ENG SUB《我的机器人男友 My Robot Boyfriend》EP01——主演:姜潮,毛晓彤,孟子荻

ENG SUB《我的机器人男友 My Robot Boyfriend》EP01——主演:姜潮,毛晓彤,孟子荻

♪ My dear, how do I love? ♪ ♪ Want to break through this barrier ♪ ♪ How can I change my programming? ♪ ♪ Unintentional hurt ♪ ♪ Listening to my instructions ♪ ♪ I can delete these memories
and start anew ♪ ♪ Waiting ♪ ♪ But I just ended up complying with my fate ♪ ♪ My past self is already gone ♪ ♪ Time passes by too quickly ♪ ♪ There is no exception ♪ ♪ Nobody can escape ♪ ♪ My dear, how do I love? ♪ ♪ Want to break through this barrier ♪ ♪ How can I change my programming? ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ Learning how to love ♪ [My Robot Boyfriend] [Episode 1] -Doctor, please save my baby!
-Everything’s alright, don’t worry. Does your head hurt?
Let me take a look. Don’t worry, it’s not a big wound. Your head hurts? It’s okay, stay calm. Deep breath. My abdomen hurts! Stay calm, stay calm. Everyone get out! Move! Help! Is anyone there? Help! Help! Help! -Help!
-Mom, what’s happening there? Hush. Let me borrow this. Thanks. Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help us! -Careful.
-My child, my child! Thank– Thank you! Mommy’s here. Thank goodness! Don’t cry. -Is this enough?
-How do I know? Here we are, for everybody. Everyone take some. Here’s the plan.
The driver is in the restroom. Let’s all take a break. You all worked hard. It’s such a coincidence that
we were going to a conference but ran into an emergency situation. Yeah. I mean, it’s quite a hassle for us too. Yeah. You were on night duty,
you haven’t eaten yet, right? You go ahead. It’s not as if you don’t know him. Has he ever eaten street food? Has he ever used a vending machine? Right, you guys are immortal deities.
You never eat anything. I’m taking it then. Only you have ice cream,
the rest of us are drinking water. It’s your fault for not exercising. What are you doing? I think I embarrassed myself again. You’re not Jiang Meng Yan if you don’t
embarrass yourself several times a day. Come on, let’s take
a photo to commemorate. Raise your hand, come on. One, two, three! Meng Yan! Meng Yan! Cheers! Can you drink that much? Yes! Of course I can! I said I wouldn’t get drunk,
so I won’t get drunk. I’ll keep my word! Yeah, Meng Yan. You usually do.
You’re the most impressive in our class. You got hired by
China News just like that. Come, students! To celebrate our Meng Yan
getting into China News, -Cheers!
-Cheers! Meng Yan, I hope you graduate
successfully and become a “ming ji”! “Ming ji”?
(sounds like “famous courtesan”) I mean a famous reporter! Enough already, guys. I barely said
anything and your minds go dirty. Meng Yan, we’re all
waiting for you to make it. Best case scenario,
you lead the entire Internet and take over the whole world
with Father Ma Yun (founder of AliBaba). After all… The world and the future belong to us! -Cheers!
-Meng Yan, Meng Yan! I hope you remain as you are in school,
righteous and moral and become an ethical news reporter without losing yourself! Meng Yan! I won’t say much else, except I hope
you’re always young and pretty -and never reach 50kg!
-That’s a good one. To be honest, I don’t care about any of
the things that have been mentioned. -What I want is…
-What? Love! I want a passionate love that rocks the world
and is etched in my bones! My boyfriend has to have unique looks. He has to be clean, handsome, and preferably also a bit aloof. He has to possess a kind of energy that keeps me safe and makes me feel secure. -What a ditz.
-I support you! -Cheers!
-Cheers! Do you feel better yet? My clothes are too tight… I feel awful! You’re killing yourself
for the sake of beauty! Let me buy you a hot drink. Wait here. Are you okay? Let me take a look. Money… Your slimming clothes are too tight, causing lack of oxygen
and blood circulation. I’m going to release you from it. Here, slowly. What are you doing? Xiao Jing! Xiao Jing! Pervert! You’re pretty. Even so, you can’t be a pervert! I’m going to kill you, perv! -I’m saving her!
-Saving who? Stupid pervert, I’ll kill you!
I’m going to call the police! I’m going to kill you! Pervert! I’m going to murder you!
This is my favourite shirt! I’m calling the cops! They’re going to arrest you!
Arrest this pervert! Pervert! -Pervert!
-Hello? Yeah, there’s a drunkard here. -By the way, call an ambulance first.
-I’m going to kill you! -Alright.
-Stupid perv! Did someone beat you up? You were beaten up
’cause you’re too pretty. Who did it? I want to go home… I have an early morning tomorrow. Why are you pulling me? Are you my boyfriend? If I had a boyfriend like you,
I must’ve won a jackpot. But… I don’t remember your name. You’ll take responsibility
for me, right? I’m being cursed. Hey, Mo Bai. How is she? She’s been dieting,
and has chronic gastritis. I gave her a checkup,
her spandex was way too tight. She can’t even breathe,
passing out is inevitable. I think she should stay for a few days.
Tomorrow I’ll give her a full checkup. Thanks, Senior. -Then you…
-I’m fine. Do you intend to press
charges for your injuries? No, I can deal with it. Hurry up and thank the doctor! Thank you, Doctor. Don’t drink so much in the future! And don’t stir up trouble! I’m sorry, Officer. I… had a class reunion today– Tomorrow’s the first
day of my internship. Even if you’re going to space
you can’t drink like that! I’m leaving then. You… Hold on! I’m Jiang Meng Yan! Did I do that to your face? I’ll treat you to a meal tomorrow
and apologize, okay? -Nice chick.
-I’ll treat you… to apologize… What’re you doing? -Stealing our girl?
-What are you guys up to? The police station is nearby. Who the hell are you,
butting into other people’s business? Get up. Do you feel better? What’s your name? I don’t feel so good.
Can you cure me? Drinking hurts your liver,
puking hurts your stomach. Go home, have yogurt and sleep.
Doctor’s orders. I don’t want to follow
doctor’s orders, I want meds. -Meds?
-You’re my medicine. I feel so much better
just looking at you. You’re my medicine! -Let go.
-No! If I do, my Mr. Perfect
is going to get away! Do you know how dangerous it is
for a girl to drink so much at night? What if you ran into bad people? What? What’s that smell?
It’s so nice! Like milk! -Let me smell!
-Are you a psycho? Let me smell! Are you sober now? Sorry. I… I had a class reunion
and drank too much. I’m sorry. Do you know how dangerous it is
for a girl to drink so much at night? Thanks. I’m Jiang Meng Yan. Lin Mo Bai. I’m a doctor at that
hospital from earlier. If you get a cold, come find me. I’ll take responsibility. Can you make it home alone? I’m afraid of danger. Let’s go. Thanks. Get in. What is it, lass? You just went on a date? That was… my boyfriend! Today was our first date. He’s handsome, right? If you say so, then he is. -Music!
-Okay! ♪ That day at the amusement park
foreshadowed our destined meeting ♪ ♪ Your subtle appearance formed
a scene that moved my heart ♪ ♪ Why am I blushing nervously
at our secretly clasped hands? ♪ ♪ All it takes is two “I love you”s
for the air to turn sweet ♪ ♪ In my mind, over and over… ♪ Yu Fei. Yesterday, a young woman
was sent to the hospital. Her relationship caused
her to attempt suicide. That’s why I got off work late. Then I ran into another girl who passed out from dieting. I really don’t understand them. They don’t know to appreciate life. And then, I… Then I ran into another… Never mind. Anyways, I won’t run into
such girls again in the future. Yu Fei, How has your solo time been? Are you eating properly? Resting properly? It’s getting late. I’m off to work. Bye bye. [Recipient: Yu Fei] Yu Fei, yesterday, a young woman
was sent to the hospital. It’s been a week. Time to bathe! -Let’s go!
-Yup. Is this okay? 100 percent. Good genes.
That’s why you’re so perfect. I read this internship tip that said you’re supposed to dress
more maturely on your first day to make a good impression. This isn’t mature enough, is it? No need. You’re young, a clean sheet.
Nothing bad about that. Just work hard and be yourself. Mom, today’s the first
day of my internship and the day you
announce your new product. We both have to do our best. Last night you came back so late and you’d been drinking. Who were you with? I… I had a class reunion. Why are you so nervous? I’m more concerned about the
fact that you’re single at your age! Where’d you get the yogurt? The table, why? You want it? I’ll buy some for you tomorrow. That’s my love token! You ruined my love! [Dad] Hello? Son, where are you? -About to go to work.
-I think I’m locked out again! -The smart lock is broken again?
-Yeah. I went to take out the rubbish
and it locked me out. Alright, I’m on my way. Doctor, I’m an A.I. dog, but following you around
like this is exhausting. The estimated overtime should be… Should be about one second… Doctor! Please control yourself! Brother, you’re back! Mo Bai? -Qi Qi.
-Why are you here? Mo Bai, what happened to your face? It was an accident. Then be careful! Okay. Mo Bai. Right! I’m the one who called to ask
you to open the door for me. Isn’t that smart lock too smart? It managed to lock out
an A.I. expert like me! This won’t do. I need to program
something to deal with them. It’s out of battery. When it’s low on battery,
it’ll remind you 50 times. I didn’t know… Right, Xiao Qi? Mo Bai, come in and sit. Xiao Qi. Have you missed me? Brother, you haven’t
been home in so long! -You don’t love me anymore.
-I’ll take you out when I get the time. Is your internship busy? Will you come back on the weekend? We’ll see. I’m going to work. Mo Bai! Why don’t… Hurry and change the battery. Don’t catch a cold. Hey, Doctor. When did you learn to
lie to people and dogs? If you wanted to see your son,
you could’ve just told him. Why did you say the lock was broken? And you dragged me along too. What if I get sick? That would be best.
Then he’d keep us company every day. Alright, toss that out. Xiao Jing, how are you?
When are you getting discharged? I got arranged so many exams! I can’t even eat! I’m so
hungry I’m going to vomit. Bear with it until after the exams. I’ll visit you after work. Oh, by the way. I have a favor to ask. Help me find the doctor
who helped you last night. Doctor? I didn’t even see his
face clearly last night. What are you trying to do? Never mind that!
Just help me get info on him. I know he told me his name last night, but I have amnesia when I’m drunk,
I can’t remember what it was. How many Mr. Perfect doctors
are there in a hospital? Just ask around,
I’m sure you’ll find him! Mr. Perfect? Lady, how am I supposed to know
what you consider a Mr. Perfect? Someone whose appearance makes you feel like you’ve been struck
by thunder and you totally explode! And, your heart is going
to jump out of your throat. You can’t talk, you can’t breathe. Just like… Do you get me or not? Hello, can you hear? Yeah? N-Not only did I hear, I saw too. -Hi, delivery.
-Thank you. [Hetian Net] Chief Editor. Jiang Meng Yan. -That’s me.
-Welcome. I’m Zhao Bo Ya. Hi. I know you’re the chief news editor. I heard a lot about you in school. -Follow me.
-Okay. This is your desk. Tidy up,
then report to my office in ten. Okay! Among the smart technologies
Link Intelligence is about to unveil, the intelligent diagnosis
and treatment system includes intelligent diagnosis, medical
image archiving, medical databases, as well as basic drug therapy and more. Of course, it is still
in the experimental stage. However, I’m sure that in no time,
it will enter production. At that time, we’ll partner
with various major hospitals and advance the
entire health care industry. Now it’s time for a question and answer. Miss, go ahead. I’d like to ask Dr. Lin, As the main developer of the
smart medical diagnostic system, can you talk about the utilization
domain of your product? Actually, our product covers a
larger, broader scope. It can be used as a public
self-serve medical diagnostic system. Imagine… in the future,
smart medical diagnostic systems will be like street vending machines. All it will cost is a tiny bit of money for a full checkup and even basic treatment. Not only would that
decrease hospitals’ workload, it would also increase human
survivability and quality of life. That was the reason
for our A.I. development and our original goal. Thank you. Lin Si Tan… has he lost it? What is he saying? Public self-serve
medical diagnostic system? What is he implying? He’s just a
scientific advisor that we hired. That thing he’s researching,
what’s it called? Brain-inspired information
processing and intelligence. Yes. If I didn’t spend money to sponsor him, all his research would be
stalled at the hypothetical stage. Just listen to what he was just saying. He wants me to run a charity? To use all that research and
production money on welfare? I think we can try finding
some charity organisations to support and sponsor us. -Any pertinent branches.
-VP Chen… He’s lost it. Have you lost your marbles with him? Charity organisation sponsorship? What I need is the product to bring
us benefits from the major hospitals. I’m not running a charity. Neither am I here to benefit the masses. VP Chen, I don’t ever want to
hear the word “charity” again. Understood? Tell Lin Si Tan to shut his mouth. Don’t let him run his mouth
in front of the media again. I got it. I’ll take my leave then. Come in. Let me introduce you all. Jiang Meng Yan. Xu Da Lu. -Wang Wei Wei.
-Hello. This month, the three
of you will be a team. You’ll be with society news. Interviews, photography, and articles
are to be split between you. We welcome well-rounded talent. We’ve sent this month’s
topic to your emails. I’ll notify you guys
of any breaking news. If you have your own topic,
report to me. Get to work. Chief Editor! -Yes?
-Today is my first day. I still don’t really know the
workflow and nature of my job. Yeah, I’m a little confused too. You were a journalism major, right? And you used to be a cameraman? An experienced one! Then there shouldn’t be an issue
with content or interviewing. If you have any more inquiries,
just ask Wei Wei. She started here before you.
Discuss and plan among yourselves. -Go on.
-Okay. Hey, Wei Wei. Have you been here a long time? There’s a lot I don’t know,
you have to guide me. Today’s actually my first day too,
I just got here ten minutes earlier. I don’t have much experience
and I’m probably less capable too. Please help me out in the future. It’s okay! We’re all colleagues now,
we’ll take care of each other. Yes, we’ll help each other! I’m so lucky to be teamed up with you
two pink ladies from the get go! Let me introduce myself again. I’m Xu Da Lu, 26 years old. I just got into China News. Most importantly, I’m single. I’m sorry, Chief Editor just sent our topic to us,
I’m going to go familiarize myself. I’m going to go familiarize
myself with the workflow too. Then… who do I familiarize myself with? As soon as she got up, she just… How’s the suicide patient in 316? We took her blood pressure. Her heart rate has
returned to normal too. Oh, and she… she’s quite upset and refuses to speak. I think she’s pretty traumatized. Your injury… I heard you got beaten up
by a girl last night? Xiao Hua, the chief isn’t here yet? He had an emergency surgery,
so he’ll do rounds later. Hey, I heard…
a girl beat you up last night. That even the cops came here. Senior Chen isn’t a gossiper. Hey. Another nurse on duty said it, not me! The entire hospital knows? Even the elevator auntie knows. -Tell us who it was!
-Xiao Hua. Tell me when the chief comes. Mo Bai, you’re boring! You don’t know who it was either? -How would I know?
-Excuse me… Which doctor brought me here last night? I’ll leave you guys to it. Today’s press conference
was very successful. Congratulations. Although… CEO Lu is a little upset. I’m a scientist. I conduct scientific experiments.
I care about progress and results. I care about how to advance
the human development. You two may have different ideals, but at least he indirectly advanced
your A.I. product development. That’s not entirely illogical. But working with him is too awkward. It’s like a control command
not matching a control code. It causes chaos in a server. Alarm. Smoke. I mean how… Even couples and their
children have disagreements. Least of all partners. Our differences are too much. Way too much. It’s hopeless. It has to be made
both simple and effective. Yes, you’re right. Xiao Qi! Qi Qi! -Xiao Qi?
-You know Daddy’s home! Alright, go on and play. Lin, your house is way too messy! -Don’t touch that, don’t! Put it down!
-Okay, okay. U+. Doctor, how may I help you? Why is it so messy in here? Doctor, you are the one who
wished for it to remain untouched. Then… clean up. Yes, Doctor. Miss, your orange juice. Thanks. Would you like to hear a joke or a song? Or I can imitate a sparrow. No thank you. You’re welcome. Being able to serve
a beautiful lady is my honor. I am Xiao Pang, a service robot. Mute. Disappear. Sorry. He’s the first prototype. I never had time to upgrade him.
He can be a bit… talkative. How’s your relationship with Mo Bai? Has it changed? We’re great! He’s… very polite with me. Much more polite than
he is with his patients. It’s just he’s neither hot or cold. Very aloof. Both of you need some time. Have a little patience. We both need time… but how much time exactly? He never likes to bring up the past. I know… that inside, he hates me. I truly wronged him
and his mom in the past. If I were him… I wouldn’t forgive me either. These still need to be improved. Dr. Lin, thanks for
saving me last night! I’m a doctor, it’s my job. Dr. Lin, I have one more request. -Go on.
-Don’t blame Meng Yan for last night. We drank too much at our reunion
and she misunderstood, so… She’s not usually like that! She’s very pleasant and outgoing, very warm, friendly, and nice. She often helps kids
and seniors cross streets. Even when an ant dies,
she gets depressed for a long time! The person you’re talking about
is totally not the same person I met. She just took you for a pervert! -Do I look like one?
-No, no! She’s really not usually like that! -You’d know if you got to know her!
-Not interested. If you’re done, I’ll arrange
for you to be discharged. Doctor! Dr. Lin! Yeah? I’m so busy I’m about to lose it. What is it? My first discovery.
You have to remain calm. I’m not interested unless
it’s to do with Mr. Perfect. His name is Lin Mo Bai! And? I found out through eavesdropping that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Not only during his internship,
but all throughout college. Seriously? I’m sure! What else? There’s too much,
I can’t say it in a few words. I’ll tell you when we meet. But, you have to treat me. No problem. Barbecue, hotpot, we’ll never
eat the same thing twice. Okay! Also, one more thing. I heard he nearly broke his
wrist helping you last night. He’s an aspiring surgeon. His hands are so important! You owe him a lot! Listen, he’s getting off
work at 8:30 tonight. -You have to do your best!
-Okay, I got it. No girlfriend… Dr. Lin doesn’t have a girlfriend. Dr. Lin! I’m Jiang Meng Yan. Remember? Does your wound still hurt? I came to apologize! I’m sorry for my
drunken behavior that night. I heard you hurt
your wrist helping me out. Why don’t I treat you to a meal? I accept your apology. Forget the meal. By the way, I sent
your coat to dry cleaning. It’ll take a few days.
I’ll deliver it to you then. Just have it shipped. I just want to express
my gratitude, please accept it. I worked all day and I’m tired. Can you stop bothering me? Lin Mo Bai! If you ignore me, I’ll just register
for your services every day! ♪ The wind blows
ceaselessly in the air ♪ ♪ Rain falls slowly between my eyes ♪ ♪ Who can understand? ♪ ♪ My words only just left my mouth ♪ ♪ But they’re frozen in midair ♪ ♪ You remain indifferent and unmoved ♪ ♪ My heart still holds
a shred of feeling ♪ ♪ My hand almost
manages to clasp yours ♪ ♪ Your cold face when you turn around ♪ ♪ Is like the coming of winter ♪ ♪ Love disrupts time ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ It pauses this tragic position ♪ ♪ So you don’t disappear
from before my eyes ♪ ♪ No one knows ♪ ♪ The story that’s about to take place ♪ ♪ This illusion is preserved ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ Who will verify the
authenticity of our memories? ♪ ♪ Parting is perhaps
inevitable in our future ♪ ♪ We can only call it a pity ♪ ♪ Maybe we’ll forget ♪ ♪ How I once felt for you ♪ ♪ When time has stopped ♪ ♪ Who will verify the
authenticity of our memories? ♪ ♪ Parting is perhaps
inevitable in our future ♪ ♪ We can only call it a pity ♪ ♪ Maybe we’ll forget ♪ ♪ That I once treated you ♪ ♪ Sincerely ♪


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