Happy Skin MEDICAL SPA có gì HOT? ❤ | Tái Sinh Làn Da Campaign | Happy Skin

Happy Skin MEDICAL SPA có gì HOT? ❤ | Tái Sinh Làn Da Campaign | Happy Skin

Ta da! Hi guys It’s Emmi here Do you see we have irregular background today? Because we aren’t in studio, we’re in a very special place It’s Happy Skin Medical Spa If you follow me from the beginning, you’ll know that I’ve had a dream of having a spa for like 3-4 years I used to study about skincare at JBart Academy I also had a plan of study esthetic abroad at USA But i changed my plan I decided to stay here and spend more time learning about beauty and skincare The more i learned, the more i released there were lots of things i didn’t know Like just by doing the right skincare routine at home, you can prevent and treat some normal problems However, more serious problems like acnes, acne scars, rolling acne scars, melasma It’s clear that we have to combine home remedies with high technology treatments at spa and clinic So in Happy Skin’s development process, I’ve prepared lots of things to open a reputable beauty place It’s not only a place which provides helpful information but also a place where you can trust enough to give your skin. So we can help everyone to be more beautiful With a slogan: “There’s no unhealthy skin, there’s just one that doesn’t meat Happy Skin Medical Spa” And don’t forget the address of the first Happy Skin Medical Spa which is 41/3, An Duong Vuong street, district 5, Ho Chi Minh City We are always welcome you guys to come and be pretty with Happy Skin and me And also watch till the end of this video to know what i have for you guys today Now, let’s see what we have inside Happy Skin Medical Spa what we have inside Happy Skin Medical Spa? First, let’s talk about the skincare process at Happy Skin Medical Spa Like other spas and clinics, when you come here There’re counselors to welcome you And you’ll be guided to do a skin condition test on Happy Skin mobile app After that, if you need, there’re always dermatologists here to give you advices With skin analysis machine, dermatologists will check the detail of your skin To know more about your skin’s condition and suggest the best process Dermatologists also give advice for the best result After giving the most suitable treatment regimen, we will start the treatment here There’re treatment rooms at Happy Skin Medical Spa All machines we use are imported from Korea, Japan, USA and Singapore The first process i wanna talk are processes for treating acne At Happy Skin Medical Spa, we have different treatment regimens depend on how serious are your acnes If you have normal acne like blackhead, whitehead, congratulation Because these acnes are very easy to treat But i think along with home remedies, we should go to a spa once a week to, more importantly, pop pimples professionally It’s different from popping pimples at home since at spa, there’s a full process that has more step and there’re also more machines to support the process First thing first is cleansing At Happy Skin Medical Spa, we use cleansing products which are used at spa in Singapore The brand is Medi-esthe Right after you come to spa, you’re recommended to remove your makeup for the best skin test result Then when you go to treatment rooms, our spa technicians remove your makeup again by using Media-esthe Chamomile Makeup Remover They also cleanse your face by using purifying with 2% BHA or cleansers that have AHA for sensitive and dull skin Next is exfoliation by using physical exfoliators or chemical exfoliators depend on your skin condition We also combine with face cleansing machine Next step is removing excess oil and sebum After cleansing, to treat acne breakouts we have to soften your acne, a must-have step at spa, for popping more easily without pain Spa technicians don’t have to use too much strength which can cause dark acne spots The different between popping acne at home and spa, beside the full process, is spa technicians’ workmanship since they must be educated to know what acne they can work on Beside, spa technicians that are good at popping acne can pop acne without pain, dark acne spots and scars After popping acne, fighting bacteria and inflammation is a must At Happy Skin Medical Spa, we use sulfur 5% with Biafine to pasteurize and fight bacteria We also use aloe vera gel form Medi-esthe to fight inflammation and sooth the skin Moreover, we have some choices for you to treat more serious acne Like light therapy technology You’ll be applied PDT before using red and blue light therapy or acne injection which inject essence directly into your acne To support the treatment, we use three very advanced and common technologies More important than the common of technologies are machines that are used and how good spa technicians are First, i’ll talk more about light therapy This treatment uses color light therapy like blue light kills acne causing bacteria and prevent acne and red light regenerate skin and boost the collagen production We use the machine called BlueMD Led from USA which is certified by FDA that it has red and blue light The second technology is skin peeling Depend on skin condition and needs, there’re medium peel deep peel and peel with different actives and concentration I really like chemical peel since it can treat acne, melasma except dermis melasma which need to burned by laser Chemical peel is an amazing treatment for skin pigmentation For treating tiny bumps, inflamed acne and pimples, we will use Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid to remove excess oil and dead skin cells, dry out acne or combine them with 25% retinol to boost collagen production and improve skin pigmentation For treating dark acne spots and melasma, we use Peel Lightening Lift or Lightening Lift Force with 25% Retinol or Kojic Acid to remove melanin and refresh the skin Actually, chemical peel can treat other problems like acne scars by using TCA with the concentration about 70-90% But your dermatologist have to know if TCA can use with your current skin condition or not There’re more treatments for treating acne scars For example, a wide array of rolling scar can be treated by using derma pen or ice pick scars which are on the surface of the skin, and box scars We do a technology which is done my experts called Punch excisions And about derma pen, we use two types of pen First one is Dr Pen A6 from Korea Second one is DermaPen from USA for high-class treatment During the process, we’ll use nutrients to support skin regeneration like prestige cell and kojic acid which help lighten and stretch the skin One of the lasts step is masks We have lots of different masks at Happy Skin Medical Spa like Prestige Cell Mask from Dr. Grand and plenty of masks from Phymongshe, a quite famous brand in Korea such as Mediterranean mud, Centella asiatica, german chamomile and aloe vera We also do massage body and face The last skincare steps are depend on the skin condition and we will choose NoTS, Medi-esthe or Vitabrid C depend on it Moreover, there’s a thing that i think you’ll really like which is shopping corner There’s also a place that you can buy all the products that we sell at skinstore.com with the same price But i can totally come here and test the products first before you decide to buy them or not We cooperate with famous pharmaceutical cosmetics and skincare brands like NoTS, Clinique, SVR, Bioderma, Vichy, Paula’s choice, La Roche-Posay, Vitabrid, DHC, Blackmore and face cleansing machine by Halio I’ve told about acne, acne scars and melasma treatments But don’t worry since at Happy Skin Medical Spa, we also have skincare processes and body problems treatments For example, you can come to Happy Skin Medical Spa to detox your skin with our ecotech or de-stress, lighten your skin with oxygen spray and vitamin C spray or get pink nipples, get rid of dark armpit, body acne or you can come to wax like wax bikini and do eyelash extensions, curl the eyelashes I’m very thankful that you always support Happy Skin I hope that Happy Skin Medical Spa, our youngest child, can still have your support And in grand opening month, Happy Skin and I want to give a gift for out fan It’s a very special gift only for our fan We’ll give you a 10% discount on every services at Happy Skin Medical Spa You just have to registrate, link in description box below If you’ve already registrated, of course you’ll have 10% discount Moreover, i’ll choose 5 people, only 5 to join with us in an event called “Skin regeneration” These 5 people are people who really need Happy Skin and me to help them revival their skin, smooth, healthy and fresh skin like the the old days I’m always welcome all of you here at Happy Skin Medical Spa See you guys there See you~ Bye


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    Giá các gói dịch vụ ở đây dao động từ khoảng bao nhiêu vậy ạ

  89. Hội Trần Minh says:

    Không biết bên Happy Skin Medical Spa của mình có liệu trình làm sáng da trị thâm kh ạ? Tại dạo này em thấy da em hơi bị xỉm màu quá, đi ra đường có chùm kín cỡ nào cũng kh đỡ luôn á huhu T.T

  90. Xuanmanh Nguyen says:

    Chị có giọng miền Bắc mà, sao ko mở ở Hà Nội chứ

  91. Hội Trần Minh says:

    Chị Emmie ơi, mốt chị làm thêm clip về tiêm HA đi ạ, tại em thấy bên Happy Skin Spa mình có liệu trình nhưng em kh biết công dụng nó mang lại là gì hết ạ ><

  92. Mẫn Ngô says:

    Có quy trình trị mụn cho 13 tuổi không ạ? Nếu có thì bao nhiêu ạ?

  93. Hamii Nguyễn says:

    Nặn mụn đây có để lại sẹo k ạ

  94. THU NGUYEN THI says:

    Huhu. Vẫn chưa có cơ sở ở Hà Nội ạ c Emmi ?

  95. Trang Dang thi says:

    Chi oi e bị sẹo rổ mà e thấy lấy Kim lm chay máu e thấy sợ

  96. Hội Trần Minh says:

    Chị ơi , cho em hỏi là bên mình có liệu trình Aqua Peel phải không ạ, cho em hỏi là tác dụng của việc này mang lại là sao vậy ạ? Em thắc mắc lâu lắm rồi nhưng vẫn chưa có lời giải nữa huhu ><

  97. Le Thinh says:

    Ở đây có nhận học viên k ạ

  98. anh pham says:

    chắc sẽ ghé sớm thôi

  99. Trinh Huỳnh says:

    Chào chị Emmi! Cho em hỏi Những sản phẩm spa mình sử dụng có bán không ạ chị?

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