Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg released from hospital

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg released from hospital


  1. Simon Legree says:

    My brain was thinking “Released from
    Mortal coil.”

  2. rostomic says:

    Keeping a dead useless communist non-milking cow alive ….??

  3. RYNO LASCAVIO says:

    Its messed up how morbid we are all getting with this woman…and we are all thinking it to one degree or another.

  4. sherv kho says:

    Even further to the right says the bimbo on fox.

  5. Sister in Christ Jesus says:

    She has more lives than a cat….she is the original 'Crypt Keeper"

  6. Loreen Degenstein says:

    Not one new photo or video clip and none of her leaving the hospital. FAKE NEWS!

  7. White Devil says:

    Why is she still on the Supreme Court? She needs to put the country first and retire.

  8. carol burns says:


  9. stephen moore says:

    A satanic spirit is the only thing keeping her alive

  10. Overby's Raiders says:

    This lifetime appointment crap is ridiculous!

  11. Turd Ferguson says:


  12. Nokie Pruitt says:

    She is facing health scares cause she is like 9000 years old.

  13. Musique3579 says:

    Never any up to date photos of her are there? Interviews? Strange. Normally even fake news would show an ambulance, the person walking (not a double, triple or quadruple) of this woman. And of the Supreme Court photos? Why always the same old ones? And then, what is with a quick second flash aired of her (Fox News) passing in Jan. of 2019. This could not possibly have been an accident and certainly would never qualify as a joke.

  14. crpuravida2 says:

    It's better to Retire with dignity rather than having people impatiently waiting for your dead. How sad.

  15. Pauly DP says:

    She died a few years ago, thats a clone

  16. Ron Miller says:

    All this press and no video? Cmon folks go back to the RBG. DOA!!

  17. Lance Paxman says:

    Chills, fever, old old over the hill age
    It's just a matter of time!
    She needs to call it quits

  18. Lance Paxman says:

    Push it to the right

  19. Hank Menendez says:

    They are pretending she is alive so Trump does not appoint another judge , no one has seen her , people say she was dead a few months ago already , i wouldn't be surprised if dems are doing that , they are breaking laws and telling us on tv they are doing it !

  20. R C says:

    I like the old broad, but she really should retire. Come to think of it, Clarence should retire now too, and that way really stick it to Democrats

  21. CSC 4/502 INF says:

    God bless you Ginsberg. But its time. Retire

  22. Kim Anh Tran says:

    Ginsberg is a corrupted sick woman all she care is Clinton Family because Bill Clinton endorsed her!! Ginsberg If you can’t do your job get the hell out there in Supreme  Court .  We the American  people want to know what the hell is wrong with you Ginsberg?? You sell your soul to the Evil & Devil: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Hussein Obama!!

  23. only1pinuchi says:

    Beyond time to retire….

  24. Grr wuff says:


  25. 0 0 says:

    I would much prefer to hear that Gingsburg has decided to retire rather that for her to stay on and have me wish her to drop dead because of her ignorance to stay on in order to please the corrupt Dems. Step down Ruth and enjoy what little life you have left in peace.

  26. Silver Moon says:

    They rolled out her clone.

  27. TheChaz2011 says:

    God is waiting to speak with her.

  28. White Horses in the Sky says:

    I feel so sorry for her. Will she have to go to Gods court for for being complicit as 50,000,000 babies were aborted?

  29. Daniel Clark says:

    She won't be retiring until she can no longer perform her job at her peak performance. For those of you who are confused; this IS peak performance…

  30. John Preciado says:

    That. Old beg won't dead she has more life's than a Halloween black cat.

  31. Rick The 3rd says:


  32. Mark Smith says:

    Her days are numbered

  33. Thomas Bryan says:

    What number is this CLONE,, just say'n!

  34. Lamar Martin says:

    She is too old and sick to do her job!! Her competency must be verified and proven that she can do her job!!!!

  35. Peter Miller says:

    I thought she died … 🤷‍♂️

  36. Destiny tran says:

    I do not root bad for her. But, she needs to retire. What is she doing? For heaven sake, she is almost 90 years old! Please retire, for your health and your own sake. You could live up to 100 years old, if you take care of your health.

  37. David Sincere says:

    How do you get out the hospital when you're dead. There's no pictures. She's dead better than a doornail.

  38. IRON KNIGHT says:


  39. chris c says:

    Satan doesn't want her.. she's doing his bidding just fine where she's at!

  40. Truth Finder says:

    Oh please. She's been dead almost a year.
    Welllll, dead Dems vote, so maybe they get chills too.

  41. Sage Nero says:

    I imagine if I were ill this much, any company would let me go and the government would happily put me on welfare.

  42. Sdc Gnojhmr says:

    Nothing but stock photos of her. You'd think the left would at least come out with a DEEPFAKE vid. I guess their funds are drying up.

  43. Jaye Mowrey says:

    One strong lady ! She is really determined to hold out for a Democratic president!!! Too bad she won't see that HAPPEN she should be enjoying family & friends ..retirement…
    While she can !!!

  44. Taylor Jakes says:

    Under M4A will we all get airlifted to hospital for fevers?

  45. Little Drummer Boy 1970 Little says:

    Too bad she didn’t croak so President Trump could replace her with a Constitution and Bible believing conservative! Father remove this baby killer in Jesus name!

  46. Mick D says:

    She should retire, mind's been gone for decades, body is following.

  47. all iknow says:

    Recovering nicely from frost bite recieved while in cold storage. Her full body transplant is doing well. Her only regret is not choosing a younger female donor. Chills, that is code for the Demorats. Wink wink.

  48. Steve m says:

    Why are they showing Celine Dion on here ?

  49. Richard Schaefer says:

    She is one tough, old Green-Socialist. Give the Devil "her" do.

  50. KS Rebel says:

    Wish he well. She has served honorably…..from a conservative. She was put in at the time this uber partisan crap started.

  51. chas sisom says:

    She's trying to stay alive so that president Trump wouldn't be able to fill her seat. It won't matter though. Trump's going to win 2020 and all her pain and effort to stay on the bench will be in vain. LoL at the old libitard.

  52. John Locke says:

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg released from morgue

  53. Emmett Mitcham says:

    Trump gets to put another supreme court justice in that will be great for the Country but we will hear the liberals cry , and already the left is trying to impeach trump because this country will be a conservative moral place once again

  54. Team Cap says:

    I don't believe it, she's been dead for a couple of years now.

  55. Ali Asaad says:

    Dear Santa. I wish Ms Ginsburg would retire, then in 5 years from now Mr. Clarence Thomas would retire and Trump installs another amazing younger conservative justice.

  56. Daniel Rojas says:

    Is time for her to hit the road

  57. tpledger100 says:

    I'm raising the BS flag!

  58. Ryan R. 815 says:

    “Trump isn’t healthy enough for office!” Meanwhile you have Ruth on oxygen, incoherent and half dead out there making decisions that affect every single American….Well I mean when she isn’t hospitalized with serious illnesses that most of us would die of since we don’t get the medical care she gets that we pay for.

  59. logic rules says:

    Move to the light ruth, go to the light!

  60. Account User says:

    . . . Seasons don't fear The Reaper, nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain. . ." (Buck Dharma – BOC)

  61. Justa Witness says:

    RBG needs to give up the struggle before she dies on the court! She'll NEVER survive the four more years coming in the Trump administration.

  62. BLANCO BEAR says:

    Ginsberg had an IV of Andrenochrome

  63. #FUCK-YOU says:

    Too bad she didnt die

  64. Glenn Bankson says:

    It will not be long.

  65. Lester Stanley says:

    Yep get rid of her, she not medical and mentally fit to do her job…..your times up….. why do you think airline captains are forced to retire at 60 years of age….???

  66. Rya N says:

    Didn’t fox say she passed away awhile ago?

  67. Tom Zmit says:

    what the? time to GO AWAY

  68. Mr.762 says:

    Why are they only showing old video footage? There should be video of her leaving the hospital under her own strength 🤣

  69. Laurie Stratton says:

    She won't last much longer.

  70. JazzTruckin says:

    If Justice Ginsburg vacates her seat for any reason before the 2020 elections and President Trump is able to appoint any of those from his list (especially if he wins 4 more years in 2020), the leftists in media as well as in the Legislative Branch of government (and democrats in states' legislatures as well) will be throwing mammoth temper tantrums of the kind we have never seen before. The protests will be more violent than we have ever seen, and physical attacks by radical leftists against conservatives, or those perceived to be conservative, will result in major injuries, and possibly even worse I'm afraid. The confirmation process will be such an intense blood gushing scene that it will make last year's Kavanaugh accusation spectical look like a fun night of Jeopardy on TV. Get ready, and be ready for what I refer to as this latest style of "conservative lynching". If you are known, or publicly make yourself known as a GOP Trump supporting guy/gal (eg. wears a MAGA hat), always be on high alert for unprovoked physical attacks.

  71. Solid Asian Gold says:

    CAN'T WAIT!…For what? For Darth Bader to croak and die, then to meet her maker.

  72. Nancy A says:

    OH, she's had such a hard time, waaahhh. How many babies are screaming while they're being chopped up for the abortion mills & companies wanting their tissue? I'm not too choked up over that old witch, the hateful look on her mug….I as do many think it's more than possible that there are/have been body doubles. It's common nowadays and not so difficult via technology and surgical techniques. Hollywood does it all the time. SC judges aren't seen much by the public, so to have a body double, esp one wearing a robe, would be pretty easy in their world.

  73. buddy camp says:

    Funny how she's been dead for a year but they're still pretending she's alive

  74. OG Herefano says:


  75. Sirus Galt says:

    Planned parenthood keeps topping her off with liquified fetus infusions to keep her corpse animated. Only explanation

  76. Mind Crimes says:

    Most people her age have a hard time keeping their drivers license. How in the hell can she keep her position ?

  77. David Smith says:

    I think shes already dead, but they the "deep state" do not want Trump to have that 3rd pick so theyre playing 3 card monte with us.

  78. Celeste Walter says:

    One tough lady she deserves a break to heal properly!

  79. Lisa Davis says:

    Is she really at home, or even a live?😬

  80. clayton mccormick says:

    her health is closely monitored by who? if the president goes to walter reed everyone knows if his temp. is off 1/2 degree didn't she die over 1 year ago? key feachers seem to have changed is it even her?

  81. Kathryn Molesa says:

    Retire already! She is looking like the incredible shrinking woman.

  82. pól shamrock says:

    Has anybody seen her

  83. Lee Tibensky says:

    the RBG in the story looked much younger and no longer hunch backed….hmmmm,

  84. David Quinones says:

    She needs to leave Federal Judge job, she is not going to change the world. She should leave peacefully before Ascension without her body meets her.

  85. Anti Fn says:

    I think we can do without Ginsburg’s carbon footprint.

  86. Daniel Renteria says:

    The judicial branch is a permanent dictatorship

  87. dubsaloon Moore says:

    Politics aside. I'm happy she is home and comfy.

  88. meatandbeer says:

    trump will replace her post within a year. dont worry

  89. doubstercom says:

    Why on earth is she still in office at 86??? She should retire and shut up.

  90. Dennis Frey says:

    Good God is this woman never gonna die

  91. Brad Steiner says:

    Did anybody check to make sure the demoturds aren't just playing "Weekend at Bernie's" with her corpse to avoid another Trump SCOTUS appointment? Which President appointed this baby killing witch anyway, FDR?

  92. Darla Tidwell says:

    I don't know why she isn't forced to retire, or would at least offer to retire. She's 86.

  93. Tracy M says:

    She looks like the Crypt keeper. I think she is just having a full transfusion every 30 days, she's been dead at least a year. She found out about the transfusions from Hillary she's been getting them for years!!

  94. Truth Seeker says:

    if she's really alive, it'll be anytime now. She can't cling on forever.

  95. Shawn Begley says:

    Why would You do that Trump !!!?,,,,

  96. MAGA 2020 says:

    Die already. If she hasn’t already

  97. j j says:

    She has been dead a long time, so who is this imposter

  98. divizionx says:

    Back from the dead.

  99. daedster1 says:

    Lets hope she is well, and retires.

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