Gemini December 2019 ~ Riding the Wind

Gemini December 2019 ~ Riding the Wind

hello Gemini’s and welcome back to Deku
Tarot and to your December 2019 reading! here we are at the last month of the decade so
this for Gemini’s sun moon rising and Venus and if you have not seen any of my
videos before welcome thank you to all of my subscribers and if you haven’t
guys do make sure to hit that subscribe button and definitely hit the
notification bell to notify you when I go live or post up a video Gemini I was
just trying to you know sit in your energy there for a second I just feel
very… I’m trying to find the words to describe it I just feel really off
kilter like I thought things were going one way and now I feel very confused and
things have shifted and changed things that you thought you know you understood
and especially in terms of what you want all of a sudden it feels like you have
less than grip on what it is that you want and where it is that you’re going let’s get into this here let’s talk
about the astrology a little bit as I shuffle we’re using the Game of Thrones
Tarot for you for your main spread right here but don’t worry we’ll be using a
lot of other decks as usual I like to mix it up we’ll see how many decks you
use there was six I forgot whose reading it was for the month it might have been
Pisces I think they had like six decks or seven decks out it was crazy but
let’s get into this here so December 3rd we have Jupiter the planet of wealth
good luck expansion learning moving into Capricorn which is your eighth house so
you’re gonna be really digging deep trying to go below the surface focusing
on what’s really important to you what are your priorities and you’re gonna
need to really focus on releasing the weights anything that keeps your mind
weighted anything that brings about a heavy weight or a negativity in your
mind even in the back of it so you could be
digging really deep figured that kind of stuff out but it will be making space
for new opportunities even in terms of wealth and career on December 10th we
have mercury going into Sagittarius which is your seventh house of
relationships so there might be a lot of new love discussions about relationships
really getting to know your partner or whoever it is you’re trying to get to
know December 11 13th we have the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini so that’s
gonna be shining like really on you it’s year it’s a full moon lunar eclipse in
your sides that’s pretty intense guys so you’re gonna be focusing really on what
you’re not happy with and how you present yourself on December 20th 21st
we have Venus moving into Aquarius which is your ninth house a ninth house all
about traveling so you could be an Aquarius is such a humanitarian
expansive kind of you know who I want to do everything I want to experience
everything and I want everyone to be involved type of energy so you could be
really meeting a lot of new people a lot of new business um
deals coming up here you could be writing a lot and you know finding new
ways to communicate to others and you waste a plan travel for the future on
December 22nd we have this I’m moving into Capricorn and on the 26th we have
the new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn both in your 8th house so we got the Sun
in there and this new moon solar eclipse the second one in the month the last of
the year this is not even the first Capricorn eclipse that we’ve had as you
know there have been two others so maybe we’re wrapping up kind of what we have
learned throughout you know each kind of taking the box here of each solar
eclipse you know there’s been three so what do we learn the first time what
came up the second time how did that come up again and the third time it’s
gonna feel like we’re wrapping things up and you’re gonna have stuff coming up
from you know again the very beginning of 2019 and around you know I think it
was July of 2019 that we last had this Eclipse in Capricorn it’s going to be
feeling really interesting yeah and especially for you guys because it’s
going to be in your 8th house so it’s really gonna have you focusing on what
you don’t need in terms of any energies especially within you that
you’re gonna become very uncomfortably aware of and you’re gonna want to change
very profoundly so that’s why I feel like things are really up in the air for
you and that I mean being a Gemini you can handle it better than I think most
but it’s hard to shift when you know you thought things are gonna be one be going
one way that you thought something was going to be a certain way that things
are going in one direction and it just doesn’t feel that way all of a sudden so
let’s pull a card for your energy I guess a month here I like that though
strength strength is you’re hard this month strength is a card about self
mastery if it’s about growth it’s about doing what needs to be done even if it’s
not pretty even if it takes a long time even if it requires a lot of courage
sacrifice and learning to get there a lot of really looking at what you don’t
know and adjusting because of that and that’s what I feel like we’re at here
strength can also be more about using a more loving touch rather than a harsh
one you know it usually signifies it usually has like you know a woman and a
line and she’s petting a lion and usually obviously in real life you would
not pet a lion and that would not be what would happen it wouldn’t act like a
dog or like you know lab in your arms there it would probably bite use but she
has you know trained it she has giving it a lot of love and a lot of real a lot
of reason to trust her so you have to have a lot of trust in
faith this month it feels like and in yourself really and overcoming whatever
it is right now all this confusion all this weird energy you’re overcoming
quite a bit sorry I don’t want this to drop Tarot disc is a bit of a mess right
now Italy six so now let’s go on what your focus is going to be on this month
here Gemini and again if it doesn’t resonate with you I highly recommend
checking out your son especially your rising sign your moon sign your Venus
that resonates for you as well I’m gonna try to get love readings out this month
as well so keep an eye out for that and yes I am still using a Halloween mug
why can’t it just be like half the year so let’s see what are your goals what is
your focus on this month Gemini’s what’s this that really matter
I don’t want to laugh but it kind of does make me laugh
horeb swords you want a rest you want to relax you want to recuperate and that’s
that’s okay and that’s what you should be focused on I’m gonna actually pull
out one more because I feel like you know with you there’s always two sides
to the coin I don’t know why I just feel like there’s one more yeah okay three of
cups you want to focus on enjoying things or what you need to focus on if
you’re if you are not and you’re not in that headspace you need to start
focusing on celebrating what you have on enjoying things it is the holidays for a
lot of people so you need to focus on relaxing on enjoying the time that you
have with the people that you love making sure that it is know that they
know that you care about them making time for them and making sure that you
yourself are enjoying life at this time and that you’re getting enough rest
because again things have shifted and you haven’t really been able to really
grab the reins yet and that’s okay so now we’re gonna look at the weeks and
how they play out here okay it’s making a room over here also I do want to bring
up you know Jupiter is tried in Uranus mid-month Uranus and Taurus and that’s
Jupiter in now Capricorn which it just moved into and it will stay in for the
next year and then we’ll move into we’ll have so much moving into Aquarius and it
will be kind of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius which is it’s a lot there’s
a lot happening in there the twenty and twenty 19 going into 2020 2021 it’s
gonna be crazy so just
be open to change and be okay with things changing and shifting everybody I
don’t feel like I need to tell you guys that but other signs but anyways so
Jupiter is training Uranus mid month Uranus good month which can bring lucky
breaks to many but can equally bring a lot of this destabilizing revelations in
terms of finances you know wealth property and that can be pretty
destabilizing because the ground we stand on is really awakening to
demonstrate you know where our values attitudes towards wealth and possession
need to change if future growth is really going to be sustainable so I feel
that that’s where your head space is at and where it’s even been at probably
even before this trying you’re shifting in a lot of views in terms of I think
wealth valued possessions money work yeah actually got to keep it as one of
your focuses this month and now we’re gonna look at week one two three and
four just go some general energies but yeah a two points like I said work whew
I knew this is gonna be a lot more comfortable for you going into this
season I think you’re gonna have to just again have trust have faith in the
journey because you can’t always hold on to the moving parts and see where
they’re going to end up I really like it though I think this is what we needed
even if it doesn’t feel like it at first um
I don’t see a lot of negative cards so far so we’re going to now move on okay
I’m sorry I need to like move I needed to move be it I don’t know I had my
Astro moon diary up and I’m just like this is just in the way so now we’re
gonna get some clarifiers for each week with a different deck and then we’re
gonna look at actually yeah we’re gonna do that first
no I’m sorry I’m switching around so much right now but actually we’re gonna
look at their biggest obstacles and defining events this month and then
we’re gonna go into week by week and see where this falls yeah that’s what we’re
gonna do okay I was like no it doesn’t feel right just go week by week right
now let’s now look at your major obstacles or defining events and I will
show you real quick actually before I get too into it week by week ace of
spears first week the whole second week three of Spears third week five of
Pentacles reversed the last week it’s a pretty good week if you trust and have
any Mississippi it’s a pretty good month it’s a pretty good month if you trust
and have faith in these energies it’s like you know very Sagittarian with ace
of spears The Fool three of Spears we’re just there’s a lot of spears and Spears
are meant to be thrown at targets they’re meant to hit their mark very
much like Sagittarius and we have energy to throw not just one it feels like but
multiple this month and kind of ride this adventure out without expectations
and you’re gonna get there you’re gonna get out of this lower place that you’ve
been in because yes we’re following this energy like with a fool and we’re kind
of dancing around and jumping from one thing to the next this is my um this
month here but it’s in the benefits in your benefit to be a Sagittarian to get
into that mindset because if you don’t focus on the five of Pentacles that you
know is there and that you’ve been feeling that separation that lost that
worry the fear that something is maybe separating you in a relationship maybe
something’s coming between you maybe it’s about money maybe it’s about
finances it’s about not getting enough of something and you will be getting
enough by the end of the month but you kind of have to again play like a
Sagittarian I’m not saying that they’re not wise and structured and extremely
intelligent but they have this almost whimsical energy that only fire signs
and especially so Aries but Sagittarius it kind of like Peters out it’s like
Aries is just like so whimsical and running around they’re like little
fairies and Sagittarians are more again like centaurs they have they have bows
they’ve got arrows they have direction and yet there’s this wild nature and
this inability to kind of tame them and then when you get to Leo the Lion that’s
a totally different energy that’s no fairy running around like Willy not so
much willy nilly but more whimsically it’s more you know I have fire and I
have real fire and direction here and where we like to take it and everyone’s
looking at me it’s not small and flitting it’s powerful and you need to
forget that again that in between there on that Sagittarian energy that wildness
of you know sometimes we don’t know how it’s all gonna turn out but it’s gonna
turn out fine and as long as we are in that energy I’m just repeating myself
you’re gonna be fine anyways then shuffling forever in a because I got
into the energy here because it was just in my face alright let’s look at your
major obstacles defining events hmm two of swords upright and especially so
reverse has been really big this season and I think it’s because we are finally
making some decisions or we no longer see something as a block in terms of
which way do we go what do we do maybe again I feel with you this is more like
things have been taken away from you you thought you knew what you wanted you
thought you knew where this was all going and now you just are going from
that to not understanding anything not understanding what you want and needing
to kind of deal with the decisions that have been made yeah your major defining
events and moments your your challenges are tough but they’re gonna be okay you
really have to look at where you’re not aligned with somebody or something a job
or a relationship and you’re gonna have to really figure out what to do I think
did the two of swords our first once you are aware of it you can’t really unsee
it and not deal with it so I think that’s kind of where you’re getting
these obstacles whether you’re getting this but I think again you have to take
a new route it’s like the energy that we’re stepping into on a larger
collective scale like without you know signed by Sonia and house-by-house and
all that other very little crap there I’m not saying that it’s crap but you
know it’s just very particular on a collective scale we’re being asked to
again take that third wand to go the different route to try something new if
we go same old same old you know do the same thing to expecting
different results every time eventually you’re gonna drive yourself mad and
crazy so it’s time to start approaching things in new ways and to see things in
different lights whether it’s painful because something really isn’t an
alignment and we’re not happy in a home situation in a relationship in a work
situation there’s something that feels out of alignment here when you look at
it and it’s supposed to be perfect and you can’t really ignore it anymore maybe
you’re just not getting enough I’m a relationship maybe you’re not getting
enough from a job maybe you just don’t feel great there but it’s about your
approach to it it’s about where you go from finding this out from understanding
this that really brings you to a much more comfortable place that’s where the
Emperors feels like open arms happiness abundance joy she just feels really good
to me not even so much a person and energy of somebody else it just feels
like what you have been trying to manifest
we’re your perfect place your perfect paradise here you can get there but you
can have to approach this with what do I need and what have I not been getting
and what do I do about this now because you want your future to be like the
Empress she’s got everything that she needs she sits she kind of just sits
there and manifests it in the food grows around her life comes to her she is able
to create the life that she wants and that’s her main energy harmony abundance
love and there you are if you make the choices this month to ride it out like a
Sagittarius to take new routes to shoot towards new goals and destinations and be a one with all these shifting
energies see where you end up then you’re gonna be fine the choice will be
there there you are when your card comes up in a reading
upright the card that represents you in the Major Arcana I know that things are
good I know that everything’s gonna be okay that you’re coming into a more
stable structured place that you want to be in you know the lover is not so you
know taking out the choice taking out the about love stuff that everybody kind
of associates with lovers it is it talks about then you know again the conflict
between different attractions it talks about finding the balance in between all
that and that is you the two sides you’re finally going to be coming at
peace you and Libra have been battling with that it feels like for a while
Libra enough being able to find the balance that it craves and you not being
able to find me and your own type of Gemini balance here in between the
conflict between two types of you know two sides of yourself how do we
reconcile how do we get to a place that feels good to me
things are gonna come back into alignment they will but you’re gonna
have to ride this out and you’re gonna have to face some some things that
you’ve done and you might be asking yourself why would people let me do this
why did why did this have to happen why did I make this decision I don’t know
why I get that person mean why did I do this why did I make this decision why
didn’t I say anything why did people see me do this and not say anything to me for some it’s that you’ve been working
on the wrong relationships you’ve been putting effort in with the wrong people
the wrong crowd and you haven’t really been true yourself in terms of I think
friendships work love I mean it could hit any of those areas but it’s going to
it’s gonna hit and you’re not gonna feel that good about your role in it all
let’s get some cards of advice I was gonna pull fire fires for each week but
they just feel like they’re meant to be lighter in that first week we start this
off with so much great energy potential goodness there’s just a lot of new
energy that we can take on you know new beginnings new ideas creativity it’s all
about so take it and run is how that feels to me it just feels you know like
there’s a sword let’s the source and origin kind of energy there that the
fool doesn’t worry so much about you know where this adventure will end up
but that you know we have to follow we’re being pushed to right now we’re
gonna have to get again ride it out like the fool there’s not a lot of structure
there but you’re gonna find your way through it like an adventure and there’s
not much I feel like I can tell you in terms of direction with the fool energy
and the ace of spears you’ve got to follow the wind you got to follow your
own fire you have to follow what matters to you and what brings you the fire
three of Spears is finding to me and new ways to communicate and new ways to
bring in the change that we want the progression that we want where can we
get three of rods twice right above each other
and for me you know I love seeing this if you are any type of spiritual if you
are an ignorant I have a lot of people that watch the stutter readers or
psychics or some type of spiritual listen to your intuition and if
something is guiding you in a specific direction go for it even if it feels
different even if you’ve never done it before even if you never thought you
were gonna have to say or do some of this stuff it’s gonna get you where you
want to go surprisingly to you I’m saying surprisingly not to
anybody else five of coins reverse is coming out of
that isolation being able to see again to be in contact and communication with
others coming out of poverty loneliness lack of wealth you’re getting there the
choices will be there it’s meant for you successes is yours abundance is your is
getting where you want to go it’s all here for you but let’s look at a couple
cards of advice king of Pentacles yeah we got to stay grounded it’s interesting
because again we go about Capricornia energy there is this you just take out
of it at the same time we just don’t get to crazed don’t get to directionless
with the energy but be willing to try out new cups new paths new interest new
experiences new ways of going about things it will be profitable to you but
also listen it is gonna be very important for you guys to listen to your
gut and listen to or focus on what drives you rather than any of the other
things that kind of block that what drives you what brings you passion what
do you want you’re being asked that again and even though you thought you
knew you have to figure it out again and you will you absolutely will but you’re
gonna have to focus on why you no longer what you have and what you thought you
wanted all along okay Wow hmm and I really know what to say after all that
Gemini Wow let’s just I’ll let your friends help
you but I couldn’t grab it so we’ll see if it comes out again we’re getting a
Doreen Virtue romance angel cards first card out with his playfulness to
recapture romance allow your inner youthful spirit of fun to shine again
there’s a playfulness to this month that you need to recapture in terms of
romance if you want it to be that way don’t get all serious even if you like
want things to be serious hard target conversations honestly discuss your
feelings with each other you’ll get there don’t worry but you got to talk
about it whether it’s with friends but I would say especially with that other
person and you might kind of feel like this girl or this or this guy is where
you know she’s talk talk talking at him and he’s like God how am I gonna get out
of here but um and I feel like almost like the two sides of you needing to
communicate ain’t hating the whole act of it hating just hating the act of it
like God do I really have to yes you do of course you do for some of you it’s facing some
unrecruited love whether that’s your feelings or somebody or someone’s
feelings for you there’s not enough attraction or chemistry to keep this
relationship going and again this doesn’t always have to be in a love
situation could be in a friendship or in a work situation where you know no
matter how much you want to love something you just don’t you just don’t
have the feelings for something or someone anymore or that person could be
feeling that towards you take it how it applies um
that’s getting Halloween Oracle by Stacy DeMarco for last messages from spirit or
Gemini son yes I love that I don’t want to pull it
anymore but I do because I’m I don’t yeah we have to do a love reading now
we’re gonna have to do love readings for the month there’s been too much
craziness just keeps coming up and like I feel like it’s gonna be like a love
action reading for like each of the signs you know what maybe Oh what Love
Actually not incorporate some quotes or something into it I don’t know I movies
so cheesy but it just feels like a month where a lot of stuff like love is gonna
happen and then you guys get the only love card in this deck eternal love and
being Gemini this card looks kind of familiar right alright skull of stars
it’s your first card infinite possibilities so it was easy to feel
small in a world that is so busy and personal and seemingly self-absorbed we
can at times feel lost and unclear about our direction and lose sight of our
place in the cosmos the skull of stars reminds us that we are only limited by
our own imagination and boundaries if we can dream it it is possible this card
indicates that you need to think bigger and more broadly about your future and
what you would like to achieve perhaps there are false beliefs often
old that no longer serve you as you grow and change
sometimes these beliefs may not even be yours they may have been imparted to you
by your parents or the wider community yet feel right there in congruent to you
you need to endeavor with all of your heart and soul to live the life you want
and honor your own wishes and truth o eternal love I want to say also I don’t
know why I get this and then we’re gonna talk about in the love reading but I
feel like some of you guys like once somebody wanted somebody wanted somebody
now that there now that you have something it’s like I don’t think this
is what I want there’s some of you like single ones like if you were trying to
get back an X I feel like you’re like you got this you find like you finally
got this person to talk to you or get back into your life and maybe have
something there and then you’re kind of like I don’t know and you might have
some choices aeterno love love is love is love and it transcends physical death
should you choose this card who are being reminder that love is the most
powerful force in the universe it is more powerful than death itself
well Flinders it leaves its own legacy and we should be aware of this ever
that we live for those that are ready for and desiring of a partner it also
indicates that a significant love is close at hand to be ready to be opened
and to be ready to open up to this new experience some of you it’s choosing new
instead of old it’s opening yourself to love that you feel for some reason
closed off from I don’t know we’re gonna have to get into in the love ring let’s
not talk about it here all right guys I hope you enjoy this do check out again
your messages for your saw and moon rising in Venus they might resonate
better or have messages you need to hear have a wonderful and blessed December
happy holidays for those that celebrate and thank you guys so much for all of
your support do make sure to subscribe do make sure to share if you enjoyed the
video it really helps and I super appreciate it and if you want any other
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great month guys and namaste enjoy your eclipse this month too

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