[Ho Chi Minh City] Urgent Patient Transfer! – Ambulance Perspective

[Ho Chi Minh City] Urgent Patient Transfer! – Ambulance Perspective


  1. TGG - Global Emergency Responses says:

    If you want to find out more about *9999 take a look at my award winning documentary, ‘The Lifesavers Of Saigon’. ⬇️

  2. Stephanie Sobetski says:

    Great Video I Love It And Great Catch

  3. Pat Ashton says:

    The public, with few exceptions, just don't care.

  4. Ronan Charles says:


  5. CVPI93 says:

    Awesome video! Driver did a great job of maneuvering through those tight roads.

    Would you happen to know what siren was on the ambulance?

  6. black world黑色世界 says:


  7. Jebi me kučka TM says:

    Omg I have no patience… SWEDENNNNN!!!!!! Fack I hit my head

  8. Nightmare Tails san says:

    What happened?

  9. Ambulance_Boy says:

    I'm happy to see the motorist are more responsive to the siren in this video! They should buy a plow to push those illegal parkers out of the way.

  10. Matt Robinson says:

    awsome video your very lucky

  11. Canadian Emergency Buff says:

    Excellent video Timur!!

  12. mlps93 says:

    nice one!

    was surprised to see that old Toyota Himedic in RHD

  13. Gary Star says:

    Ambulance manufactured in Canada, by Demers, model, Mystere MX164

  14. Ngọc Bích says:


  15. Cameron McGarel says:

    Weird to hear a whelen siren in Asia!

  16. Avrage Trinidadian says:

    Okay, its just really weird to see an American style ambulance in Vietnam.

  17. Finn K says:

    3:20 it's very wierd to see 2 very very different styles of ambulance passing each other.
    One large, American, loud crazy siren, the other small, Japanese, soothing harmonic Hi-Lo siren

    Gotta say I really love the Japanese hi-lo

  18. Fire Phoenix Emergency Videos 火鳳凰特殊車輛影視 says:

    Awesome, it's finally been edited and uploaded! Should totally put it into a blu-ray package with the Lifesavers of Saigon documentary and sell that lol (hmm emoji)

    One point I'd like to elaborate on that was briefly mentioned in the vid is to NEVER overtake an emergency vehicle in traffic. If there is a red light ahead, you will only be adding to the cluster of vehicles that needs to move out of the way for the emergency vehicle, plus you never know what is in front of the emergency vehicle (could be an accident, more traffic etc.). While there were definitely a fair share of frustrating moments in this one (I was pulling on my hair when i saw the clusterf*** of vehicles and people at the ER), I think this video highlights some of the ways Saigon is moving in the right direction (e.g. the way EMR*9999 is doing things, and the way some motorists react to the ambulance).

  19. Joseph Bennett says:

    I got an easy fix for all of the people that don't move out of the way, do what our emergency vehicles do here in the United States blast the air horn although like you said in the video that everyone there isn't used to loud noises but it's about time they learn how to move….so use the horn.

  20. Khang Lai says:

    A lot of people look ambulance Fmp *9999

  21. Nightmare Tails san says:

    In Dubai It feels good when Drivers give way for the emergency vehicles.

  22. Nexo- Games says:

    In Germany you can go into prison when you don't make a free place for ambulance, police etc. It's called "Rettungsgasse" (Emergency Way)

  23. linn hello says:

    I love this vietn ambulance

  24. Quang Tran says:


  25. Quang Tran says:

    Ý thức dữ ta.

  26. Thommy says:

    Impressiv and surprised to see such well equipped ambulance in Vietnam 👍

  27. ツHVA๛ TrỌNg says:

    Việt Nam có loại hình lan rộng thì thật tuyệt vời…

  28. Michael Rzeszuto says:

    Excellent driving and patient care.

  29. Burnaby Emergency Photography says:

    Amazing video man!! Wow that’s challenging! Better than Beijing though, 95% of the people won’t move.

  30. 배나시고싶다 says:


  31. Murtaza Akbari says:

    Well edited

  32. CentralGAFirefighter says:

    Air horns and rumbler would be good

  33. K_EMS says:


    This is South Korea ambulance service video please watch this video. Thanks ^^

  34. CVEmergencyVids says:

    Great production!

  35. Heli-Crew HGS says:

    This driver needs educating in the sensible use of sirens and when to change tones. Also, once you arrive at the receiving hospital, turn your lights and sirens off.

  36. Luikaus Vuoon says:

    If they will drive faster, people might react better. – If you give space for them, they take it. If you do not and just ram, they will move.

  37. Andy B says:

    Nice smooth driving. Good job.
    Federal Q needed!

  38. Beytekin Fire & Emergency Photography says:

    What an overcrowded city. Horrible to drive there.

  39. Star Wars Debunked says:

    Wow, finally asian countries are starting to shape up their ems fleets. Even though this is an intensive care ambulance, this is still remarkable for the city and to hear an actual siren and not the joke that most use. (I understand that some cities just don't have a budget, but this is nice to see)

  40. Советский Союз says:

    They use American style ambulance. Never knew

  41. Nightmare Fredcat says:

    What is it with asian countries & mopeds?

  42. The Great Wolf HD says:

    0:11 everyday on jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩

  43. Antonio Gravita FirePoAm says:

    Transfer patient in heavy traffic is always difficult in Vietnam

  44. EyeWatchThemAll says:

    Hey, just like in the US!

  45. Lawrence Mosely says:

    did they let you ride on the ambulance? btw, do you come from Germany or America?

  46. Frano Parapat says:

    Is that ford E series ambulance?

  47. DAVID L says:

    Waiting on your next documentary! You have a gift can’t wait!

  48. Enjoys Cereal says:

    Why don't you use the airhorn more? I would be honking at them so often

  49. Faridz Zambrud says:

    Ambulance usa in vietnam ??

  50. steve1978ger says:

    Wow, that is some heavy traffic, and a very good driver.

  51. Ngọc Hoàng says:

    This is ways better than when I was in Vietnam 5 years ago. The ambulance is going to take 30+ minutes to arrive, so people normally transporting people using the cab (the streets were narrow and clogged with people). Even, I didn't know that you have to yield the ambulances until I see it in America. It's not all about education in this case, it's about the community that we're living in

  52. Anthony AKL says:

    what type of ford ambulance in this video.

  53. nguyen dang Trung says:

    Oh! That so good🚑🚑🚑

  54. XxKaiju_123xX says:

    FYI… Vietnam is a former Soviet nation

  55. Finnish Railways says:

    6:00 People hold their ears because the siren is loud. I have sensitive ears and it does hurt if an ambulance passes close and if I would never hold my ears when there's a loud noise, then eventually my hearing would deteriorate.

  56. Ted Nguyen says:

    Legend has it they’re still asking which gate and room to take patient to at destination.

  57. Thanh Hung Chau says:

    vietnam have lot of ambulance even a truck is ambulance

  58. Noah Jones says:

    A Ford? Noice

  59. Ariel Cruz says:


  60. Dat Nguyen says:

    Nói thật tài xế này lái chậm và kém vđ

  61. Christian Haselwanter- Grasl says:

    thats one great looking Ambulance unit wooooooow what a big rig

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