Life in Medical school (3rd Year Med Student) | VLOGMAS 1

Life in Medical school (3rd Year Med Student) | VLOGMAS 1

good morning everyone on this is how I really look like in the morning and it’s day one of vlogmas! I’m gonna shower so if you guys saw my last video you guys know I’m launching my blog and my web store so I sent out some samples for people to try out and just to hear their thoughts and I just want to thank the people who have agreed to try to stuff out so thank you Jenny Le, many of you know her- also thank you Jand & Jady Thank you Tommy Martin and his soon to be wife Phoebe and thank you Iyanu, KC from Medumentary thank you for trying to stuff out thank you Jenny from Jentle Strength she’s been with us since like day one pretty much so thank you for trying to stuff out and i’m also waiting to hear back from some of the other channels and also thank you teawithmd from Instagram she has a blog check her out she’s a dermatologist and I think that’s it for now. I’m super excited for the store but there’s lots of kinks to work out like all the shipping and just like minor details. Stressing out a little bit over it but i’m trying to get it done in time for hopefully hopefully today’s launch so we’ll see so it’s 7:30 i’m going to make some oatmeal as my breakfast so I didn’t mention this before but actually have work today so I’m eating breakfast and I’m gonna answer some snapchat questions maybe just like one question and I’m gonna get ready to head out Hi I’m from the Dominican Republic I love you and I want to ask you if your study space is in your bedroom or another place beside your home. It’s usually right here and you guys know I have a desk with a dedicated study space that I used during Step time but just for a regular everyday studying i like to be like more out in the open so i’m usually in my living room I like that’s like right next to the kitchen and usually there’s a little more light in here so this is usually where i study yeah i’m gonna try to answer more snapchat questions throughout the day so you guys can just keep an eye out for that actually I’m gonna answer a few more since i’m just eating and sitting here. Alright, next question hey Jamie I know you’re in your third year right now and I’m wondering if you have a medical specialty you’re wanting to pursue at this point thanks! I’m only halfway through my third year so I can’t say that I have my mind made up exactly I kind of came into third year thing that I wanted to do emergency medicine so the thinking is I wanted to do something a little more procedural but I’ve done my OBGYN and you guys saw I had a really good time during my rotation so OBGYN is definitely in the running I haven’t done my surgery rotation yet and that’s definitely very hands-on so i’m also looking forward to that and I think I have a better idea after I’ve done my surgery rotation, medicine rotation and my emergency medicine rotation so pretty much what i’m done with third year I think hopefully I’ll have a better idea what I’m going to do those are the ones i’m considering next question Hi Jamie I was wondering what modifications have been made your class schedule now that you’re doing rotations and how that looks Thank You God Bless! so you guys know M1/M2 year is a lot of like lecture and just like a lot of books studying. 3rd year/4th year your schedules a little different because you’re going to the hospital or going to a clinic or a private practice almost every day and compared to my first and second year where the lectures are recorded and it was optional to just watch the lectures at home going to the hospital is obviously not optional so my schedule right now it’s a little more stringent than the first two years of med school but you do a lot of learning with real patient and just doing things hands-on so it’s a different way to learn and I want to say it’s a lot more fun than just like sitting at a desk and learning but I i liked the first two years my school too and I like 3rd year too so just different. I will do one more hi Jamie what would you suggest is the best subject to take pre-med and what you take pre-med? I’m thinking of taking biological sciences but not entirely sure. I don’t think that there’s like best major per se for pre-med. I majored in neuroscience and behavior but you can really major in anything you want as long as you get all the prerequisite classes in. So you can do history, literature, anything really. Anything that interests you if anything I think if you do something totally not science-related it would probably help you stand out a little more because that shows that you have other interests outside of science but you do have to get those prerequisite classes in so you can either do that during your college years or you can do like a post-bacc a lot of people do post-bacc after getting their bachelor’s degree so you can also do that to get your prerequisites in so I’m gonna have to eat and get ready hello! Alright guys, I’m ready to go to work it’s gonna be a short day probably from about nine to three and then i’ll be back to do my usual Saturday stuff! i just got home from work and saw something really cool i saw scarlet fever in a 12 year old child which I guess it doesn’t happen that often. His rapid strep was positive and he had the sandpaper rash that all the textbooks talk about so it was really cool to see. So I’m home. Actually I was done with work and I want to go eat but i didn’t have my memory card with me so I couldn’t film anything. I’m still learning I’m getting used to vlogging thing and now I’m home and Candy’s really hungry ok so planned for rest of today: I’m going to do a little bit of studying and I’m gonna go to the gym, go grocery shopping and then back home and a little more study and that’s the plan for today! So I’m finally heading to the gym I actually fell asleep for a little bit I meant to take like a 10-minute nap but it was like 40 minutes i’m headed to the gym now and then going to go grocery shopping and I’m going to come back and actually I’m definitely going to study after that I just got out of the gym I’m gonna do some grocery shopping I have my list here: going to get some chicken breast, yogurt, some fruits, cottage cheese, and some other stuff. So I’m back home having some dinner. I have some chicken and broccoli stir-fry some leftovers like the stuffing and the mac and cheese and as a side, we have a we have some potatoes here. so I’m gonna have some dinner and get started on my studies so I just finished dinner i’m going to be studying some health maintenance stuff today so that means i’m looking at how often to screen for hypertension hyperlipidemia colon cancer breast cancer, things like that and this is important because when patients come in we have to ask them: have you gotten your colonoscopy and depending on their risk factors we have to know how often they should get it and you have to be able to recommend that type of stuff so I’m studying that. Just want to show you guys my to-do list for today. let’s see how much of it I’ve done so I’ve gotten my grocery shopping done today, I’ve written my thank-you cards, I’ve checked the order status. I’m going to be reading Step Up Step Up to Medicine and that’s my textbook right now I did my research on scarlet fever because i saw that patient today. already went to the gym so few things left here to do. Oh and I mailed out samples. so I still have to make packages, order mailers, do some questions and read my textbooks so that’s on my to-do list for tonight ok so let’s get started so I’m gonna finish up studying before i close the vlog for today i wanted to answer a few more questions from snapchat. Good evening from Michigan so my question is how do not let the stress bog you down like how do you stay positive and not get caught up in all the worries i think a good rule of thumb in regards to dealing with stress is if there is something you can do about it then do that to reduce your stress and anxiety but if it’s something totally out of your control then just get it out of your mind and not worry about it there’s no use in wasting your energy on worrying about things you can’t change for example being stuck in traffic there’s nothing you can do about that you can choose to not travel during rush hour but once you’re stuck in traffic there’s nothing you can do so just not worrying about things like that also a lot of people have anxiety about studying or taking an exam so you can actually take steps to better prepare yourself so you’re less anxious for a test that’s coming up so you can either use anxiety or the stress to study to motivate yourself to study or if you’re not going to do anything about it then it’s not even worth thinking about so just and that’s sort of my rule of thumb in how I deal with stress and anxiety Hi Jamie so if you had a chance to go back in time what would you have done differently and why thank you very much and keep up the good work I don’t necessarily have any regrets in terms of how i got to med school and you know the way i’m studying and all that but if there is something that if I could go back in time and do a little differently that will be definitely paying more attention in my Spanish class and trying to master Spanish a little better because I’m i realized that at least I’m where I’m at there’s a lot of spanish-speaking patients and speaking Spanish and being fluent Spanish is a very important skill i’m sure it’s true in a lot of different parts of the United States so that’s one thing that I would like to worked on a little more before coming from at school Hi I’m Kylie and I’m a pre-med at Nazareth I was wondering if you listen to any music while you study and if you think that it helps you to study better for me personally I don’t listen to music when I studied because I tend to get distracted very easily I’m but I know that people I’m do listen to music when they study especially if you’re studying i’m in public spaces like the library or cafe it’s nice to have some music in your ears so you’re not listening to people talk around you all the time in those cases i’ll listen to some study music playlists that are on Spotify that’s usually my go-to for study music also in all the music that I tend to listen to are almost always lyrics free because if there’s any lyrics in my mind/going into my ears then it tends to distract me even more alright so that’s all the questions I’m going to answer for today I’m hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of vlogmas and i will see you guys tomorrow in episode 2 of vlogmas. BYE!


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