1. Headsquasher says:


  2. bosser18 says:


  3. D.B.W says:

    its called team fortress 2

  4. coolsnape says:

    darlicks??? what is that i only know of daleks

  5. KafeiMouser says:

    Does this mean that… Medic's gonna be the 12th doctor!? 0.o

  6. K says:

    If you look very closely at 0:32, its actually symbolism for the Average F2P Heavy.

  7. Mr.MelderMan says:

    aww heavy having fun

  8. TheLink1004 says:

    Seams like the medic is prepared to do what ever it takes 😀

  9. lego t-s says:

    wait… Medic has a Grodbort weapon??!

  10. wazamaga says:

    I can't stop laughing XD.

  11. Nixxiom says:

    How would a 3D modeler do animations like these? Would he seriously keyframe every single movement by hand if he didn't have a motion capture suit like they use professionally? I'm curious.

  12. xcloudx01 says:

    Pretty much yeah, it doesn't take that long to animate once you know how. You don't have to animate every single frame, you do it in sort of a bunch of poses, then add more n more detail onto it till it looks nice. The running. flipping and falling were motion cap here, the rest was done by hand.

  13. thekingburritto says:

    how i feel playing the madic all day ever day

  14. lisello007 says:

    Believe in magic !

  15. Nixxiom says:

    So for example you would do pose A being an open hand and then pose B being a closed hand. If you played between the two the hand would close from A to B yet you'd go in and let's say make certain fingers fall faster than others to put more detail into it, aye? And you said the running and flipping was motion captured? So you have a suit then? Also, I'd think running would be the most difficult to do without motion capture. But I haven't tried yet, of course.

  16. Olivia S. says:

    Cloud this is one of the many videos that have inspired me to become an animator- love it! Such fluid movement!

  17. RickBelmont says:

    This video is made on secret BF3 mocap technology.

  18. Tombstone Jack says:

    keep rewinding just to see sniper get flung from table

  19. lil hog says:

    In that case, he's great at doing backflips.

  20. tinmaptd says:

    how did you have access to source filmmaker before anyone else

  21. coolsnape says:

    needs more daleks and a tardis

  22. GmodMark says:

    Now redo it with the official source film maker beta!

  23. kerplop says:

    The Dalek made this stand out.

  24. RapidFyrez says:

    of course with SFM that is all pointless

  25. Anonymous5125 says:

    Since you're so honest, I'll tell you: For a short time during the TF2 beta in 2007, parts of SFM were included in the game files. The community was able to extract these files and compile a (mostly) stable version of SFM, that animators have been using ever since to make videos like this. One of the reasons Valve is even releasing SFM officially is because of how much sheer content like this has been put out by animators using the buggy, not fully complete, leaked version.

  26. deathman367 says:

    lol @ dalek

  27. THeWriterGame says:

    sure it take alot of work xD

  28. TheGutimp says:

    Holly shit, this is the best movie i saw in my entire life

  29. Commander Phoenix says:

    featured video: nope.avi

  30. Anne Dugan says:

    This vid just made me smile…..legit :3

  31. NeutralObjections says:

    An A++ for the epic use of the Incredibles soundtrack.

  32. Derpsickle says:

    +1 for daelik

  33. CandelaZ says:

    Meh dick

  34. Mr. Translater says:


  35. Pinkie Pie says:

    Slow motion heavy sounds like a rookie

  36. Pinkie Pie says:


  37. Kajowwojak says:

    my reaction of this video:

    "Hm… Alright, graphics aren't bad. Doesn't seem to be overusing any rediculou-HOLY SHIT IT'S A DALEK!!!"

  38. Kirstie Pham says:

    omg poor sniper.

  39. xNikkaX3 says:

    Oh Medic, you so perfection.

  40. Mark Swinton says:

    If the medic didn't go to heavy then he would have won the connect four challenge

  41. Odesence says:

    A+++ for a dalek

  42. Flamedude166 says:

    Medic forfeited a game of Connect Four for that?

  43. FSstudios1 says:

    dalek hahaha

  44. HuskyZealot says:

    How'd I know it was a Dalek that Medic jumped over? Lucky guess.

  45. OMEGA Team says:

    Thanks Doc. Not Gmod. Its source film maker.
    SFM in 2010 ? Logic.

  46. NoHomeLike says:

    He used the leaked version

  47. Doccy Stars says:

    A+ For Dalek!

  48. GAGENOW says:

    0:21 I see what you did there because the medic is the Doctor so then there is a Darlek that tries to kill The Doctor fin the Doctor Who show….he…he…hee funny

  49. GAGENOW says:

    *from Doctor Who

  50. Obese Male says:

    "now it Coward Killing Tie!"

  51. sunnydandrum1 says:


  52. Frostielicious says:


  53. NeutralObjections says:

    You know? I thought the exact same thing when I first played it. The art styles are very similar. The only difference being the characters blow up.

  54. IuberPyros says:

    medic: dalek my balls!

  55. coolsnape says:

    dalek= good vid

  56. Commander Phoenix says:


  57. NewAgeRetroSteven says:

    This video used to be so amazing back then because very few people had access to sfm, and everyone had adapted to seeing really bad gmod stopmotion lol

  58. Blarghurface says:

    An A ++++ for the use of a Dalek going after TF2's Doctor equivalent.

  59. Abomdosnow says:

    A++++++ for the Coward-Killing Tie.

  60. Aki Aari says:

    just brilliant

  61. No says:

    Ahaha…Heavy…omg…I just died.

  62. Fritz Metzger says:

    Heavy:CHARGE ME!!

    Medic:*face palm* *inserts ze coin*

  63. Artman Kop says:

    Thanks, source filmmaker! And thanks for author, of course!

  64. Gabe The Babe says:

    This was a good video. XD

  65. Gabe The Babe says:


  66. lynixwolfyspade says:

    That running animation was slick

  67. Amare R. says:

    We need diaper changing station!!!

  68. Traskabire says:

    Woah, you saw the video TOO?! Oh my god! I thought I was the only one!

  69. B r says:

    those cartwheels

  70. DarlingDaily says:

    That music, yes

  71. MrRobertus95 says:

    charge me,xd

  72. Vexo says:

    Ahaa funny, nice ;D

  73. Thomas G says:

    so incredibles
    such disney

  74. Slug says:

    MeeMdic is dr who rebirth form?!?!

  75. DarkestPumpkin says:

    thumbs up for incredibles music 😀

  76. Litch The Shinigami says:

    omg i laughed like the medic O_O why did i do that

  77. Music Fantasies says:


  78. mikkelhaxer says:

    Oh Heavy, you big baby.

  79. BananaRepublican says:

    Know what i remember this and i literaly thought it was an advertisment for tf2 itself. I was a noob back then when i thought you could do literaly anything with gmod

  80. SpikeyBiscuitSh1tPostingRebellion says:

    Ah, back when sfm was new and no one knew how to do it right 🙂
    Great vid still tho no offense

  81. racerlionTV says:

    We need a gif of this.

  82. 「カシー」 says:

    MVM Medics

  83. SupremacyCZE says:

    Hahaha made my day 😀

  84. LadyArchimedes says:

    Medic is a mother fucking acrobat!

  85. Trouser Snivy says:

    One of the best short SFM videos I've ever seen

  86. gumbo says:

    And this is what happens when you use motion-controlled animation

  87. Luther Fla says:

    How are you that good at animation?!?!? I'm trying to do some animation is SFM, and believe me, it's  fucking impossible.

  88. RayMKlll says:

    four years later I return to this.

  89. B CllassieVOC says:

    4 years past but still incredibly smooth moving
    i cant believe its created by leaked SFM…

  90. bronyc100 says:

    I think I'm having the same thought going through my head that is having
    "are you kidding this was your emergency"

  91. Akai Chan says:

    Heavy : Yeah, look, doctor, it's so funny!
    Medic : I…I promise I vill KILL you!

  92. AstroFox115 says:

    I can definitely compare to sniper in this.

  93. dirtfarmer says:

    i remember adding a title card to this video in sony vegas and pretending that i was watching meet the medic

    good times

  94. xX_Husky_Girl_Xx Gamer24 says:

    😂 Lol! 😂

  95. Marc De La Rosa says:

    You deserve oats of the highest caliber

  96. leah koch says:

    nice one medic

  97. leah koch says:

    nice flip medic

  98. Crit-A-Cola says:


  99. Elìa1995 says:

    Now it's coward killing tie!

  100. Roth Dara says:

    Poor sniper

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