russian agent would want one.

  95. pop5678eye says:

    'Just not that woman.' To be fair, it's not just men who use that phrase all the time…

  96. MIZ. SHE says:

    Seth, you are beyond funny!!! Keep up the good work please.

  97. Maggie T says:

    this is a great conspiracy theory about why

  98. Mary Rose Kent says:

    I was surprised to not find any land-shark comments in my very shallow scroll through the comments.

  99. Harmless Oni says:

    Meth: We’re on it.😂

  100. Zeek M says:

    I got you a present Seth. 🖕

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