Patient leads police on high-speed chase in stolen ambulance – Daily News

Police in Texas have arrested a man accused of stealing a hospital ambulance and taking it on a high-speed joyride, during which he went on the radio to rant about God and worms The bizarre incident took place just after 3.30am Thursday, when police say an unnamed man hijacked the ambulance that was used to transport him to Kingwood Medical Center after he caused a disturbance in his neigborhood by uprooting mailboxes Christy Graves, director of Harris County Emergency Services District 5’s operation, said as soon as the vehicle arrived at the hospital, the patient jumped into the driver’s seat, which still had the keys in the ignition, and sped off Police officers from multiple agencies went in pursuit, which lasted for the better part of an hour As the suspect was driving the stolen ambulance and giving fist bumps to passersby, he switched on the EMS radio and was heard yelling: ‘you little brain-washed [expletives] God’s got the microphone now. Obey your god or die,’ reported KTRK.He continued: ‘we don’t let [expletive] worms run our lives Everybody go home and pray. We have a war. We are at war. Believe in God. I am coming for you ‘The chase, which at times reached speeds of more than 90mph, came to an end in the area of Crosby after officers deployed spike strips to disable the ambulance The Walt Disney Company Privacy Policy The suspect then abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot, but police quickly caught up with him Video recorded at the scene at around 5am showed the shirtless man with his hands restrained behind his back being led by a police officer to another ambulance According to authorities, the man was high on an unknown substance when he stole the ambulance and led them on the chase, as Click2Houston reported It remains unknown at this time what charges the suspect will face in connection to the ambulance theft and police pursuit The Walt Disney Company Privacy Policy

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