Medical Monday ‘Ginger’ 11/9/2017

Medical Monday ‘Ginger’ 11/9/2017

Medical Monday dropping some bars here
Ok let’s take a Pause here Ginger what is good for
Oh yes nausea Fresh, dried inna powder
Have it inna oil inna juice inna tea Ginger is good for travel sickness
Over the land the air and the sea Also for the morning sickness
That’s for the woman in pregnancy Antioxidant antibacterial
Also anti-inflammatory With Lemon is one combination
Helpful for mucus and the congestion Helps with digestion and circulation
Pain reliever maybe menstruation Some spices have got a lot of benefits
Scientifically there are statistics The truth is and I’ll keep it simplistic
Ginger is more than a biscuit Gargle keep your mouth fresh
Chew some good for the breath Oh yes even a Ginger compress
Got a lot of usefulness Yes A Medical Monday
Yes Iyah


  1. Sahra Ahmed says:


  2. GET SOME BOOT says:


  3. Landonxsuperior says:

    Keep doing what you but could you add subtitles to understand a little better? Thank you!

  4. Malik Wright says:

    Sir you are a blessing to all people of the world. Excellent knowledge that you're dropping. Peace

  5. ImperiousViking says:

    Yes Iyah!

  6. Alaedja Jackson says:

    I love ginger 😍

  7. maxi says:

    Love it ! The little ginger root your holding looks like a little dancing guy

  8. Mar A says:


  9. Teodora Šukalo says:

    Do honey video please

  10. MontanaMountain Family says:


  11. Sondre Stokker says:

    Well im a ginger, and i like the fact that i am usefull 🙂

  12. Licknardas says:

    You make me want to eat healthy. Keep doing what you do !!

  13. will_scott__ says:

    you need to make a mddical monday on marijuana most def

  14. Allison Ross says:

    Probably the most pleasant rap using the word "menstruation" I've heard! Love this one 🙂

  15. BronzeBellaBria says:

    Thank you!!!

  16. Nick Betz says:

    i like

  17. Rich Mikesell says:

    Thanks for another great video, Macka B! What's cool about ginger is that you can put it in water and grow a lot more ginger for yourself. Organic ginger, of course. 😉

  18. Mike Hammack says:

    cool runnings

  19. FreakyBo0o says:

    Ginger in savoury dishes is LIFE!

  20. Jeff Becker says:

    Macka, Please release your new "Health is Wealth" album on vinyl. Thank you.

  21. Aymee Brisbane says:

    big love macka b 🙂 these are one of my favourite videos !

  22. Steve Brown says:

    Loveat fresh ginger, Macka! Goes great in some basil tea. ☕️

  23. Selectah Free-I says:

    jah bless iyah 👊

  24. Oaklund Selfors says:

    I is people like you that make the world go round

  25. David Slevin says:

    We want Turmeric Tuesdays!

  26. Logan Leal says:

    You are the answer to life I love it

  27. Javi Madrid Concha says:

    God bless you Macka B

  28. Kris Williams says:

    Hi! I'm very interested in Papaya! Specifically as a contraceptive. Do you have any resources you'd recommend?

  29. constance gomez says:

    Hi Macka. What do you think about Apple Cider Vinegar? Thank you!

  30. Merci Merc says:

    Wicked food lyrics

  31. luv cops says:

    ♥ Ginger 4 life <333 ♥

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