Opioid Addiction: A Medical Student’s Perspective

Opioid Addiction: A Medical Student’s Perspective

Hi, my name is Kishan and I’m a
fourth-year medical student that just completed two months of addiction
psychiatry rotations after completing MAT training in my
third year of medical school. These past two months have been eye-opening for me.
I was able to see both the physical and psychological effects of opioid
addiction, along with seeing the process of recovery from start to finish. During
this time I realized that a majority of my learning was actually occurring
through simply listening to the patient’s share about their experiences,
so often I would hear statements such as “I want to stay clean, I want to be a
better person for myself and my family” and it was so encouraging to hear
statements like that but often times those same conversations were riddled
with statements such as “When I leave my apartment I see someone selling opioids
right around the corner” and it was statements such as that that really
emphasized the pervasiveness of this issue. Regardless of what specialty or
residency you plan on pursuing, addiction is something that can affect anyone. It’s
so important that we shed light on the opioid epidemic, it’s important that we
educate people about the nature of addiction, that we hear these patients
stories and that we changed the terminology by which we address this
issue to dissolve the surrounding stigma.

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