Lizard People Conspiracy Theory Explained

Lizard People Conspiracy Theory Explained


  1. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network says:

    To read more about this conspiracy theory, check out the links below:

    ‘I am not a lizard’: Mark Zuckerberg is latest celebrity asked about reptilian conspiracy:

    On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs:

    Why We Are Afraid of Snakes:

  2. Emma Declercq says:

    Wait… I have redish blonde hair, my eyes shift colour from green to blue to grey, during tests in school I had abnormal good hearing, have really low blood pressure and so on… Does this mean I’m a lizard???

  3. Catt Root says:

    I may love Matt more than Shane and Ryan. ? There I said it.. I feel better now.

  4. Dave Thebabe says:

    Where is unsolved mysteries where is Ryan and Shane

  5. Robyn Boynton Muth says:

    Well I guess I’m a lizard person ?‍♀️

    Who knew?

  6. NrSTe NrSTe says:

    Pronouncing David ICKE as David ICK tells me this dude is lying when he says he has a genuine curiosity for conspiracies, in reality he’s just reading from a script (nothing wrong with reading from a script to make content, it’s just a lie tho isn’t it :/). David ICKE is literally the most (in)famous conspiracy theorist in the world… you just can’t pronounce his name wrong if you’ve been involved in looking into this stuff for so long like you said.

  7. FruitIsNotFood says:

    "…dominate over humans like you and me"… But really Matt? How can we be sure you're not one of them?!? Trying your way into our hearts and minds?! Hum, Matt?!

  8. The Retarded says:

    Bro u look like joaquin phoenix from her 2013

  9. Jerry Lo says:

    Nice ttry

  10. Ms. L says:

    Jim Morrison was hiding in plain site. Sneaky snake

  11. calci says:

    I watch Buzzfeed Unsolved for Ryan and Shane…and Matt! Please be in more things

  12. Ariana Negron says:

    When are they gonna give him a legit show and seasons BC these are always so good I love him

  13. Livindeadgirl88 says:

    Well…today i just found out im a lizard person!

  14. Shawnee Alspektor says:

    I am way to into you. Keep making videos ????❤️

  15. young says:

    I love bringing this conspiracy up at the dinner table it makes me laugh so much

  16. Tayla Wardlaw says:

    Is it just me or does the chalkboard map not have New Zealand on it???

  17. Steve 9 says:

    !! You just wasted 8 minutes of my life (including the comment) thanks 🙁

  18. Lisa van den Hoven says:

    I like Matt. Wish these theory videos were a little more deep dive and a little less trying to be funny.

  19. Sally Regentine says:

    My name is Sally and I would like to know why these episodes aren’t longer, please.

  20. Cheyanne Bowman says:

    Give me the shrooms David Icke had in college, bc god damn

  21. aesthetic says:

    Not gonna lie, I love this guy on this channel. I hope he becomes a regular on here, even while Shane and Ryan’s Unsolved videos are on here

  22. aesthetic says:

    While the idea originated on Anti-semetic ideas, most believers on the theory nowadays don’t believe anything like that and don’t even know about the history

  23. Sunshine says:

    gUyS tHiS iS AnTiSemItiSm PlS sToP :((((((((

    Imagining unironically sympathising with the people who own every brand in the world who clearly want to push a narrative lmao

  24. Eipa says:

    gets to the description of a lizard person

    Me: I guess I’m a lizard person then. ?

  25. Merkwurdiig says:

    Im sorry Barry is related to Whomst?

  26. lilly budhu says:

    I gotta say, whoever drew the Earth on the chalk board is talented and I am very impressed

  27. Ronda Jones says:

    Yes! Bravo Sir, this was my favorite video of this show so far. The lizard people conspiracy is way down the road in crazy town. The blackboard makes it more professional and wackier at the same time

  28. Rodentia says:

    This whole theory is based on deeply antisemitic propaganda.

  29. tafarah-19 says:

    And we're potatoes

  30. Diego Kiwi says:

    3:00 but Matt looks like a lizard

  31. Charles Dagenais says:

    I definitely have neurons that only respond to snake, except my response is 100% positive, snakes are my favourite animals. I'm also watching this next to two lizard tanks.

  32. Kas P. says:

    Let me actually explain it for you: antisemitism

  33. Spork Vlogs says:

    I love your content on conspiracy theories!!! I look forward them a lot because you're so funny man.

  34. Eli Bergeman says:

    Shane and Ryan need to go to houska castle. Apperantly the castle is covering up a demon hole

  35. dead beat says:

    What, but the Anunaki (spelling?) is from Middle Eastern mythology, right?

  36. keir brook says:

    You are pronouncing his last name wrong

  37. Amy Lewis says:

    Thank you for giving Matt his BIRTH RIGHT to having his conspiracy videos on this channel

  38. Ryuku Mochi says:

    People got way too much free time nowadays….

  39. Jo_ 2k06 says:

    Lalin’s curse anyone ?

  40. Est199X says:

    The white Kassem G

  41. G Al Hajri says:

    Hey, what’s up guys,YES.

  42. ursaltydog says:

    Dont' forget RH- blood 🙂

  43. Hasti says:

    Why is he sexy omg like bruh he sexy like sexy teacher who’s cool af and fun but like smart like bruh I wish I had him as my man

  44. Otaku Nono says:

    Freddy Mercury?

  45. Sur Xyeah says:

    SNEAPLE (snake people )

  46. Olivia Francis says:

    No offense but this man needs to take a philosophy class

  47. Leonardo Digiorno says:

    bro half the comments point out the antisemitism and you're just gonna ignore it? we see that you've been through the comment section to like other comments, you can't feign ignorance on this one. if you're not gonna even address the issue then at least just take the video down.
    and hey, if you need a video to take this one's place, you know what could be an interesting one? looking into what kinds of beliefs have become the basis for conspiracy theories. (hint: a lot of discrimination) with lizard people, fake news, and 9/11 conspiracies, you have a lot to work with. see what patterns you find, i'm sure you could make something interesting. just spitballing for ya. you can do better.

  48. Alan Ko says:

    I want MORE of this this is great!!!

  49. kendrick alvarez says:

    Boy. Looking like a Walmart brand Kassem G

  50. aryantube lol says:


    He is describing ryan

  51. بنت الشيخ says:

    nearly everything he said for spotting a lizardman is markiplier

  52. Craig Slist says:

    These are so DUMB…I'm going to start disliking them before even watching from now on. Bring back Shane and Ryan!!!

  53. GAMINGWITHNATH 1 says:

    Ok boomer

  54. Shruti Sookur says:

    I have hazel eyes… My hairs are kinda reddish… I have got a quite long tongue… Many people say my eyes seem to change colours… I'm fascinated with space things… But trust me, I'm not a lizard person?‍♀️ OR am I???

  55. Lil17 EastCoast says:

    ??‍♂️ why just why

  56. Alien Legs says:

    This conspiracy is originated by a holocaust denier and overwhelmingly targets Jewish people, you offhandedly address that in the video and yet still decided to do a dive into the conspiracy itself and present it as though it had any validity. Shame.

  57. Böök HÖH says:

    so i have low blood pressure and my eyes sometimes are said to change colour to green when staying in water for a lot of time
    does that make me a reptile according to you

  58. ya-boi-miles says:

    the ghoul boys looked so offended omg

  59. carmela legarte says:

    Is it just me or is ryan watching worth it on his lap top at the beginning ?

  60. chelsea Lowe says:

    red har?? an interest in space and science… guys i think im a lizard

  61. Zephyr Fox says:

    6:26 scary? what?! that's a cute danger noodle! just look at those shiny eyes and cool black scales, that murderspagurder is gorgeous. Snek is N0t Sc4rY! 🙁

  62. Annie Camper says:

    Bold of you to assume I’m human ?

  63. Piper Shields says:

    where is New Zealand on your map???

  64. The world is crazy and you know it says:

    The family relations of so many presidents can mean a 100 different things, why does it have to imply lizard people x'D
    There are many more plausible theories for these connections (without throwing the c-word around), like a corrupt ruling system that only pretends to be a democratic system.

  65. PuddingRadSkin says:

    sees antisemite video title hook It's gonna be a no from me.

  66. Mummy B's says:

    It’s pronounced IKE as in BIKE.
    Not Ick as in sick.

  67. Tanveer Malik says:

    Matt here looks so much like joaquin phoenix from the movie HER

  68. Samantha Mack says:

    That moustache is extremely attractive. There I said it!

  69. hesomeone says:

    i love me some Super-man conspiring theories about Lizards.

  70. Bubba Gum Wrapper says:

    blue scales forked tongue lays eggs hmmmm sounds like my sister

  71. Yash Gupta says:

    Lmao, according to this the world would be ruled by aristocrats…what if it is???

  72. ransom says:

    Look at the lizards ? making the SAME exact comment trying to debunk this with the same keywords: “antisemitic,” “conspiracy,” “propaganda.” It’s like they’re all reading from the same script.

  73. Lisa says:

    How is the literal antisemitism a footnote in this video, shouldn't it be the focus??

  74. senashii says:

    imagine if obama turns into reptile from mortal kombat and bush turns out to be shang tsung and hillary shao khan

  75. Trollhammer530 says:

    I have so many signs of a lizard person.
    Oh no
    I've become aware of myself

  76. manoj joshi says:

    This theory has some credibility….
    I have been face to face with the king of the jungle…
    Been alone in the jungle at night without any survival gear….
    Trained by army instructors…
    Taken part in adventure sports….
    Sat next to poisonous snakes….
    Driven like a mad man….
    But wen I look at a lizard… undescribable feeling of something crawls up my spine

  77. Loz Cherone says:

    Cringe… you pronounce Davids last name wrong.

  78. family jules says:

    It's pronounced eyek (long i). Otherwise, entertaining video!

  79. sonicnarcotic says:

    Do they look like lizards ? No. Then stop taking LSD

  80. A Briones says:

    why is jaime lannister’s reincarnation talking about lizards and reptiles

  81. FenixDown147 says:

    but do lizard people know that they are lizard people?
    am I lizard people?

  82. Eve Lynne says:

    I want the ghoul boys

  83. Google Is A Cruel Mistress says:

    That's nothing, I'm related to every life form on the planet Earth

  84. I Rock says:

    Hey dude I love those chalky hearts. They are lovely ahahahahaha

  85. Julie Wright says:


  86. TableWrens says:

    What this is: A Fun video about a ridiculous subject
    Comment Section: OMG you didn't talk about racism, nazi germany and concentration camps for the entire thing, i'm disliking

  87. Ellez says:

    The person he described in the video about the reddish hair, love of science, sweets, glasses, hazel eyes is litterally my boyfriend.

    I’m scurred.

  88. Ezekiel Morales says:

    clicks video expecting to see Ryan and Shane talk the whole video
    .closes it b/c it isn’t them.

  89. lextoon says:

    Ronaldo from Steven universe

  90. ryd3r07 says:

    How bad !!! It’s not ik
    Like the sweet(candy )
    Mike & ike

  91. Krystal Hyun says:

    Im addicted to this series


  92. Krystal Hyun says:

    – has a love for space and science
    – has hazel eyes
    – has unexplained scars (not cuz im clumsy af)
    a sense of not belonging to the human race

    IM A FREAKIN LIZARD!????????

  93. Aditya Chatterjee says:

    Can yall do a research on the conspiracy on netaji dubhash chandra bose

  94. Milly Kropik says:


  95. Peter Tomlin says:

    its ike as in bike, not ick

  96. Joselyn Estrada says:

    3:08 I was watching the video and at this point it stopped and started doing something weird with the frames after he just said it. I played it back and it didn't do it again.??

  97. Em S says:

    tfw nazis come to america after ww2, infiltrate the government, and spread rumors that jewish people are secretly trying to rule the world when it's VERY CLEARLY white supremacist fascists who want to discredit and destroy everyone who they deem "undesirable". they're not even hiding it anymore wtf are we doing as a society honestly

  98. Turtle God says:

    By the way , this is for the people confused to what antisemitism is ,

    Its hatred towards jews

  99. shisui Uchiha says:

    That part with shane and Ryan tho

  100. Kath Flynn says:

    It's racism Harold. Specifically anti-Semitism Harold. You can't just offhandedly mention it then dance around it Harold. That's both irresponsible and legitimately incorrect Harold. God DAMN it Harold

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