LSU in the Galapagos: A Living Laboratory

LSU in the Galapagos: A Living Laboratory

♫♫ TEXT: The Galapagos Islands are the birthplace
of modern evolutionary theory… TEXT: as well as a living laboratory. TEXT: 7 LSU students participated in a 14-day field study experience in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. ♫♫ TEXT: They conducted field research and learned about
the native plants and animals unique to The Galapagos. TEXT: LSU in Galapagos was led by LSU Department
of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Assistant Professors Dan Holstein and Tracy Quirk. [waves crashing] [baby seal roars] [waves crashing]

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  1. jtanca1 says:

    As an Ecuadorian LSU alum, I could not be prouder of my alma mater! GEAUX TIGERS! Forever LSU!

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