I Sent My Brother To Hospital Giving Him Sleeping Pills

I Sent My Brother To Hospital Giving Him Sleeping Pills

Hey, guys. My name is Hanna and this is my confession. I did something terrible to my brother, and
he almost died because of it. I am very sorry about it, and I am very ashamed. But I had a reason for doing it. It all started when my father left our family. To be precise, my mom kicked him out and it
happened when I was a baby. As far as I know, my parents were always fighting
over money. Of course, raising a child is not only difficult,
but also extremely expensive. Plus, I had an older brother, Dunn, who also
needed to be cared for. And at this difficult time, my dad was fired
from his job and he began to look for another one. But it wasn’t that easy. Mom said he sat at home for months, and only
had a few interviews. Soon the constant lack of money and fighting
led my parents to divorce. The court ordered him to pay alimony, but
the fact is that my father practically didn`t work, so the money he paid my mom was just
pennies. Of course, this affected our family very much. I don’t remember it, but my mother said we
lived in terrible poverty. All the money she had went to diapers and
baby food. In those days, there was no question of resting
or going anywhere. And it completely changed my brother’s attitude
toward me. I started noticing it when I went to school. My classmates had older brothers and sisters
and they loved each other very much, and constantly took care of each other at school. But Dunn never tried to connect with me or
even ask me how I felt. It was the opposite actually. He avoided me, and was always angry when I
asked for help. And this went on for years. The older I got, the worse his attitude toward
me got and I was 100% pure that he just hated me. I was very upset, because I didn’t understand
what the reason was for this attitude. We were family after all. I was very patient, but at one point, I got
tired of it. Dunn was going to the movies with friends
that night, and mom told him to take me with him. Honestly, I didn’t want to go with my brother. I knew it would turn into an endless stream
of insults, but mom wanted a break from both of us, so we had no choice. Needless to say, my brother was very unhappy
about this. I knew I was keeping him from having fun,
so I tried to stay out of their conversation. I just wanted to watch a movie, but Dunn decided
otherwise. He told me to go for a walk for a couple of
hours while they watched the movie. And with the money that was meant for my ticket,
he bought a huge container of popcorn. This wasn’t fair! It wasn’t my idea to go to the movies. And now my brother was making me just walk
around the mall alone? Oh no. At that moment I decided that I wasn`t going
to forget this, just like that. My brother had been bullying me for the past
few years, and I couldn’t even say anything back. I was going to get back at him and make him
regret what he had done. I knew Dunn had a habit of drinking a lot
of tea. Every day he took a thermos mug with him and
drank it on the way to school. So I came up with a plan to punish him. He had an important test that day, and I wanted
him to fail it. So I stole my mom’s sleeping pills, crushed
them up, and slipped them into Dunn’s tea. He was supposed to get sleepy, lose concentration,
and get an F on the test. After that, if everything went according to
plan, he would have problems at school, and mom would punish him. So I sat in class, and I was glad I finally
got my revenge. But suddenly I heard the sound of a siren. An ambulance pulled up to the school. I had a bad feeling right away. Dunn became ill right in the classroom, and
he fainted. The teacher called an ambulance, and now my
brother got taken to the hospital. Oh, my God, I was starting to feel super guilty. This was not what I had intended. What had I done? Half an hour later my mother picked me up
and we went to the hospital. I can’t tell you how I felt. I knew it was all my fault, but I was too
scared to admit it. So I just kept quiet and cried. When we arrived at the hospital, the doctors
said everything would be fine. Someone decided to play a prank, and Dunn
had overdosed on sleeping pills. My brother was asleep when we went to his
room. He was very pale. It was clear that he felt very ill. And it all happened because of me. We spent the day in the hospital. Mom was taking care of some business with
the doctors, and I was sitting by Dunn’s bed the whole time. Suddenly he woke up and saw me. He was scared. Dunn told me that he was just sitting in class
and felt dizzy, and that he remembers nothing. He thought he might die. And he could’ve, if the doctors hadn’t helped
him. Then he said something I didn’t expect to
hear. He started apologizing for the way he had
treated me this whole time. He was being stupid because he’d been mad
at me since he was a kid. When dad left, mom was all about me, and Dunn
was left on his own. Money was constantly lacking and he had to
give up hockey because mom could not afford Dunn`s hobby. Hockey was the only thing he loved and he
was mad at me for messing it up. But now he regrets it, because it wasn’t my
fault. At that moment I burst into tears and hugged
him. He had never spoken such warm words to me
before. I wanted to admit that I poisoned him, but
our relationship had started to improve. I thought if I confessed, he would hate me
even more. From that moment on, our lives began to change. The poisoning investigation continued for
some time, but then the dust settled and our lives became quiet. Dunn tried to make amends for all the years
that had passed, and he became very nice to me. But it didn’t make me feel any better. On the one hand, I was glad that we had started
living like a normal brother and sister, but on the other hand, it happened because I almost
killed my brother. I just wanted to play a little joke on him,
but I miscalculated, and it led to something terrible. But despite the fact that everything turned
out well, I was always tormented by my conscience for what I had done. Every day the burden grew heavier and heavier. I didn’t know how much longer I could take. And one day, I confessed everything. It was my birthday. At school, Dunn came up to me and said he
had a surprise for me. We skipped school, and my brother took me
to an amusement park. We realized we’d never had fun together before,
and we needed to catch up. For several hours we rode the rides, played
games, and had fun. But the thing is, I couldn’t put it out of
my mind that I had poisoned Dunn. Then he said that it was time for us to go
home, and that there was big gift waiting for me. At that moment I couldn’t contain myself. I burst into tears and confessed everything. This information shocked him. Imagine your sister telling you that it was
her fault that you nearly died. We drove home in silence. Dunn must have been digesting this information. On this day, I not only spoiled my birthday,
but also our relationship. As I expected, Dunn began to hate me twice
as hard and my life turned into hell all over again. I swear to you, he called me things I’d rather
not say out loud. But that’s OK, compared to what happened next. Mom said she had to go on a business trip
for two weeks, and Dunn would be in charge of the house. I knew that these two weeks would not be a
paradise vacation for me. And I was right. As soon as my mom left, Dunn just started
jeering at me. He treated me like a soldier he was giving
orders to. My brother made me clean the house and cook
all day. And if I refused, he yelled at me so hard
that I thought he was going to kill me. It was his revenge for what I’d done. I understood that, and I just tolerated it. But soon he went too far. He tried the soup I made, and he said I put
too much salt in it. Then he just poured it on the floor, and he
said to clean it up, and make a new one. It was so horrible and humiliating. Like I was not human, I felt like a used rag. I’ve never felt so bad in my life. So I just dropped everything and ran out of
the house. I didn’t even know where I was going. I just walked the streets and thought about
everything that had happened. These thoughts brought tears to my eyes. I was so depressed that my own brother was
treating me like that. Yes, it was my fault I’d hurt him, but he’d
treated me like dirt all my life. Didn’t I deserve to be forgiven for one thing? I just cried and wandered around the city
until it was completely dark. But when I decided to go home, I realized
that I did not know where I was and that I did not have a phone to find my way home. I was scared. The neighborhood seemed sinister. I flinched at the slightest rustle. I started running down the street looking
for people to ask for help. Finally, I saw a man. I was very scared to talk to him, but I plucked
up the courage, asked for help. I called Dunn and told him where I was and
waited for him. Honestly, I thought he’d just kill me for
running away from home. But when the taxi drove up and my brother
got out, he ran to me and gave me a big hug. He said he was worried about me when I didn’t
come home after sunset, and he apologized for the way he’d been treating me lately. After that we talked a lot and apologized
a lot to each other. We had both been terrible. And the fear of losing each other was the
only thing that made us realize that we were family and that we should forgive each other
no matter what. And if we could have figured it out sooner,
so many of these terrible things wouldn’t have happened to us. That was my story, thank you for listening
to it all the way through. What is your relationship like with your brothers
and sisters? Tell me in the comments, and be sure to share
this story with your friends.



    Thank you for listening to it all the way through. What is your relationship like with your brothers and sisters? Tell in the comments, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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