Eye Floaters No More! New (Natural) Eye Floaters Treatment Research | Doctor Eye Health

Eye Floaters No More! New (Natural) Eye Floaters Treatment Research | Doctor Eye Health

so seeing eye floaters can be very
bothersome and you may know them as those drifting little spots or cobwebs
in your vision and in this video I’m going to be reviewing some new research
on a natural eye floaters remedy let’s take a look hello and welcome this is
dr. Allen here from the dr. eye health show helping you learn all about the
eyes vision finding the best vision products so if you’re new here to the
channel make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and turn on
notifications so that you don’t miss any of my future videos and today I’m
reviewing some new research on a natural cure for eye floaters and no I am NOT
just holding on to this pineapple just for fun there’s actually reason for it
and we’ll get to that soon also if you actually want to read the research
yourself I’ll include a link to the article along with some extra a health
tip educational videos and resources in the description below so chances are if
you’re watching this video you have already experienced eye floaters in some
form you know them as those little drifting spots in your vision and they
can be really annoying for some people or some people they are just tiny little
black or white spots that drift across your vision when looking at something
like a computer screen or maybe when you’re going outside and looking up at a
gray sky or something like that you might see those little drifting spots
for other people they look like giant cobwebs and for some people who have
actually developed what is called a posterior vitreous detachment or a PVD
then these little floaters can actually be quite large and very bothersome and
can even obstruct vision now I’m not going to go too much into exactly what
these floaters are I have covered that in other videos and I’ll include a link
to the entire video playlist about floaters up here in the YouTube card up
above as well as the description below if you want to go back and check that
out now floaters are so extremely common it’s rare that I’ll ever have a day in
the eye clinic where I won’t see a floater at least discussed floaters in
some fashion historically we haven’t really had good ways to get rid of
floaters other than what’s called a vitrectomy where they removed the gel
inside the eye a YAG laser vitriolysis where we can actually use a laser to zap
away the floaters inside the eye or the ever-famous just waiting and monitoring
and hoping the floaters resolve on their own and guess for most people after they
first start experiencing floaters they do usually neuro adapt and just kind of
get used to these floaters in their eyes but I have actually had a lot
people asked me if there was some form of a natural cure for floaters whether
it could be a supplement they could take or something they could change in their
diet to actually help these floaters resolved and honestly I have never
really had a good answer for this until more recently there’s a cool study I
want to share in April of 2019 a pilot study was published in the Journal of
American science describing the pharmalogic vitrolysis of vitreous
floaters with a three-month supplement of pineapple. YUM, but wait
pineapple well the whole idea of this study was based on that pineapple
actually has a protease or enzyme called bromelain and if you’re an author of
this study or you think you know a lot about this substance then please go
ahead and comment the section below because I’m not exactly sure how to say
this correctly but bromelain is supposed to be an enzyme that is believed to help
really dissolve the aggregating collagen that creates these floaters inside the
vitreous gel inside the eye in the first place so in this research what do they
do and what do they find out in this study they took 388 participants and
separated them into two different branches of the study I do want to point
out that 388 individuals in this study is a pretty small sample size in really
large scale studies that a lot of medical real facts and treatment is
based off of our from large-scale repeatable studies but for this one at
least they did do a really good job of vetting which participants or in the
study these were actually individuals who actually had to have a dilated eye
exam they observed that they had at least had one or multiple different
floaters these individuals developed these floaters and had been stable for
at least six months and they didn’t develop them due to trauma or surgery
and they didn’t have any other real serious medical issues such as diabetes
high blood pressure or some form of uveitis or inflammation in their eye not
only did they record the presence of floaters through a dilated eye exam with
an eye care professional but they actually measured them objectively with
a bee scan ultrasound of the eye as well as with an optical coherence tomography
or an OCT which actually allows us to actually physically see the separation
of the vitreous interface from the retina inside the eye it’s pretty cool
now remember there are two branches to this study in the first branch so they
actually took a hundred and ninety people and they separated them in
two individual groups a hundred and twenty and these people only had one
single floater inside the eye while the other 70 participants had at least
multiple or at least two different floaters inside the eyes then they took
these two groups and they actually fed them slices of pineapple and the
pineapple had to be measured out to be about a hundred and 120 grams of
pineapple and they actually fed them two slices every single day after lunch for
90 days and so after three months they then actually measured where all the
floaters were and these were the results they actually found significant
improvement in both groups this first group with only one floor about 120
people that actually decreased to only 35 individuals with floaters after the
three months and then in the group with multiple floaters actually went from
about 70 individual cases down to only about 19 cases honestly I think that’s
pretty incredible now get this because I find this part to
be very interesting in the second branch of the study they actually took 198
individuals really about 66 people into three different groups first group was
only a low amount of pineapple where they served just one slice of
pineapple a day this medium group of pineapple eaters which was two slices of
pineapple a day and then a large amount of pineapple served which was three such
as a pineapple a day again 66 people and each one of these groups the no real
count of how many Florida’s they had at least one again each slice of pineapple
is about 100-120 grams and they served them every single day for 3 months and
the results were as follows and the first group was people only taking one
slice of pineapple a day for 3 months after the 3 month period they actually
had a 55 percent improvement so 55 percent of the cases of those 66
individuals actually had improvement in their floaters the people who are taking
2 slices of pineapple a day had about a 2/3 of cases in proof and the people
taking 3 slices of pineapple a day 75% of the cases of those 66 individuals
actually had improvement and what’s special about this branch of the study
is that it showed that it was dose dependent meaning that individuals who
were being treated with more pineapple actually ultimately had better
resolution of their floaters now certainly the study was not perfect even
the authors addressed some of the faults in their
own study I know when I was reading the study I actually had some questions
about some of the math that they did overall I do find that their actual
methods as well as their intro and discussion section of the actual study
was very informative and again if you were really science he or you just want
to know more about this stuff I again have included that link in the
description below now wait before you start running off to
the grocery store and start loading your cart full of loads and loads of
pineapples as a few safety things we really should talk about now remember
this whole study was really about testing whether pineapple and the enzyme
bromelain which is inside the pineapple actually helps reduce floaters but it’s
important to remember that bromelain has never been actually F proven to be
effective at treating any disease and has not been approved by the US FDA for
treatment of any sort of disorder now if you read the research they actually did
address that bromelain is available in a powder cream and tablet form however for
this study they specifically used pineapple and they cut it horizontally
because bromelain is actually included more in the stem as well as the flesh of
the pineapple now I’m not sure if you’ve ever eaten pineapple before but most of
the time whenever I see pineapple made the core is usually not eaten in fact
it’s usually sliced off and removed but here in the study they said to cut it
horizontally which honestly I have no idea what that means if I’m cutting it
this way or am I supposed to be cutting it this way I’m not really sure also a
hundred grams forgive me for being from the US but usually people don’t have any
way to measure actual grams in the kitchen unless there may be a pharmacist
or perhaps you do because you’re just a big fan of the great british bacon
competition either way I actually did measure it out about 100 grams is equal
to about a half a cup of pineapple but hey if you actually have any tips for me
and how it kind of pineapple go ahead and comment in the section below let me
know because I need some help if you think there’s somebody who’s gonna go
out now and eat lots of pineapple every day do keep in mind that some people are
allergic to bromelain and pineapple in general certainly something you don’t
want to be doing all the time I do also believe that pineapple is very
acidic can can actually affect your taste buds as well as other problems
with your gums and teeth also keep in mind if you are a diabetic or very
sensitive to high sugar foods pineapple has a lot of sugar in it and that’s
actually one of the reasons why in the study they limited the maximum amount of
pineapple to be eaten was only three pieces a day but again this study was
not perfect I do hope however that this opens up more avenues for
research with more participants and that maybe will at one point have a
medication or at least some sort of actual cure for floaters from Mother
Nature so last question of the day have you
ever noticed if your floaters actually improved somehow do you think it was
just due to random chance or was it something in your diet go ahead and
comment and connect in a section below and thanks for watching if you got value
out of this video in any way hit that like button for me share with a friend
otherwise keep an eye on will talk to you soon


  1. Doctor Eye Health says:

    Eye Health QOTD 💥: Have your eye floaters ever improved? Do you think it was due to your diet?

  2. Billy Engerson says:

    Yes.. Washington DC..should do a study..yoho

  3. 13c11a says:

    I'm surprised that they didn't use canned pineapple, too. Fresh pineapple is not available all year round and it makes my mouth sore. However, I can eat canned pineapple. I will begin experimenting with the canned pineapple and will let you know if I have any improvement. Thanks for the info. Suggestion: don't talk so fast. It makes for a frenzied presentation. Slow down. Thanks again. Incidentally, 120 grams is just over 4 ounces.

  4. kaferere says:

    For the love of GOD !! Will you Americans understand once and for all IMPERIAL measurements are BRITISH !! America adopted them from the British ! The word IMPERIAL means "pertaining to Empire". Unless America has an empire or had an empire no one has heard of, this refers to the British Empire, GEDDIT ? Brits my age were never even taught the metric system in school ! When Britain joined the EU in the early 1970's we started to use the metric system AS WELL AS OUR IMPERIAL SYSTEM !!!
    In fact it's America that has forgotten some Imperial measurements like the "Stone" for example. 14 pounds (14 lbs) = 1 Stone , 16 ounces (16 ozs) = 1 pound (1 lb) , 112 pounds (112 lbs) = 1 "hundredweight" (1 cwt) , 20 hundredweights (20 cwt) = 1 ton (not to be confused with a metric tonne).

    Therefore if you ask a Brit what his weight is, he might say 14 stones 3 pounds (14 st 3lbs) or whatever. It doesn't get more Imperial than that ! We use Miles NOT Kilometres, we use Yards AND metres, we use Feet and inches AND centimetres and millimetres because Britain ADDED the metric system to our own IMPERIAL SYSTEM !!! Imperial weights and measures started HERE when we imported them thousands of years ago from Egypt and Sumeria, that's why most Imperial measurements are to the base 12, not 10. ( Y'know, like the clock? ) Britain is not Europe !! We are a set of islands United. Brits have to cross water to get to Europe, I hope you know ?
    Here's a few more Imperial measurements as an American you may have forgotten – Furlong , Chain , Gill , Dram , Bushel , Peck (Peter Piper picked a PECK of pickled pepper, NOT a Gram ! )

    Never heard of a "Dram" of Whisky ? A wee Dram ? Then there's Imperial barrel sizes – Tun , Firkin etc. etc. Cloth and paper – Reams , Draughts, Rods etc.

    What's the point of improving your eyesight my American friends if you don't READ anything ????

  5. R. Lara-Moore says:

    I have two Questions:
    How are the floaters eliminated from the vitreous? …and …

    Does the pineapple cause degradation of other other systemic collagen or cartilage?
    ( am i trading eye floaters for saggy skin?)

  6. Albert Demarco says:

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  7. smw2828 says:

    Interesting study. The big red flag for me is no control group, ie folks with the same symptoms who got no pineapple at all. If floaters sometime improve without treatment then surely some of those "spontaneous improvers" got lumped in with the 'improved by pineapple' data, exaggerating the effectiveness of the treatment a bit. The dose dependent results seem to suggest there's a real effect. Per wikipedia Bromelain starts breaking down at temps over 100F, accelerating with hotter temps (8 minutes at 176F nukes almost all of it). So pineapple pizza probably won't work for this.

  8. Gzpo says:

    I was told that Bromelain is good for digestion. Now that I found you, I can take more pineapple for my floaters. In my left eye I have a bag, or balloon, floater. I'm too poor, so Drs told me there is nothing they can do, but you just blew their cover. Thank for telling the truth. 💖😎

  9. Therese Rioux says:

    Does it matter if I use canned pineapple instead of fresh one?

  10. Selwyn Clyde Alojipan says:

    In December 2006, the retina in my right eye started to detach from the upper outside edge. My ophthalmologist also discovered lattices in both my eyes's retina that could be vulnerable to tearing or damage. Basically, she injected a gas bubble that pushed the retina into the proper position then used a laser to scar the retina and act as spot welds to keep it in place. She also used the same laser to make spot welds around the different lattices. I counted around 550+ laser shots in my right eye and 380+ in my left eye by the time she was finished.

    After the laser treatment and the reabsorption of the gas bubble, I was bothered by lots of floaters (dots, circles, webs, filaments, strings) in both my eyes.

    I live in the Philippines and pineapples are available easily but I don't eat them too often, maybe once to twice a month but when I do, it's as much as I can, probably 500+ grams at least. When I do eat fresh pineapple, I always eat the cores, which are not removed when the pineapples are sliced vertically and radially around the cores. The only problem after eating a lot of pineapples is that its enzymes will have abraded your tongue a bit, but its irritation lasts for only half a day.

    So now it's 2019 and I have noticed just now that there are only one or two floaters when there used to be ten or more back in 2007. I'm happy that these floaters are fully reduced even though I also learned to just ignore them when they were still numerous.

  11. Johnny Tramain says:

    No offense but this just sounds like "another study" bullshit.

  12. Kass Arthur says:

    I always eat pineapple for stomach ailments.

  13. Lena Smith says:

    Thank You Dr. Allen I have floaters. It's so annoying to me. I have a black dot and the clear things in the beginning of your video. I visit the eye doctor yearly sometimes every 6 months. I have cataracts. Macular something. I go blind like can't see words or things are blurry. I have type 2 diabetes. I see all my Dr's regularly.I subscribed to your channel. Have a great Sunday.

  14. Max Cordell says:

    Some years ago I went on a fruit-only diet for 5 or 6 days (all kinds of fruit) as an experiment in weight loss and I definitely noticed clearer vision as a benefit.

  15. joshfatal says:

    Summary of video: Eat more pineapple. That's it.

  16. Vociferon Herald of the Winter Mist says:

    Very interesting. I had an experience last year that sent me to the eye doctor with an emergency appointment. Very quickly – over the course of just a few days – I developed a TON of new floaters. The spider web kind. I got in to the eye doc who'd only seen me a few months before and he was shocked. He had to make a few calls over the next few days to figure this one out. He knew it was vitreous frosting, but he'd never even heard of it happening so fast. He assumed that it had to do with my scleroderma, but even that was really just a guess.

    He assured me that if it continued to degrade to the point where it was interfering with my vision that there was something he could do. He said that when it was too bad for me to live with to give him a call. He'd get me into the hospital and do a surgery to remove the vitreous material and replace it with a synthetic substance.

    Assured that there was a solution I went home. Thankfully it stopped progressing and I've been stable since. I've adjusted to them and I can live with this. I do worry that this can happen again at any time.

  17. Gina2190 says:

    What are the floating bits ? Parasites? Or Mold , I have toxic Mold in my flat and wonder if it’s Mold spores ? Thanks

  18. Heug Star says:

    Thanks me later

    Eat 2 slices of pineapple 🍍 after lunch to reduce floaters

  19. Mary Justina says:

    my floaters started to reduce drastically after starting keto , through authophagy i guess – intermittent fasting, three day water fasts…. i used to eat tons of pineapple in previous dieting attempts but the fructose is a killer for the liver. Autophagy is best. After three months of keto, all floaters disappeared.

  20. stephentoons says:

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    I have a couple in my right eye. One actually turned into a small black dot which is super annoying to see everyday. I'll be giving this a try

  24. Genna Tuelz says:

    Where was the control group that showed how many floaters resolved on their own?

    Also bromelain breaks down protein and is why pineapple has a stinging sensation when you eat it. The pineapple is eating you as well.

  25. Anna Bridges says:

    I have had shots in my eye for macular degeneration —–I have found that Saffron works wonders !!! Devils claw all so

  26. D says:

    Hey Doc, I wear monthly contacts but I remove them in the evenings to give my eyes a break from the contacts dryness and redness. I swiss to a pair of basic progressive eye glasses which are challenging due to "The swim effect" compared to the B+L Ultra for Presbyopia.

    I've been considering the Varilux X series (4D) progressive eye glasses as an alternative to my progressive glasses.

    The way I understand the Varilux x series is that viewing through these lenses are similar to that of the contacts lenses (No Swim effect) I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

  27. Mike Neri says:

    I had cataract surgery on both eyes several years ago and after the operation all traces of floaters were gone. Although my eyesight remains good I've noticed the floaters are back. I'm sure I had floaters before the operation but I thought they were related to cataracts; guess I was wrong.

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  30. Rob OBrien says:

    Interesting, do you know any eye doctors in Hawaii you could ask? Might be interesting anecdotally.

  31. Lloyd Lowery says:

    For what it's worth mine went away after I washed my eyes with fresh aloe Vera juice every night for about two three weeks. Wish I'd kept a diary . Cut a leaf and let it weep for a day then cut that piece off don't use it. Then use the rest of the leaf. Just much up a bit of flesh and put it in while your in bed. In the morning the eyes will be a bit yucky jest wash it out. It took one large leaf. So far so good

  32. pendorran says:

    Damn wedding ring.

  33. Bryan Johnson says:

    I had severe PVD for over a year and it only stopped when I went on a ketogenic diet and started taking collagen everyday and hyaluronic acid eye drops. I still have a large floater in that eye but the PVD is gone. I am definitely going to try bromelain and or pineapple.

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  36. R. Ann Rousseau says:

    I have macular edema. I have gone to Eye Promise website…even called them to tell them that their website is NOT phone friendly
    I can't expand their site to see their products. Can't order until they fix it

  37. Mark Heller says:

    I have Uber floaters always have. I’m going to hit pineapple hard because anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.

  38. John 3:17 says:

    That is crazy because I used to eat lots of pineapples and I had made a video about my eye floaters story..

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    Floaters change or disappear over time anyway.

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  41. The Game Knights says:

    My stepmom from the Philippines cuts pineapples into rings. So you cut it like a loaf of bread on its side, then cut out the centers. The centers can be eaten or put into stuff, it's usually separated out because it's harder, like broccoli stems and such.

  42. Cathie says:

    I will try this as I have huge and small floaters in both eyes that obscures my vision.

  43. Bradley Weiss says:

    Juice it

  44. Kendog d says:

    I’ve had numerous floaters in my right eye for many years after a rock hit it from weed wiping. I will start with one cup of pineapples every day for a month, and see what happens..let’s hope!!

  45. RedstoneGodLike says:

    I had eye floaters but i think they are fading away i rarely see them anymore

  46. Sage Unknown says:

    Who sponsored the studies ? The pineapple industry?

  47. Judy Fleming says:

    My floaters have improved since I've been taking serrapeptase and nattokinase. I believe it is the serrapeptase. Both are enzymes. Pineapple also has enzymes, one of which is the most promininent (Bromelain). So I will assume that a daily (or twice daily) does of bromelain (or perhaps a mixture of digestive enzymes) would probably have the same affect.

  48. Tara Janes says:

    Bell peppers helped. I needed to stop eating potato chips, because well they were potato chips. Not exactly healthy. I tried green pepper sticks in yogert. Why yogert? Because chip dip not exactly healthy either. Didn't loss much weight, maybe because I need to cut out soda too, but my eyes got better. Reduced amount of floaters.

  49. Jim Challender says:

    Have you seen a Vitamix Demo at Costco or on YouTube? When making smoothies they always use a slice of pineapple including the core and mention the value of "Bromelain" for vision.

    Instead of eating a slice of pineapple "with the core which does not taste good", freeze slices of pineapple with the core and add to your morning smoothie. Tastes great and may actually help with floaters. I have lots of floaters and are a minor but constant irritation.

    I haven't been making morning smoothies for a while but will pick up a few pineapples, slice and freeze them and begin making a "FLoater Smoothie" on a daily basis for 6 months and see if my floaters decline.

    Thanks for the great new info. Now all I need to do is get rid of tinnitus!

  50. MissAtari 2600 says:

    How to know they are real drs.?? Drs. Always look extra squeaky clean.. He looks extra clean i can smell him through the phone…….

  51. The Next Chapter says:

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  53. Norway Minnesota says:

    What about canned pineapple in its own juice?

  54. Melissa Niederkorn says:

    Very informative channel! Would you consider a video on papilledema? I was recently diagnosed with IIH due to papilledema diagnosis (and follow up lumbar puncture) in May. In 2012 I had the eye doc give me a bunch of funny looks before sending me on my way, and in 2015 I was told I had a full disc. I feel like I probably really was suffering from papilledema potentially the whole time but it was missed by both these opticians. I went in earlier this year after I was suffering from strange blind spots in my vision (I still have these), anxiety, and high blood pressure.

    I’m very near sighted with astigmatism in both eyes and have worn glasses since I was 7. I don’t have a concept of non-corrected vision. Glasses!

    Things I’ve learned since my diagnosis – I thought floaters, sparkles, and snow were normal. I’ve had these to some varying degree as long as I can remember. I can’t identify 100% how long I’ve had the enlarged blind spots. I think it’s been a long time.

    With IIH on the rise for no identifiable reason, I thought it would make for an interesting topic! Nothing is scarier than the potential of a brain tumor, however it’s also pretty scary to find out there’s not a good reason for your illness nor a cure.

    Thanks for the great channel, I’m also in MN!

  55. DaveP says:

    How did researchers start this project, did anybody look carefully at people that harvested pineapples for many years and see if this group had less that the normal number of eye floaters because of direct skin contact with the fruit and so absorbed the juice and enzymes.

  56. Percy Phelps says:

    Alas, pineapples aren't keto-friendly

  57. Sheelagh Hansen says:

    You must look at a product from Hawaii called NONI it is rich in Bromelain and is in capsule form 🙂

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  59. Malcolm Canning says:


  60. Malcolm Canning says:

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  62. Craig Brown says:

    I removed 99% of solid black floaters. Started on Vitamin A 10.000 iu everyday,
    After 2 weeks the black spots exploded and filled my vision with black rimmed clear floaters which slowly dissolved over the next couple of weeks.

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  64. Malcolm Canning says:

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  65. Gerry Depp says:

    Very In interesting.I eat a lot of dried Pineapple (it HAS to be Organic), am 62 have had floaters but it generally solidifies once you stop drinking too much beer…haha You should stick to talking about the subject as advice for Americans who have been deceived into thinking all sugar is the same can be detrimental to normal Humans, like for instance the Thai who eat a whole Pineapple for breakfast and are very seldom sick or overweight.

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  68. kanak chikhal says:

    My floaters faded considerably after having vitamin A tablets for a month and using tear eyedrops No harm in having pineapple I like it and it is a natural fruit!

  69. Gina g says:

    This is interesting because I just started eating pineapple every week this last year as a way to lose weight. I don't have floaters anymore. I just thought my vision was getting better. Wow, I guess pineapple works.

  70. Susan Rinaldi says:

    I have a big problem with floaters in my right eye. My Dr said there was not much I could do. It has gotten a little better with time but still very annoying. I will try pineapple but does it have to be fresh or can it be canned?

  71. Alec says:

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  72. R J G says:

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  73. The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn says:

    Proteins….sticky proteins.
    Vascular damage….and dehydration.
    Prolonged Fasting…..works as well.
    About week two without eating…they clean up rather nicely.
    Your eye forms about week 4 at conception.
    When fasting about a month i noticed clarity of vision.
    Eat a whole pineapple a day… for a week.
    I tried it…does improve vision.
    I eat the whole pineapple except the part that i grow.
    Acidity….is good for you. Try a spoonful of coconut fat with it.
    Blend it slowly…..mulberries work as well.
    Low Acidity….dehydration….and nutrient deficiencies….lack of fasting….and drinking coffee….or processed foods. Including BBQ…..AGEs…..Glycated Proteins floating in the eye.
    Proteins misfolded misshaped proteins in the eye.
    Diabetes…..as well.
    Lack of hydration…..like essential oils and fats.
    Can help as well.

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    There must be something political regarding the AMA and the FDA as to why the most obvious question of why they decided on pineapple instead of bromelain powder or gel at least as a followup for higher doses without the negatives of all that sugar. It's probably that if you put a food derivative into a supplement form, now you have something that competes with big pharma and the study would likely be censored by all medical journals, the AMA and FDA. Anyway I will try the supplement route since I'm ketogenic and for me pineapple along with bananas are just too much of a carb load.

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    KIWI also has Bromelain….the only 2 fruits on the planet that have it..kiwi and pineapple…imune system booster…will knock out a cold as well….

  82. calavante says:

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  83. Paul Neilson says:

    I recently added pineapple to my smoothies, along with blueberries, raspberries, walnuts, and blackberries. I do add some goat kefir for B12.

  84. Arlo Reeves says:

    Dr. Eye Health – this is quackery published in a fake journal whose title ‘Journal of American Science’ is a permutation of a respected journal titled ‘American Journal of Science’. Take this video down, you are misleading all your followers.

  85. William Bunting says:

    Quick fix for floaters (works for me) is, if you are sitting or standing ie not laying down, is to look up as high as you can move your eyeballs and hold that position for 5 seconds, then look straight. That for me sorts out the floaters. I’d be keen to learn if it works for any one else. I wish I’d discovered it when I was younger, it would have improved my reading no end.

  86. LaserFalcon says:

    Omg omg pineapple juice hurts bad, my eyes are stinging?

  87. Suaad Aljunaidi says:

    I like your videos very much and helping me to get a lot of information I need. After I did my cotract synergy in both my eyes it very early for my age next day I get very high pressure in both my eyes.. and saverly dray eays my left eyes the optic nerve get damage 50% the right much better if you have any advice for my I will be Glad [email protected] keep doing your videos across the world

  88. Debbie says:

    I have really bad floaters in both eyes from posterior vitreous separation from eye trauma – a dog's foot in one eye, and 3 years later, a nerf dart at close range..(don't ask lol). I'm definitely trying this! I will try to remember to come back and comment. Thank you for posting!

  89. Gary G says:

    I wish you would change the title of this video. You’re giving false hope to anyone that sees this video and believes there is some chance that floaters are reduced or eliminated by eating pineapple. Their is only anecdotal evidence at best to this study. You really should know better as a doctor to present information in this manner. Unless you are just looking for clicks and then can caveat later in your video that there is no proof that eating pineapple will do anything to existing floaters. Seems irresponsible to me.

  90. Scott Baker says:

    On the cutting of pineapple: I use a Dole pineapple knife which is double bladed and curved lengthwise so you can "scoop" each quarter pineapple cut. I don't know if these are still made. My knife is 50 years old. It seems to be self-sharpening. Unfortunately, I've been eating a full pineapple mostly once a week for over 50 years and I still got floaters.

  91. John Minton says:

    Anyone see little worm like “floaters”? When I look up at a clear sky, I see hundreds of what appear to be tiny worm-like or bacteria-like “floaters” moving around, usually their bodies are moving as well like a swimming or a flicking motion. I’ve been curious as they showed up for me about 5 years ago.

  92. Dan McDonald says:

    I'm a dick, but is it wise to be using Asians for eye research? Like I said, I'm a dick.

  93. Nancy Conroy says:

    I have MS and hyperbaric chamber treatment was great taking floaters away

  94. Con mon says:

    What are your thoughts on Jake Steiner and his methods that claim to cure myopia? Can you please do a video on this.

  95. BLOW GAMING says:

    Hi doc, I'm only 23 years old and I see dark dot spot in my vision and sometimes it blur my vision. What should I supported to do? I'm so scared if it is a symptom of proliferative retinopathy. Please I need answers . Hope you can help me. 😢😢

  96. Neo says:

    Hey I have a question: I find that contacts stick to my eyes. Some are really bad and I feel like I have to peel it off. I tried 4 different types, and they all do it but some more than others. I never had that before and worn contacts for many years but switch between glasses every few years. I try eye drops but still it seems like nothing works.

  97. UHFStation1 says:

    Also when floaters are "resolved" what process makes them go away? Something in the eye reabsorb the solid material and redistribute it to the gel of the eye, or is it just expelled from the eye?

  98. Douglas Volz says:

    You say 100 gms. Is that what’s called “one slice”? Or two slices? Or three? Thanks, and thanks for the videos.

  99. john draughon says:

    If you don't care for the core, you could add it to your tea like I do. It adds some flavor and is very easy. Also there is a Jamaican recipe for a pineapple drink made from the sieved boilings of the pineapple core and skin (which is usually thrown away). Bomelain and polyphenolic compounds together resist degradation from heat.

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