Premenopausal Symptoms and Treatment

Premenopausal Symptoms and Treatment


  1. Deborah Maragopoulos FNP says:

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  2. Linda Miscandlon says:

    Eeekkkk so im suffering the hot flushes and mood swings for 10 years,I’ve been suffering the last 5 years or so,my skin is changing so much I don’t like it,it’s dryer and I’ve now psoriasis over parts of my scalp,when I was in my twenties I suffered a miscarriage and I took the psoriasis on my scalp but when I was pregnant after that the psoriasis went away so I knew it was harmonal due to the miscarriage and the stress it had on my body and blood,I have suffered periods of and on for 5 years but now I haven’t had a period for 6 months now,I’m 41 now and when I went to the doctors all I got was I was to young to go through it yet I knew the symptoms I was having and researched it so I knew and told the doctor my mum stopped her periods when she was 42 and they never came bad,and I’m dry down below and it gets itchy even though I keep clean I’ve noticed dryness but then for a few days I have discharge,I haven’t had period cramps for months now compared to the last 5 years if I didn’t bleed I’d still have some cramps,so the fact the cramps have gone I think my body is done with periods now,so I bought myself the ladycare magnet from boots and you clip it to the front of your underwear it takes a couple of months to get the full effects of it,women said it worked and I was sceptical as it wasn’t cheap it was £35 sterling so I’ve used it all the time from June and from September my hot flushes has decreased even the intensity of them they don’t bother me now I’m not soaked and feeling like I’m showering in sweat and it’s helped with headaches and my anxiety you wear it all the time,I’ve wrote everything about how bad my symptoms were to let other women know that the ladycare magnet has worked if your hot flushes aren’t that bad and you use the magnet it will probably take them away but mine were quite bad I was desperate to try anything organic so I wasn’t taking meds and it’s been a lifesaver for me it balances out the electric core circuit that runs through your body and when you have the perimonpause this part of your body is all over the place and the magnet because it’s a certain strength reacts with this imbalance to keep it right so hopefully this will help someone who’s suffering bad like I was this works ❤️

  3. Kirsty Macfarlane says:

    I would love to try the genesis gold supplement but it's out my price range and I don't even know if I'm perimenopause because irregular periods is my only symptom. My friend hadn't had a period in 2 years. The Dr told her she wasn't in menopause, she stopped taking tramadol and 2 months later her periods returned, she's 40. So I have started tapering down my tramadol. I had no idea it could affect your cycle until I googled it. I've got morphine sulphate and co-codamol for pain when I'm completely off the tramadol. I will try progesterone cream and see how that goes. I tried the chasteberry again and it just brought my mood down but I've taken it for a week so hopefully I'll get a period in the next few days because the cramps I'm getting are torture! Thanks so much for your videos and taking the time to make them, I really appreciate your advice, support and help xx

  4. Jen Belushi says:

    I just want to thank you Deborah Maragopulos FNP for your teachings about pre menopause because there’s no classes that teach you about menopause or pre menopause like there is about puberty in middle school.
    To be honest I never heard of pre menopause till my last years physical when I mentioned to my doctor my periods are getting lighter & lasting 3-5 days instead of heavy & lasting 5-7.
    And I asked her if this is menopause & she said no & it was pre menopause.
    I remember when my mom had menopause but she never mentioned anything about pre menopause so I never heard of it.
    I do get mood swings depression, mostly I’m grumpy or angry & will will bite peoples heads off if the wrong buttons are pushed during that time period has gotten a little worse but I’ve noticed that since I’ve changed my diet & started eating fresh fruits I’ve noticed a big Improvement in that as well.
    So I want to thank you once again for your teachings & am looking forward to learning more so I’ll know what to expect from all of this.

  5. Tonia says:

    This is such a struggle for me and it’s mostly no sex drive i’ve always been low and now it’s worse to where I could go without and it’s causing issues in my relationship.. I’m 45 periods are less and my mood swings are baaaad no hot flashes tho.. You tell a dr. and they just give you no answer I just give up i’ve tried Red Maca and I was getting bloated.. you read so much online you don’t know what to use.. 🙁

  6. TenkU says:

    I have all these symptoms. Fatigue, joint pain, head fog, my period every month come 5 days earlier than the last…😧 Oh yeah tossing and turning..sleep is short n light 😳😳😳 yesss chills and hot flash! Thank youuuu

  7. TenkU says:

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