Payment for Medical Workers in Gesundheit! Institute

Payment for Medical Workers in Gesundheit! Institute

So, I don’t want you to think that I am saying the medical professionals shouldn’t be paid. My analysis: my political, economic, medical analysis is the capitalist system is the worst disease of history, and the probable cause of our extinction. People say they worship God, but they act like they worship money. When you have a lot of money, then you see that underneath that love is the love of power over other people. I want to pay our staff. I’d like to pay them all equally so that we feel equal, and that no one is more important than another. If we live collectively, we won’t need very much because we’ll have a lot more collectively than by ourselves. If I see capitalism as the worst disease of history, on the immediate surface is taking the most expensive thing and giving it away for free, and showing that you still pay people; you just pay them a lot less. The more interdependent one gets, the more how much you’re paying matters less because you’re sharing, you’re caring, and you’re volunteering. And we found that! We found mechanics helped [the community]. A mechanic would come and get some care and they didn’t [help] as payback, but somebody else they’re often another poor a person has a car that needs fixing. So actually the mechanic can give a class in car mechanics and fix the car and teach people, and it becomes a little university of mutuality, and I love that. We want to care for everybody. We’ve been so dominated by the concept that money is what cares that we have to discover other ways. I think we’re starting that other way.


  1. Jesus for Climate change says:

  2. Larry Whittington says:

    Great idea!!! Dr. Patch 😁👍
    Godspeed Sincerely from LarryWhittington


    Te admiro pach..espero algún día conocerte

  4. Patricio González Llanos says:

    Hi Dr Patch! I am a kinesiologist and teacher in Chile, I wanted to ask you to send greetings so that my students do not lose their love for studying and for helping people in these difficult times that my country is going through with the social struggle we are living. They need to preserve the love to help those who need it and study to help, I would greatly appreciate it! jeje sorry my english… y try.

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