Encephalitis – My Brain and Medicine 2019

[Music] So welcome everyone, welcome to our
third annual My Brain and Medicine – this is a really important event that the Encephalitis Society hosts here at the Royal Society of Medicine. We see it as a really important chance to
get people together that have had encephalitis and their family members and to
listen to talks by experts in their field about encephalitis. It’s a really great
chance to talk, experience different things and share our knowledge together. I’ve been invited to tell you about my
“lived experience”. I do come from an emotional place with what
happened. One of the reasons I came here was because I wanted to raise awareness. He was 20 months old and contracted
encephalitis, this was a few weeks afterwards. So we now have the
really fun part of the evening – the part where we get to congratulate and award
people that are working in the health industry. It’s a really great celebration
of people doing exceptional service and making the difference. I’ve got tears in my eyes.

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