HOSPITAL CLOTHES SUCK! – How To Dress Fashionably In a Wheelchair

HOSPITAL CLOTHES SUCK! – How To Dress Fashionably In a Wheelchair

– Let’s face it, most guys
don’t know a lot about fashion. (alarm blaring) And as a wheelchair user, your
options are severely limited, so today, I’m here with my friend Danny, who’s gonna teach me
how to upgrade my style. (upbeat techno music) After I left the hospital, fashion was the last thing on my mind, and I started wearing sweat pants because they were
comfortable and practical, and to be honest, even to
this day, I still wear them. A few months ago I was on
Instagram and I found Danny, and he was wearing suits and looking fresh and I though, “Hmmm, I
wanna learn how to do that.” So since I know it’s
gonna be in the comments and everyone’s gonna be asking, “Tell us a little about your
injury, what level you are.” All that stuff. – What’s up everyone my
name is Danny, AKA DGStyle. I was injured three years
ago mountain biking. I suffered a T11 T12 spinal cord injury, paralyzed from the waist down, for some people who don’t know. I got into fashion about a
year and a half after my injury because I spent that year
and a half depressed. I didn’t wanna leave my house. I had other things going on with my body that I was still figuring out, so when I had finally
decided to make that change and to get out to the world, that’s when the fashion kicked in, because none of the stuff
that I wore fit properly. Nothing looked good, and I was already self conscious
from being in the chair. I felt embarrassed, like
people were gonna stare at me, and then on top of that, I didn’t feel comfortable
in the clothes I was in. – So I can totally relate to that. I know when I first got
hurt, I was so embarrassed by how I looked. I had all the mirrors
taken out of my house. I thought I was absolutely disgusting, I had no confidence whatsoever. So, I didn’t start improving
my life until way after. I got a long crazy story that involves depression
and suicide, and addiction, and like, just this whole mess of stuff, but once I started eating right, and once I started exercising, I was like, “Oh, maybe I do go get a haircut. “Maybe I do go get my beard trimmed. “Maybe I do find properly fit sweatpants “instead of just big
baggy Fruit of the Looms “that I got from Wal-Mart.” It definitely improved my confidence and it definitely made me
feel better as a person. I started sitting up straight and I started making eye contact with people instead of
staring at the ground. So, you know, it may seem
silly but sometimes the way to make your insides feel
a little bit better is to make your outside
look a little bit better. People will have a better
first impression of you. How people looked at me is much different than how they looked at me when I was wearing clean
clothes, had a fresh beard, and like, had my hair styled. You have the unique opportunity to create a new compelling future. A life that is completely designed by you, and that can include fashion choices. No one’s gonna question it,
you’ve got a new life anyway. – So this is the perfect
time to reinvent yourself. I had to relearn how to do everything. How to wear pants. How to pick out the right shoes. What type of shirts fit properly. Since I live in Los Angeles, everything is image-based here, so even before my accident, I
was conscious about fashion, and I did like to dress up. So what we’re gonna teach you, and to have, you know, your
everyday life on autopilot, so we wanna be able to do
that with fashion as well. I wear, and what I call, my uniform. And this is just a comfortable,
black V-neck, not super low. It fits my shoulders and my arms properly. Semi-dark black jeans, and my shell toes. It’s about being comfortable,
but being confident as well. Having a spinal cord injury, you have no control over
your bladder or bowel, if you’re at that stage
where you don’t know how to control it yet and you are
having frequent pee problems or–
– Leaks – Leaks, yeah. Dark jeans or a dark pant is the way to go ’cause it doesn’t show as much. I am a para, because I know
quads have their own set of problems and issues. Because you can’t put on
a shoe or put on a pant, doesn’t mean that you can’t have the idea of what you wanna look like
and what you wanna put on. Fashion is a choice that you can make and it all comes from here. It starts here. So today, my friend, let’s
boost up your confidence level by finding you a new outfit. Something that makes you feel good. So, I think let’s jump into the closet and find some inspiration. What do you think? – Let’s do it. (electronic dance music) – All right, so welcome to my closet. I’m gonna take you through
some of my favorite pieces, some stuff that I have in here. Luckily, I was able to find an apartment with a roll-in closet. I love to wear white T-shirts,
black T-shirts, V-necks that are not super deep
v’s, showing off your, you know, your bottom
chesticle area there. Yeah, so the less options you have, the less you have to worry
about what are you gonna wear for the day. And as you can see, I have
a lot of muted colors, darker tones. That’s just kind of a personal preference. I do like bright colors
but only if something to compliment an outfit, like I love pink. I’ll wear something with pink
in a tie or what I love is, if I’m wearing a suit, pink pocket square. That pop of color is something that you really want in your outfits. My wheelchair is black,
silver, with the white spokes, and that’s kind of all I wear, unless I go to like, a
special event or something. You know, we already kind of
bring attention to ourselves being in a chair. And if your not confident from the get-go, then don’t put that on yourself mentally, it’ll bring you down. So let’s start with some basics. There’s so many things
that we could talk about, but the thing that I want to
focus on today is your pants. For me, the pants were my enemy. Putting them on, taking them off. So one of the first pieces
that I wanna bring out, joggers are your best friend. The reason I say that,
most jeans have buttons, they have pockets, they have anything that might break down your skin. You don’t wanna worry about that. And if you don’t know what joggers are, they kinda look like sweat pants. This would be like a sweat pant jogger. For my ankles, it kinda
fits right around my ankle and it hugs the ankle nicely so the pant leg isn’t
swallowing your legs. So, this is a good option
if you just wanna transition into something right away. The next jogger that we
have, this is an H&M jogger. I love H&M because it’s affordable. After you know, after my
accident, I lost my job, I didn’t have an income coming in, so when I was on disability, paying for clothes wasn’t,
you know, it wasn’t up there. Here’s the back. They have pockets but they’re not, there’s nothing rough or hard in there that’s gonna break down your
skin, there’s no buttons. Jeans, throughout the day,
transferring in-out of your car, from here to there, they
start sliding off your butt. Next thing you know, back
of your jeans are like, under your leg. And I hated that. But joggers, you can tie them up. Make sure they don’t move. They’ll get you through your whole day without slipping off your butt. – So one thing I really wanna drive home for you guys is just like,
a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any type
of big buttons, zippers, or seams on the back of your pants. You will get a pressure
sore, and as you guys know, skin integrity is very
important for overall health. If you get a skin sore
and you don’t notice it or it doesn’t go attended to, you can get an infection
in that skin sore, and even become septic and die. I got something, like some
joggers that were like, sweat pant style and they
had like, one little zipper. and I was like, “Dang it,
that’s it, I can’t have it now.” Oh, I’m just going on a date. I’ll wear these nice jeans. There’s a few buttons. Few hours can give you a skin sore. Well, it’s no big deal. I’ll just do more weight transfers. I mean these cushions are
scientifically designed to prevent skin sores. And if you don’t do any
weight transfers out of them, you can still get a skin sore. So just imagine what like,
a hard piece of metal, or a zipper, or a seam of
a pocket that’s too thick. Just dents right in there,
it can cause a big problem. – So Rich these are some
of the joggers that I own, and I wanna show you like, the versatility in this type of pant that you can wear. They have the elastic
band at the bottom here, and they look good for us because one of the big things
that we deal with is atrophy in our legs. I used to play soccer. I had some nice legs. So we would surely, you see those just literally atrophy away and it kills you. In fashion, when you have skinny legs and you have big jeans it
just doesn’t look good. You wanna accentuate your shoes, and having baggy pants
won’t let you do that. And now, this color,
if you do wet yourself, this will come through on that, so. – This is not pee-your-pants friendly – Yeah. – So what defines a jogger? – Now, the next one up. These are my favorite jogger because, but the bottom has a zipper. – It’s easier to put your
limp foot through there. – They have so much adjustability to ’em. And also for guys who wear leg bags, they’re baggy enough
to where when the bag, I’ve worn these when the bag expands when you’re, you know, you’re peeing. If you wear it behind your
calf then you won’t see, and then, you really can’t tell. – I, at one point in my
life, wore a leg bag, but I was very paranoid about it. No one notices it but you. No able-bodied person is thinking, “Hmm, lemme go see “if that guy’s leg is a little
bit bigger down on one side.” No one even knows to look,
if you even have that. – Exactly. It’s very strange how a lot of times, we tell ourselves these stories. I used to be afraid to
throw away my catheters in trash that wasn’t mine, but now I’ve reached a point of like, “Dude, I do not care anymore.” If I’m in here too long then
people are gonna have questions and I don’t wanna answer questions and do they think I’m pooping
and like, I don’t wanna. Yeah, you know like, there’s this whole, this whole story we tell ourself, and again, no one’s paying attention. – This is another one of my favorites because this is more of a dressy jogger. – And a blessing about being in the chair is no one’s gonna see
your stretchy waistband or your ties because you’re
shirt is gonna be covering it. – Absolutely – You don’t have to worry
about rocking a belt. You don’t have to worry about, “Oh no, people will think I’m
wearing stretchy pants, ew.” No one’s gonna notice.
– Right. When you’re wearing jeans
that have buttons, you know, that can cause some
discomfort right there. Your skin can get caught
in a zipper or, you know, if you’re not paying attention. And like you said, you’re
not gonna see that, but what you are gonna see
is the bottom of these. You could wear this as a dress pant. I actually put on a black sports
coat and it went perfectly. Nobody knew that it
wasn’t part of the outfit. It wasn’t part of the suit. These you can roll up. – Show your ankles off a little it. – Show off the cankles or ankles. – In my case, I got metal
ankles so I call them mankles. (metal clinking) – Oh damn!
(laughing) They’re not expensive. I think this was $30 and
all the other joggers at H&M are probably 25 and under, and then, when they have sales,
you can probably find them for like 10 bucks. Another thing, the great
thing about having dark jeans or dark pants is that
you can re-wear those at least three times a
week if they’re clean, and nobody will know any different. It’s like, (stutters) Everybody does it. Sometimes we don’t wanna go to the store. Certain wheelchair users
can’t try on the pants there, we have to come back home anyways, so. – Let me do a floor transfer. Let me take off my pants. – Right
– Let me put on my pants. Let me transfer back into the chair. – Exactly
– Look at myself. Do that all over again. Not happening. – I was in Italy, actually, and they had disabled
person dressing room. It was like a bed. A padded bed.
– Cool. Hey USA did you hear that? – We can go all day. Europe has some stuff, honestly. But we like ordering stuff online. Rich was saying how he
loves to wear jeans. So, let’s show the people out there what’s special about these. We’re all seeing this
for the first time, so. – This is like, a legit
unboxing that’s happening. So the initial thing that I look at is that they’re the jogger style. They’ve got the stretchy waist. They’ve got the ties, but this is denim. Let’s turn these around. (Richard laughs)
– Bam! – No buttons, no seams, flat butt. Look at how tapered that is. – That’s a beautiful taper.
– That is a beautiful taper but that would be hard to fit your limp foot through. Zipper! I might steal these from
you, I hope you know that. I’ma take ’em.
– Dude. These are mine now. – They’re cool right?
– You need to order another pair. – I’m serious, If they fit you, you can take them. But it’s cool ’cause the material, it’s a denim. – This is cool. No one at PacSun thought,
“Oh, I’m gonna make these “for paraplegic guys that
have a hard time, you know, “putting on and off pants. “And then, the zippers at the bottom, “it’s for their leg bag.” No one was thinking that,
but it works for that. – Yes, good job, PacSun. It was just easier to
get them shipped here. I can jump in my bed
real quick, put them on, and if they don’t work, then I figure out how to ship them back. – So I went ahead and
tried on the PacSun Jeans, and there’s a few things I liked and a few things I disliked. So, one of the big
insecurities that I have is that I’ve got one big
leg and one little leg. So I used to always get like,
pants that were extra baggy. But because this has a
lot of like, designs, and like, wear and tear on it,
it kinda distracts from that. I’m not a big fan of the the length because it kinda gets a
little bunchy in this area, ’cause when I do stand, it kinda like, straightens all out, but the biggest discrepancy that I find is that there’s this like,
extra flap of material here. So when, I’m sitting down, I almost don’t wanna have to
like, hide it with the shirt because it like, gives me a weird shape. I can’t really like, I would like it if it was flat like this, there’s not really a way to
make it flat, ’cause it’s like, and all of a sudden like,
badoom, there it is. You know, that’s Maybe that’s just due to the wrong size, but I really did enjoy this zipper because putting it in was kind of cool. So I just unzipped it
before I put my (knocks) my ankles through. That was pretty cool. I enjoyed that. I like this look. I don’t like this fit. So I think if I could find something that has this look, I would enjoy that. I think if I also had a better T-shirt, it would just bring the look all together. So some of you guys may
be watching this like, in your hospital beds
right now and thinking, “Richard, I don’t care about fashion. “I can’t even put on clothes by myself.” But I’m gonna show you how to put on a pair of pants while in the chair. So I’ll have you guys
know, I can stand and walk, but I used not be able to do that at all. So, I’m gonna show you the
technique that I used to do before I could even stand up and fix it. So, I would just scoot
forward to the edge, bring my feet down to both sides. I would get my leg, and grab it and hang on to the push rim and grab it and bring it up like this. I would put one all the way through, even though the pant isn’t all the way up. And then I’ll do that
on the opposite side. I’ll drop this pant leg down. I’ll bring up the other foot and I will put it in. This is just my way of doing it. What I’m about to show you next, is definitely more of an advanced move. All right, so, what I’d
do is I’d put my thumbs in on both sides, and then I
grab this part of my wheelchair and this part of my wheelchair, and use it to kinda hold
on, and I just dip down into my pants, and then
I push myself back up. And ta-da, my pants are on. I’ll lean over here, pull
it up the rest of the way. I’ll lean over here, pull
it up the rest of the way. Put my feet back on the
foot rests, push back, and I got my pants on. So I actually like these
pants and this fit. They’re dark, so if I ever have any leaks, I don’t have to worry about that. They’re baggy enough
on the little leg side. It doesn’t make this seem
all stretched and tight. This one does not have that flap. Let me pop on some shoes real quick and I’ll check out myself in the mirror. I actually loosened it up
and opened up the tongue. What I do is I put my thumb back here. And when I put it on,
my toes can crinkle up. You gotta wiggle it back and
forth like this to get it in. Always check to make
sure your toes are flat because if your toes are
crunched up like this, you can get autonomic dysreflexia. You can get a skin sore. You can kill the skin and the bone and have some of your toes cut off which is a horrible thing
that has actually happened. But whenever it stops,
see how like, I’m stuck. I’m pulling. It’s because I got a big
toe that’s kinked up. So, I wiggle it back and
forth, now my big toe is flat. And slide it the rest of the way. – Welcome to my bed, I’m gonna show you how I put on my pants. I’m not as advanced as Rich over there. I can do them sitting down in the chair, but the video will be
like 30 minutes long. First I take them down. I do both legs. You kinda feed your legs through. I take the crotch here and
I start pulling them up. Now here is where it gets tricky because if you have rips in your knees, your feet are gonna come out of there, so watch out for that. So I’ll work that through
there, bring them up. And at this point I usually
do one leg at a time. The next move I actually do, I’m gonna roll over. I do a roll and I pull
the pants up all at once. I make sure that all the material
at the top is ready to go, so I’ll bring, bend the knees up and bring the pants down a little bit. Now you can do this one of two ways. You can do the roll and the pull or you can do it, you know,
you can just inch them up side by side like this and bring them up. That takes a little bit longer. What I found is, you
just do your little roll, your little burrito roll Bring them up. Bam. Good to go. So the jeans that I have
on, these are from H&M. These were my favorite pieces before. I didn’t like skinny jeans. I liked slim-fit. But when my legs started to atrophy, This was just, I mean, just super baggy. It didn’t fit around my ankle properly and I didn’t like the way it looked. I almost threw them away
until I told my mom, “Hey mom, this is happening.” And she was like, “Oh, I can
fix those in a few minutes.” Like really, you can? I mean I don’t even know
how to explain this, but she fixed them. She tapered them. She brought them in to where now they, and they’re still not super
skinny as you can see, but I can fold them under. And I like to show a little bit of ankle. Don’t throw away your jeans guys. Jeans are expensive. You bring them to a tailor
and it’ll cost you a few bucks to taper, to hem the jeans. – I made that mistake. I threw away all my clothes and I ended up having an
entire wardrobe full of fleece – Exactly pants from Walmart or whatever,
you know, it was like, gross.
– Right – So yeah I did, I mean, I just
did that to all of my jeans. And I just, (stutters) I
got them tailored by my mom. If you’re going to a
tailor, don’t be afraid. Listen, when I first went
to a tailor to do a suit, I didn’t know the terminology. I’m still learning, but it’s not. It’s not common knowledge. So, don’t be afraid to find a tailor and say, “Listen, can you help me? “I don’t know what to say but
I know what I’m looking for.” And they’ll be happy to work with you. And another thing that you
could do is bring in pictures that you like. So, we put Richard in some of my clothes and I saw him trying
to sneak off with them. Using them legs that he was doing. I see ya. I see what you were doing. – You see me?
– But let’s get you some of your own clothes. Let’s just hit the mall and
see what we can find, right? – Sounds good, man.
– All right. (hands clap) (upbeat music) – Got myself some new
pants and a new shirt. The buttons and the shirt match the shoes. It’s like a nice mix. Definitely not a huge, massive change from what I was already wearing, but there’s enough little
subtle differences, you know? I got some, some rough edges here. It’s a little V-neck
with a couple of buttons. It fits a lot better, so, you know. It’s something that I don’t
think I would have ever picked out before, but I’m really
happy with it, you know? I feel really good and we went to a store that wasn’t necessarily a
budge store, but we got both of these for 60 bucks. So that’s not a bad deal for a
shirt and pants like, at all. – One of the themes that
we wanted to keep going is that you don’t have to go all out when you first make that decision
to find some new clothes. This isn’t putting Richard
out of his comfort zone. You know, he still feels comfortable which makes him confident. Found a hybrid jogger which
has the elastic bottom at the ankle plus the zipper. Now this one doesn’t have the elastic band if I’m not mistaken. – Yeah, this one. It’s not the elastic band. It’s got a button and a zipper, but it’s still a little stretchy because you know, when
you’re sitting in your chair, and you bend, you know? Especially if you’ve got, you know, a bucket in your wheelchair, your knees are gonna be
higher than your hips. So, you kinda, fold over
a little bit already. So, it’s nice to have a
little bit of stretch. And the way that these pants are designed, the little leg kinda has its
own little like, dome shell over top of the pants. So, it’s really good. I’m really really happy
about how this turned out. Danny, where can I find you online? – You can find me on Instagram at @dgstyle if you have any style
questions, just DM me. I will be coming out with
some more style-type videos. I think there’s so much more that we can touch on especially
for fashion in wheelchair. I mean, this was just the
bare basics of get started. And I’m happy that we
could find you an outfit. – If you liked this video, please be sure to give it a thumbs up. And if you’re new here, please subscribe. A lot of you guys aren’t If you wanna know more
about me and Andrew, the guy behind the camera, we have an uncensored
podcast available down below on Patreon. Thanks for watching! We’ll see you in the next one. (funky music)


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    I get a lot of compliments on my shoes weirdly I don't wear anything special ussgs or doc Martins it's my union jack Martins that get 90% of the complements

    As everyone here is super clever id like to know what everyone does about long sleeves I have extra grippy rims and even a tiny bit of cuff catching is annoying and damages my clothes I seem to have to roll my sleeves up a long way to stop it so simply shortening won't do maybe make it slimmer? any tips would be awesome

  34. Brian Cash says:

    Every time I watch these videos makes me appreciate that I got back where I could walk again with no assistance.

  35. Luke Raven says:

    I don't have an injury, but I have fibromyalgia, so I sometimes use a wheelchair. And I hate pants that have a zipper and a button, especially if they're tight. I watched Wheelsnoheels and she did a video where she tried on maternity jeans. I'm a short guy and I can't really find pants that suits me. So I was like, screw it, I'm gonna try on a maternity jean, and I loved it. So I always wear them when I'm using my wheelchair.

  36. Diana carolina Rodriguez says:

    Pleace subtitulos español

  37. Suzana Knezevic says:

    Woooow what a handsome guy 🙂 your style you are really cool, you talk about all topics related disability. good job . have a wonderful day

  38. Jorge Chaves says:

    Got to agree with Danny's comment about color choice for his wheelchair, keep it neutral. Its tempting to have a loud color wheelchair but will not always work with different styles (keep that for sport equipment). I would like to be noticed before my wheelchair anyway.

  39. Tavis Caron says:

    I'm kinda new to a wheelchair and want you to know how much your videos are helping me and my confidence. Thank you so much.

  40. Annette Jac says:

    I used to cut all the rivets out of my jeans, i was so paranoid about getting another pressure sore.

  41. Silke David says:

    So useful! Great tips!

  42. Wolfsthename says:

    I'm honestly glad I don't live in LA; I couldn't deal with paying $60 for a single outfit. Also I don't have to worry about how I look either.

    I did take away one thing from this video though. I'm going to look into joggers. Most of the time I wear jeans and a tshirt, but it's getting harder to find jeans in the style I like so having an alternative might be nice since I hate sweatpants.

  43. Lilly Pippitt says:

    Hi my name is lilly, I have a rare disease. I have to be in a wheel chair because of it. My school has these really really steep ramps I am not sure how I am going to go down them or up them? Also we don’t know what wheel chair to get me do you have any suggestions?

  44. sittingRobot says:

    id love some help in figuring out how to put my feet in some boots like doc martins or cowboy boots

  45. pintoaag says:

    I just watched a video and thought I would pass it on to you. The video is about a transfer sling for wheelchair users. Thought you would like to learn about it and pass it on to everyone you know and the people that follow you.

  46. Carlein Hollestelle says:

    For all the women (or men if you want I don't care): Primark has very comfy but good looking jeggings for about €8. They're from a stretchy denim and have no buttons and no zippers.

  47. SuperBegh says:

    What do you think about the brand “adaptive clothes”?
    Are they actually helpful or not?

  48. Ed Kretchmer says:

    I’ve had a totally different opinion on jeans.

    I’ve been in a chair since I was 14 (way back in 1985) and could probably count the number of times in 34 years that I have not worn jeans. In fact, for a job , a dress shirt and tie were required, but I asked for “permission” to wear nice, matching, unfaded black jeans.

    I’ve even worn “maternity jeans” after surgeries for the extra room and higher waist.

    My jean-wearing rational (other than just liking jeans) are:

    1. Good protection from scrapes and bruises on my legs from bumping into objects like desks, tables, walls, and the chair itself. Also, when I’m sitting on the ground gardening or working on something I can’t do from the chair, jeans provide better butt-abrasion protection. Sitting on a hot car seat can and will give serious burns. I find jeans more heat resistant as well. And, the jeans themselves don’t get damaged as easily.

    2. Provide an appearance of “thickness” to my skinny legs. Slacks and thinner materials make my legs look like when a piece of paper gets stuck on a car radio antenna. 🙂

    3. Less “wrinkled” or “bunched” up look while sitting.

    4. Hide “continence” issues better. (Except with devices of course)

    5. With part of my pelvis missing, I find jeans “fit” and stay up better.

    There are drawbacks with jeans.

    They are damned near impossible to pull up while in the chair. I need to find a place to lean or lay on to pull them up. And obviously, there are times you just don’t wear jeans like at weddings, funerals, and in front of a Judge. (Not that ive ever been in front of a Judge, but I probably wouldn’t wear jeans if I were!)

    But, this is just MY 2¢. Different people with different reasons and different issues of being in a chair require some unique and personal adaptation techniques.

    Shoes, too. With small floppy feet, I tend to buy a couple sizes larger and in some kind of “high top” so they don’t fall off!

    After seeing this video, I might go try some real pants!

    It’s too bad that a men’s skirt isn’t a thing (except in Scotland 🙂 ). I can really see benefits of a nice men’s skirt in terms of comfort, ease-of-dressing, and temperature when sitting all day.

  49. Quadriplegic Gamer says:

    I wear Tripp pants all the time. They have zipper on the back and chains but I have never had any skin problems from them but I typically take off the extra chains. Tripp NYC is my favorite pants ever. I also have a sick shoe game Jordan, Nike, adidas, Vans, converse, timberlands all special editions well most. I’m a quadriplegic C4 incomplete.

  50. Michelle Mason says:

    I think that is sad that you were embarrassed

  51. Mackenzie Fairley says:

    Pls read
    My mom got into a car accident when I was two and almost died my dad what ever he did saved my moms life and know I’m eleven and have anxiety and depression and haven’t seen my mom ever not hurting
    Pls read mine

  52. Angelica C says:

    I love your channel man!! Have u ever thought about doing an episode about people who play videos games? An example being controllers for people who are quadriplegic?

  53. Dave Daniels says:

    Take a look at Martyn Ashton's recent story about how a small sore derailed his trip to Whistler. Watching your channel really have me perspective about how a small sitting sore can be so devestating. You guys should do a collaboration!

  54. Karen Ferguson says:

    My mom and dad are in a wheelchair

  55. Deric Mann says:

    Love your work. Making me want to do more than just update videos

  56. Six Mercer says:

    Now we need to have a vidwo for girls. I always feel short and fat when I'm sitting in my wheelchair. I need my same old alternative style that matches me tattoos and purple dreadlocks that I can feel comfortable and confident in in my chair. This was a great video. You both look amazing.

  57. Sam Neale says:

    I found fashion a very touchy subject when I first came out of hospital but also when it came to trying to stay dry I am from England so it rains a lot here ear and I struggled to find any waterproof clothing that was accessible for me yet kept a Sleek and stylish look until I came up with easy accessible waterproof trousers that can be fitted whilst staying seated in your chair and still maintaining a Sleek and stylish look also leaving your hands free free to push your chair or other tasks that are still necessary

  58. Amanda B says:

    I came across your channel a few months ago. I 💘 your channel it gives hope to others showing that an unexpected life change doesnt have to mean life sucks like most people think!

  59. Redsorgum says:

    This video is "pee pants" friendly……..👍✌️😬😁

  60. Renaldo Pillay says:

    Hey does Danny have a YouTube channel as well, love his style..

  61. the make up chair says:

    im getting a new chair that fits me better so im going to start wearing more heels and dresses

  62. Mary Jennings says:

    I'm not in a wheelchair, nor do I have anyone in my life, right now, who is. However, you, Wheels2NoHeels, Roll with Cole and Charisma, and Squirmy and Grubs have taught me a lot about your SCI world, and disabilities in general. I have always tried to be be kind and open to people with disabilities. But I was always afraid to talk to them about their chairs or their conditions. Now I have a better idea of how to go about it. Keep up the great work!!!!

  63. PageMonster says:

    Tight legged trousers are a no-no if you have a leg bag. Also, suits are a pain because the jackets aren't made for sitting down or pushing your chair – nor are they good if you have a curvature of the spine. Plus, you get dirty cuffs from pushing. Unless you're rich, bespoke suits are out of the reach of most Disabled people. I live in sweat pants and t-shirts because they're practical. Practical beats fashion, unless you're attractive anyway.

  64. Bert Visscher says:

    6:16 Oh yeah!
    7:53 I could be wrong, but I do believe your pants need to be repaired or replaced.
    10:29 Cool!
    14:33 I guess this would work for me too, but I do have shoes with velcro bands.

  65. Charlotte says:

    I wear maternity jeans, the over bump ones! Nobody can see the top and I’m comfortable all day!

  66. Sonja Havukainen says:

    The outfit you bought is super, you look great! I loved this video, so many things I've never thought of as an able-bodied person.

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