How To Choose a Wheelchair – Getting Fitted For My Custom Wheelchair

How To Choose a Wheelchair – Getting Fitted For My Custom Wheelchair

– Over the years, I’ve talked
to hundreds of guys in chairs, and one of the most common themes is that they’re in wheelchairs
that just don’t fit right. I’ve been in this chair
for three years now, and there’s still some things
I wanna change about it. So today, I’m here at Hands
on Concepts in San Diego to get me a chair that
fits exactly how I want it. (dramatic music) I first got introduced
to Hands on Concepts by using one of their
products called D’s Locks. They’re my favorite breaking
system for wheelchairs. I started tagging them on Instagram, and I looked at their page and realized they make these really awesome
custom wheelchairs too. (intense hip-hop music) Today, I’m gonna get measured
for my new custom wheelchair, and the first thing we’re
gonna do is talk about all the things I like and
don’t like about this chair. So I’m here with Eric. He’s gonna kinda help me through
this measurement process. So one of the things that
I’ve most recently realized is that I keep finding myself trying to push myself back further in the chair. I keep trying to like sit myself back. Also, I find myself
getting a little wiggly to the left and the right. I feel like I have too much play, like there’s too much
space I have in this area. I really like my center
of balance and my bucket, ’cause I can just kinda like,
you know, kick it up how I do, but it still feels like I’m too short. I feel like I’m like (exhales
sharply) like compact. I am a fan of my bucket
depth and the rigid back, but I’m also open to try new things. Clothing guards are awesome. I really like my taper, but I always find my
feet going to the left. I think that might have to
do with the fact that like my feet don’t fully touch
down towards the back, they only touch towards the front, and that was kinda sold to me originally by the person who fit me, was going, oh, well, you don’t know what
kinda shoes you’re gonna wear. If you wear bigger shoes,
you want some more play room, but I always kinda find
myself wearing the same shoes. I do like the strap, but I’m not sure I like where it’s placed. I feel like sometimes it kinda cuts into the back of my ankle, especially if I like wear
shorts or something like that. I would like to be able
to push this back further so that I can sink further into my chair, but when I do do that, these
poles kinda go into like my back because I’m a little
wide, I’m a wider guy. This angle was poorly chosen. I can throw this back a good inch and I would be real comfortable, except that these would be stabbing. I just, I like to be, like
I said, like deep and back, but currently I feel like I’m kinda, I feel like I’m sitting like this. But all in all, I mean, the
chair itself is not bad, it’s just all these like little things I feel could be more
precise and more optimal. Now they’re gonna take
some basic measurements, throw me in a couple of different chairs, and see if I can get a feel
for what I really like. All right, so Eric right here
is taking a few measurements that are going to quantify into what is called the dump, or the seat bucket. It’s the difference between
the height of this point and this point over the
distance of the wheelchair. Usually, people with a
higher level of injury that have less core strength
prefer a deeper bucket so that they can be
more wedged in the chair and have more balance. If you’re someone like
myself who has a lower level of injury that has full core strength, you have the ability to
have a higher bucket. So I know this can be
completely overwhelming, and this is a lot of
information to pay attention to, but just know that even if you don’t come to Hands on Concepts, with your therapist you’re also gonna have to go through a measurement sheet just like this. So you wanna be informed
as much as possible to get the right chair for you. So the next measurement
we’re about to take is called center of gravity. I like to have my axle measured
just underneath my butt so at any time I have the
ability to pop a wheelie without even touching my wheelchair. So if I’m going at speed down a hill and there’s a tree branch, or
a bump, or a rock in the way, I can simply kick myself up and not have to worry about doing
a full entire wheelie. I know exactly how tippy I
want my center of gravity. If you’re a newer wheelchair user, it’s definitely good to have a chair that has some adjustability
to it so you can start with a center of gravity
that doesn’t require as much balance and then
slowly work your way into a more tippy center of gravity. We are now measuring wheelbase. – So the way we measure wheelbase is the measurement from
the center of rear wheel to the center of caster housing. – The longer the wheelbase,
the more stable the chair when it comes to any
type of forward tipping. However, the shorter the wheelbase, the more compact you are
and the smaller places that you can get and turn
around in smaller places. The longer the wheelbase,
the longer your chair, so your radius for turning is much larger. So he’s now measuring how
far the top of my backrest is from the ground so that they can get the perfect measurement for the back posts so there’s not this extra chunk of metal that’s just hanging out here
ready to poke into your sides. If you’re measuring at home, iPhone has a really
cool app called Measure. I think the default it
opens up in the bottom left, but you can just jump right
over to the bottom right, and it automatically
brings a level up for you. So the measurement we’re taking now is the width of my chair. If you remember from the beginning, one of my gripes was that I had a chair that I felt was a little too wide. They actually happen to have a chair that’s a little bit smaller. I’m gonna jump into it
and see how I like it. So when you are newly
injured wheelchair user and you are very first
going to the seating clinic to get measured, sometimes
they will intentionally put you in a chair a little bit
wider than you need, because they believe that
you’re going to put on weight because you’re being inactive. That wasn’t my case, I
stayed about the same weight and strength all the
way through my journey, and I was really
frustrated because my chair was bigger than it should have been. So this chair is a little bit too tight, and that is a one inch difference. This is a 16, this is a 15. So now we’re gonna try to find
a way to modify this chair for a half-inch measurement,
so it’ll be 15 and a half, just to see how it feels. And this is one of the benefits
of actually coming here to Hands on Concepts is we can do little adjustment changes like this. So this is quarter inch,
this is a quarter inch. I’m gonna slide it into my
side guards on each side and feel if that little
measurement is enough to make me feel snug but not too snug. I’m in it. Yeah, that’s the move, that’s the move. So now we’re gonna take
the front of chair width, and this width is going
to be a lot smaller than the width of my chair,
and the reason why I chose that is because I like a taper to my chair. The difference between these
front ends is just aesthetic. It depends on what look
that you like the best. I like a taper to my
chair, and what that means is from the front it kind of tapers in. I like that so my feet don’t
fly across all over the place. It makes you have a more
slim and sleek figure if your front taper is tighter. Now Eric is gonna take the
measurement of the caster width. The more narrow your caster, the less doors you’re gonna bang into because the casters are more
inside than your actual wheels. The only caveat is you’ll be
a little bit more unstable. The wider your caster width,
the more stable you’ll be, but the more things you’re gonna bang into and your turn radius, especially
if you’re spinning in a 360 in a tight bathroom, is going to be less. All right, now we are going to
measure the footplate width, height, depth, and angle,
and then we’re gonna decide what footplate style that I wanna choose. – So these are all our
alternatives to the calf straps. These we call a double foot hoop. This one just goes straight
back, has no tapering in it. This one has a little bit of taper, and this one’s kind of like how we explain the ergo front end of a chair. It’s got a bend and then
got a straight back. That’s just to keep
your feet kinda in place and don’t splay in the back. And if you do prefer the calf strap, we do these little calf
strap hoops so that you don’t have to wrap around
the front of the chair. – That’s actually genius,
because wrapping around the chair is, it goes, it slides, and
sometimes when you’re trying to put your foot back,
it’ll go up and up and up, and you’re like oh, cool,
now I don’t even have one. That’s the complex thing. For picking out footplates is realizing like how diverse your shoe
collection is gonna be. I know for me personally, I
found a shoe that doesn’t cause me pain, that doesn’t
give me any skin sores, that’s lightweight, that’s comfortable, and I pretty much only rock these shoes, but then I know people that have tons of different types of shoes. That’s the only little
bit of concern I have. These look so cool, but I
think I’ll probably just keep the calf strap, I think that’s the move. All right, so we are now
going to take the measurement of the overall length of chair. This is definitely important when it comes to navigating tight spaces, because the length of your chair is the full radius circle of your chair. If you remember from the
beginning of the video, one of my gripes was that I
felt like I was too short, like I wasn’t in the depth of my chair. We’ve decided that we’re gonna
add an inch to the chair, and hopefully that will
resolve that issue. Do you guys have a chair that is an inch longer than what we just measured? So we actually found a chair that does have a little bit
of extra length to it, and ironically enough, same exact chair. So I’m gonna jump into it,
roll around for a little bit, and see how I like it. Now, before, since I didn’t
know it was a longer chair, I wasn’t paying attention to that, I was just paying attention to the width. So now I can pay attention to the length. As far as length goes, I like it so far. I kinda even like the
center of gravity on it too. We are now going to be modifying
this chair a little bit. We’re gonna be moving
some of the parts around to make it be as close to the measurements that we are gonna get the new chair in. Another huge benefit of us
being at Hands on Concepts is we’re gonna just wack this part off. We’re gonna straight
up (buzzes) cut it off so it doesn’t stab into my back anymore. All right, so now that we
have made some modifications to this chair, it’s
hopefully going to mimic what a longer chair would feel like. So we’re gonna see how it feels. So far, so good, feels awesome. Ooh! (giggles sneakily) Ooh, I like this a lot. That feels real good. So in my current chair,
I have a cloth bottom, and almost all chairs, that’s the only option that you can have. Here at Hands on Concepts, they
have a carbon fiber option. So in order to simulate
what a carbon fiber bottom is going to feel like,
we are putting in chunks of carbon fiber overtop of my cloth. We’ve got some in the back
already that you guys don’t see. One of the reasons why I’m
excited about the carbon fiber is that over time it won’t
sag, unlike the cloth ones. The only disadvantage to
having the carbon fiber is if you transfer out of
your shower onto your chair without the cushion on
it, you might slip around and fall off, and we
don’t want that to happen. I never transfer into my
chair out of the shower, so it’s not an issue for me. The next part of the conversation
is what kind of wheelchair I’m actually going to be
getting from Hands on Concepts. Initially, I was drawn
to the Monoshock chair, and the reason why I
was like attracted to it was because one, it looked cool, and I’ve got two other friends
that are using it right now that will not stop shouting its praises. The Monoshock system
is a little bit heavier than the traditional rigid frame, and the guys here at Hands
on Concepts were just talking to me about the pluses and the minuses and how they talk more
people out of the Monoshock because a lot of people
believe that the benefits are going to be there
for little small things like rolling down the road
and running over a branch, but the real benefits are coming
from more aggressive stuff, so if you’re jumping over curb cuts. Like the guy here in this chair, he’s using a clip-on electric scooter to go zoom around town as a
primary form of transportation. That system, the Shock
makes a lot more sense. So I have to think about my
activities of daily living and what I’m doing and
if it really qualifies for a Monoshock system more
than just how cool it looks. I’m gonna jump in it and
test out some of the pros. I mean, okay, yeah, sure, but. – [Man] How many of those
do you do in a week? – I can’t imagine a world where the added value of everyday use surpasses the added
detractions of everyday use. For at least my life and my lifestyle, I think I’m gonna go with a
rigid instead of the suspension. All right, we just spent
about the last 45 minutes fine-tuning backrest and
backrest measurements. The reason why that’s so important to me is my posture is mostly
dictated by my backrest, and I wanted to make sure
I get the most precise fit in order to have the more proper posture. You have to jump into a
bunch of different chairs with a bunch of different
styles of backrest. This is all dictated on
what feels best to you. So we’re currently discussing
the clothing guard. This is another one of those things that I was never informed
about in the beginning and wasn’t even given an option. They just gave me a chair
without clothing guards on it, and it’s this little piece of plastic that runs on the inside of the tire to keep your clothes
from touching the tire or getting any dirt on them. I’m a big fan of the clothing guard from rolling around in
rain so it doesn’t spray up and get all over your clothes, and I feel like I’m a little more snugly fit inside of my chair. The ones I’m gonna get
are gonna have a cool little titanium rail above
it, and it’ll be about a half inch off the tire
all the way through. All right, now that I have
been completely measured, we are gonna jump into the fun part, which is the final order form where we are going to actually
pick out all the details that we discussed in
the measurement process. – So starting with the frame design, you decided we’re just gonna go with the rigid light, ergo front end. Foot rest options, we’re
doing calf strap loops, carbon fiber footplate. Doing D’s Locks? – Yes. So D’s Locks is an upgrade that you can get from Hands on Concepts. Usually you’re offered two different kinds of brake locking systems,
and that’s the scissor lock and the other ones, I
don’t know their names but I call them thumb busters because you will hit your thumbs on ’em
and it will hurt really bad. I choose to go with the D’s Locks because they’re a quick switch that you flip ’em on and you flip ’em off. There’s two little pistons that slide into the wheel hubs to
kinda keep you in place. The scissor locks, you gotta
clunk, clunk real loud, and when they get loose, they
also come out and auto-engage, and then the thumb busters,
again, like I mentioned, you will bust your thumbs. D’s Locks is how I got
introduced to Hands on Concepts. There’s a little few things on them that I’m not a big fan
of, the fact that they kinda wobble just a little bit
when they’re fully engaged, but that is not something to gripe about. I am way a huge fan
regardless if there’s like a slight little wobble on them. – So now we got caster fork options. – Yeah, I’m a big fan of the single side, so let’s stick with that. I know some of the other dual forks, they tend to like catch on
things from my experience because it makes your
casters a little bit wider. A dual fork means you got
one of these on each side. The single fork just means you
have this one on this side. I don’t have to worry about the outside of a caster fork smashing into anything. – Okay, so for the forks, do
you want them to be any color or you just wanna go with black? – Let’s go with black
since the rest of the chair is gonna have some
carbon fiber accessories and some other black accessories, but I wanna have my
casters, I want them silver. Speaking of colors, let me
just make one thing clear. You have to remember that your wheelchair is also a fashion choice,
meaning that it has to match all of the clothes,
and all of the activities, and all of the other things
that you’re doing around town. You may think you want a
bright-colored wheelchair with a bunch of designs and accessories, but believe me, you do not. In my personal opinion,
it’s better to get something that’s silver or titanium because
it doesn’t show scratches. I had a black chair in the
beginning and I liked it ’cause it was sleek and
it was all blacked out, but every time I got a
single nick or a scratch, it showed drastically, and
I’ve had plenty of friends that I know that have got
orange chairs, blue chairs, pink chairs, green
chairs, and they liked ’em until they realized that that was the color they were stuck with forever. That’s like having a bright green T-shirt you have to wear to all
events and all occasions. Being on a wheelchair already attracts enough of unwanted attention. So the brighter your wheelchair will even add more attention to that, and if that’s something you want, sure, but I know that’s not something I want. All right, one more last
rant before I get finished. Accessories, don’t overdo
the accessories, guys. Please don’t overdo the accessories. They add weight, they’re
cumbersome, they’re really goofy. Please use your accessories
in moderation or none at all. In my personal opinion,
minimalism when it comes to your chair is the best option. You don’t want to have
bags, and flaps, and straps, and armrests, and push handles, and like all these extra
things that you don’t need. Now, if you need those things, get ’em. I’m not saying don’t get ’em, but there are some things that are just completely unnecessary that people will try to sell you, so just
pay attention to that as well. So the casters that I
chose are four inches tall and one inch wide hard rolls. In the beginning, the soft rolls, I had a big problem with running into like rocks and parts of curbs, and some of the rubber
would chunk off of them. I’ve been told that some
of that urethane technology has been increased to be more tough, but I still just don’t
wanna take that risk. Also, the bigger your
caster, the faster you go, the more wobble you get. So if you got a big wheel
and you’re going fast, your casters are gonna go (rolls tongue) and it’ll just be really freaky and scary and you might even crash because of it. So I personally don’t get
any caster wobble at all, at the hard roll, four
inch by one inch casters. I am keeping the 24 inch
wheels that I currently have on this chair and just transitioning them over to the new chair. There’s no need to buy
another $1,000 set of wheels. There are also tons of custom fabrications that Hands on Concepts can do. I personally don’t need or
want any custom fabrications, but anything you can think
of, they can fabricate. You gotta remember,
they’re working with metal. They can pretty much do whatever you want. There’s everything from key
holders, stereo holders, grocery bag holders,
permanent attachments for your external accessories
built onto your chair. Even if it’s something you
think of when you’re here, they have the ability to
custom fab whatever you need. All right, now my wheelchair
order is complete. One of the things that’s really cool that Hands on Concepts
offers is the ability to fly out on a Sunday,
be here Monday morning, get measured, spend a week in San Diego, and pick up your wheelchair on Friday. That is completely unheard
of in the wheelchair world, one week for a brand
new, custom wheelchair. However, if you don’t fly out here, the lead time is a little bit further. You’re gonna have to
wait a little bit longer in order to get your wheelchair, but if you want to call
and set up a time to fly in and get measured, you’re gonna
have a chair in one week. We’re gonna be driving up
to LA to shoot some videos and attend a YouTube conference. The next time you see
us, we’ll be here again picking up my new wheelchair. (intense upbeat electronic music) All right, it has been one week. We are back at Hands on Concepts, and I’m about to go check
out my brand new chair. Let’s go. (intense music) Oh, I see it behind the red. Dude! Look at this! (intense upbeat electronic music) All right, I’m really excited about this. It’s gonna be the first time transferring into my brand new Hands on Concepts chair. (giggle excitedly) Let’s see how it feels. Dude, it fits like a glove, man! Like, oh, yeah. That feels real nice. The center of gravity feels good. Oh, the width feels good. I’m really excited about
these clothing guards, I’m not gonna lie. Like I’m so excited about
these clothing guards because like, I’ve never
had ones that are welded in. This new back. The strap feels good. This is really cool. All right, time to fly back to Atlanta. All right, so I’m back in Atlanta and I’m ready to give
you my final thoughts, but there’s gonna be another
video that comes after this that’s gonna be a complete
review, so stay tuned for that. So I’ve been using this wheelchair
for about four weeks now, and I gotta tell ya, the build quality is absolutely excellent and
the measurements were on point. I’ve only had to make
two minor adjustments to get it exactly how I want it, and compared to my previous
chairs that I’ve had to mess with for at least a month, this is absolutely awesome. Now, after watching this video,
you’re probably so stoked and ready to call Hands
on Concepts right now and be like, yo, give me
a chair, I gotta get one, but just know that this chair is for seasoned wheelchair
users that know exactly what they want and exactly what they
don’t want in a wheelchair, but don’t worry, if you’re
a new wheelchair user and you need something with a
little bit of adjustability, Hands on Concepts is currently working on making adjustable chairs
that will work for you. I’m recording this video in November 2019, so if you’re watching this in the future, please be sure to contact them and see what the progress
is with those chairs. Also, don’t forget to
tell them that I sent you. It’s real important that you do that. My first time picking out a wheelchair was a complete disaster, and
if I would have had a video like this, it would have completely changed everything for me. If you’ve gotten value out of this video, please support me on Patreon so I can continue to make
videos just like this. Please be sure to leave a
like if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to my channel for more. Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you in the next one. (dramatic upbeat music)


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