1. maggie magana says:

    I'm upset becouse. With my doctor I asked if I could try using that ti see if if could relieve pain that I experience. He said no. I'm stuck taking opioids high doses a day. My late dr. Had me on 10x more then I'm on now. Its not right that I have to take meds I don't want to take. But if I don't take it I would rather take a bullet to off myself. They cant figure out why my body is shutting down. I no longer cant stand and now not able to walk. I also have upwards of 0f 50 muscle spasms throughout my body. At one time I have 5 to 10 in different places in my body at once they are a regular muscle spasm you would get in your leg but I get them up my spine into my neck up in around my head. I don't even have to move and they happen but if I go to move it triggers them
    If I have to pee or poop they happen. I've lived with this for over 11 years. I just wish that could figure out what it is or why its happening so I could have my life back. I hate opioids and how your treated at the pharmacy to have to get them or at the Dr. Office when you run out. They treated me bad at the old Dr. Office. If there was something that could help me but society excepted you taking without judgment for taking it I would be happy. I've had Dr. Tell me i wont see you as a patient because your on opioids. If you stop taking them you could stand and walk again. So I don't have any choices. I'm told what I take or cant take.

  2. maggie magana says:

    Ps. My old Dr. Would get paid to give you opioid over any other non opioid drugs. I would tell him can I try something else. He was the one that kept upping the dosage. I would tell him no I don't need more just please find out what's wrong with me. I would tell him when I first started to see hin as my Dr. I could stand and walk now I'm bedridden. Well next time you come in will run test never did that. Now I have a new Dr. Hes taken me down most of the pain meds. Something wrong with how these dr. Wont give you something that's not so addictive to your body. I feel I'm going to die before they figure out what's wrong with me. Please if someone can figure out what's wrong with me it may save my life before I deliberate and die. My kids have see me lose the ability to do things for myself now not abl to any of them.

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