Married to Medicine: Andy Throws Shade at the #MarriedToMed Reunion (Season 4, Episode 15) | Bravo

>>Lisa Nicole, do
you have a low self-esteem?>>Absolutely not, Andy. I’m a beautiful woman, I can
have anybody I want, okay? >>Yes honey! >>Then why do you allow
your husband to do the things that he
does to you? Daddy makes sure I
have high self-esteem. He’s everywhere where
I need to be.>>Well a man doesn’t
give you self-esteem.>>You would know that
better than anyone ’cause your husband
doesn’t give you anything.>>It comes from within. You have all of these
comments about my marriage and it’s not
your business. >>I’m sorry your
husband’s a liar. I’m sorry. >>You have no proof
that he’s cheating. You have no proof
that he’s gay. Because he’s not, he is a
heterosexual male. >>That’s good,
I hope so. >>He’ll be out, soon. >>Absolutely.>>And by out,
I mean out here. Sorry.>>Andy! >>I want to be clear. >>Andy is the shadiest,
honey.>>Blake from
Sacramento said, “Heavenly, you claim to be
a relationship expert but why would anyone
listen to you when you can’t even figure
out how to keep your friendship
with Lisa?” >>Unlike Lisa, I can’t
have a relationship with somebody I
don’t trust.>>What we’re missing
here though, ladies, is Lisa and Heavenly really did
have a friendship. This is hurt that we’re
seeing and you guys have to remember,
you stood hard for Lisa. And this is bad when
friends break up like this. >>Lisa do you miss
that friendship? >>I did feel like
Heavenly and I were developing a
friendship. And I was very
disappointed. We travelled together, I
invited you into the WEN circle, I introduced
you to so many people. I don’t just open up to
people like that. >>And- and I- >>So yeah it was very,
very, hurtful. >>I’m an honest person
and if you want me to be your friend I’m going
to tell you the truth. Because her husband
was lying to her, but telling everybody
else the truth. And at that point she
told me I was not her friend.>>No that is not true.>>Yes you did! You said I wasn’t your
friend because I told you the truth. >>I asked you that I did
not want you to go in the area of
my marriage. >>Somebody’s husband is
cheating on them or lying to them
over and over. I was gonna tell
her the truth, but maybe
I shouldn’t have. Y’all tell me->>It wasn’t the
truth, Heavenly. It was your opinion. Your opinion is not fact.>>Okay.>>He said he was only
faithful for five years out of nine. >>It’s not your
business! That’s my marriage! If I choose to->>We’re your friends
Lisa, that’s why it’s our business!
>>It’s not your business.>>We were good friends. We all tell each other’s
business.>>Toya, what did you
mean when you said

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