Manchester United players deliver Christmas presents to young hospital patients

Manchester United players deliver Christmas presents to young hospital patients

I think it’s it’s crucial when we come
down and we can see all the smiles on the kids faces and the family as well
because it’s a time where all the families together and they need as much joy as possible. I’m Pog Santa today. You know we just came here today to give a smile to those kids they got sickness, we give them
joy and wish them a Merry Christmas. yeah I think it holds great importance
and really it has great great value to it and you know we get to come here for
the day and we get to put smiles on people’s faces and it’s a good time for
us as well to be able to do that we’re always happy to do things like this. Manchester United players came to see us on the ward. [How did it make you feel when Marcus
and Jesse arrived in here?] It was really exciting and it was a one in a lifetime
experience it’s so important for the patients of
this hospital we have a lot of seriously ill patients in the hospital at the
moment who may well have to stay in hospital over Christmas and it’s been an
absolute delight this afternoon watching the Manchester United players with with
those patients. Best day of my life well because it got signed by two of the famous players. Which I’m buzzing about. yeah just you know this this fantastic
person that been through a lot from these months and years and just
to help them to to make to make them smile and to to make them see us as
football players and maybe for some their idols so it was a pleasure for us.


  1. oshanki official 23 says:


  2. oshanki official 23 says:

    Red devils got a beautiful heart really❤

  3. Thales Funk Consciente says:


  4. mostapha jocker says:

    I love you lingard and rashford

  5. Jasraaj Singh UFL says:

    Give then smiles by winning matches yo

  6. Lellow 13 says:

    Amazing ?

  7. Melissa The Dino says:

    Is such a beautiful site , Merry Christmas ?

  8. Hải Vincent says:

    Red devils wram people heart in winter

  9. Dokkan Stuff says:

    My god i love paul pogba , POGSANTA??❤️

  10. Phil hillier says:

    Made me cry ?❤️?

  11. anastechi olimpio says:

    l love you poGba and lingard

  12. K Naga says:

    0:32 it looks like Claire from ali-a

  13. goodness jonathan says:

    I don't get the hate on POGsanta

  14. Ben Pannell says:

    Good job lads ❤️

  15. Thashi Govende says:

    Thanks guys those kids really needed that they have a heart of gold Mourinho would never donate not even one present . Im so happy we sacked him

  16. Shafin Shahriar says:

    2 people have no heart. They disliked this video.

  17. Halima Badat says:

    I wanna meet Lingard ♥️

  18. K1NG_XXX says:

    Those 23 dislikes are from them salty PSG Fans ?

  19. ShaunTheFlame says:

    Those 11 dislikes are from City fans

  20. Naz Fur says:

    Manchester United is the best

  21. jackc1992 says:

    Credit to the club brought a tear to my eye. X

  22. Daniel Razman says:

    This is nice but where was martial though like if you agree

  23. Miss Bad says:


  24. ginger says:

    Who’s actually disliking this video

  25. Keegan D'Silva says:

    No matter how bad a season they have
    Their Christmas visits are very touching. Plzz visit India next Xmas guys


    #pog santa

  27. Bhupen Nembang says:

    Wow ??

  28. Ophelius Tan says:

    What if u accidently give the jersey to a liverpool fan , wonder wat will happen

  29. alexandre henrique fla says:

    Happy chistimas

  30. 0880matty0880 says:

    Love this! Football is not just a sport ❤️

  31. ManiacMan says:

    When he started to talk I legit thought he was a patient (Chris smalling)

  32. Ashish Lakhanpal says:

    Happy holidays everyone

  33. Parana Memes says:

    What a good gesture, Man Utd! I love you, Red Devils♥️

  34. Olis ege says:

    Nice one guys my people??

  35. Morris Meeuwissen says:

    Happy that Mourinho is gone

  36. Esmerelda Star says:

  37. Hitler Abe says:

    Bless u

  38. Sourav Baskey says:

    Pog-Santa ?? gave me smiles ?

  39. Joseph Gelaw says:

    The people that disliked your stupid

  40. Joseph Gelaw says:


  41. Vasu Bansal says:

    There shouldn't be an option to dislike this video.

  42. Brad says:

    nice to see the lads visit phil jones and chris smalling

  43. LEE 99 says:


  44. T boy Kelechi says:

    Nice one from my club Manchester United our hearts full of loving & caring

  45. Rootin' Shootin' Tootin' Putin says:

    Are they there to see Jack Wilshire?

  46. lauren jeziorek says:

    Mancheater United have a big heart I love this team I have supported them since I was 1

  47. mostapha jocker says:

    In the future I will be Paul pogba 2??

  48. moses Rumas says:

    God bless you abundantly

  49. Gambo Richard says:

    I love to be among the red devil's. I love you all

  50. Rafaele Egan says:

    Pogba Jesse and rashford were my favourite

  51. David Hauzel says:

    Great work ManUnited.. Will always support you..
    Love from India

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  53. Bajil Made says:

    pogsanta ?

  54. Dh28 !! says:

    Like this comment to show love for those kids that struggles in life❤️shows how lucky we are! Let’s like❤️⚽️

  55. Dr.Fathi Daher says:

    WTF,pogba you are muslims. don't wear cup .shit

  56. Iovutime says:

    how can somebody dislike this kind of video?

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  58. John Hulls says:

    Great to see a side of United that never makes the headlines but is something special for all involved. Nice one lads, and back to football,welcome back Ole,great game yesterday 5_1brilliant performance by all,nice to see Pogba back in the team proper.he's not a legend for nothing,brilliant game by all,watch out Manchester United are back.Ole for manager next season.

  59. Prazol Bz7 says:

    where is sanchez?????

  60. jesus chillin says:

    I love my club. Solsjkaer to STAY

  61. Mr Moss says:


  62. Emmy Co5000 says:

    United for real

  63. Suyim 1-2 says:

    God bless united ?GGMUFC♥️

  64. Nsikak Ntia says:

    Man united for life??❤

  65. Kier Luke says:

    3 days before, man city players decided to visit the same hospital. "It was good to see the smile on their faces when meeting someone brave and courageous" said James aged 6

  66. MM says:


  67. อนิรทธ์ ทองใบ says:

    I love u. Red devil

  68. What says:

    Top lads, very good thing to do and you've made some of their Christmases very memorable. Fortunes are going to change in the new year for our club. United till I die.

  69. Tim Dev says:

    Nice gesture but you still wont win any major silverware for the next 60 years.

  70. Redah Hamdulay says:

    Real life hero's?

  71. Ferhad Bakinec says:


  72. Aiste Adomone says:

    Some of us feel dark in the inside but we don’t think about them so Manchester United came and supported the ones that are dark to make bright ??

  73. hei_blank_xxv says:

    Man Utd forever ❤❤❤

  74. Abdul Mannan Bashir says:

    Proudly united ??

  75. Rey Josee says:

    Those dislike its from mourinho fans trust me

  76. Francesco Bonfiglio says:

    Pogba looks happier without Mourinho.

  77. Amelia Anne says:

    Godbless u guys, you've got a BIG heart!

  78. Ibrahim Mulla says:

    All I want for Christmas is to meet Marcus rashford and Anthony martial

  79. Nicola Whatmuff says:

    I love macros rashford

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