CGRundertow DEXTER’S LABORATORY: CHESS CHALLENGE for Game Boy Advance Video Game Review

CGRundertow DEXTER’S LABORATORY: CHESS CHALLENGE for Game Boy Advance Video Game Review

The legacy of Cartoon Network, and I’m talking
about checkerboard logo Cartoon Network, has entertained thousands of cartoon fans like
myself from the time Ted Turner bought the channel in 1992 to the delight of Hanna Barbera
fans across America, to the inception of the ever-popular Adult Swim. Who could forget
Yogi Bear cartoons, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and The Powerpuff Girls? One boy genius about
as tall as a tree stump comes to mind, the kid with a secret laboratory in his basement,
Dexter. Created by Muscovite Genndy Tartakovsky, the show served as a springboard for cartoon
tycoons like Craig McCracken and Seth MacFarlane, and with its backup cartoons like Dial M For
Monkey and The Justice Friends, the show is indelibly printed onto the part of my brain
every time I feel dat nostalgia. Of course, with just about any successful cartoon franchise
ever since the days of the NES, the theme of Dexter’s laBORatory has become the target
for gamemakers as well. And what better way to channel your inner boy or girl genius than
by playing the computer or a human opponent in the King’s game itself? It was a fine idea
for developers Virtucraft and publishers BAM! Entertainment to develop such a game in Dexter’s
Laboratory: Chess Challenge for the Game Boy Advance, released at about the time the show’s
popularity was peaking in 2002. Just as about any chess game would operate, Chess Challenge
takes the most popular board game in the world and switches the traditional pieces from medieval
styled shapes to the most popular characters in the show and is stuffed with animations
a la Battle Chess. Except this time, they are a lot funnier and cooler. Each time you
make a capture, a different animation will play for each and every possible outcome.
Your player character will also make a wisecrack at the other, and it’s great to relive old
rivalries from the show like Dexter versus his archnemesis, Mandark. Dexter’s chess pieces,
for example, comes with Dexter as the king, old Dexter as bishop, and lab monkeys as pawns.
His annoying, free-spirited sister Dee Dee is flanked by her equally annoying and free
spirited friends as rooks and bishops, and dare I say ponies as the knights. Bronies,
I hope you’re happy. Piece movement is easy to watch and moves quickly and smoothly, and
the chessboard lights up accordingly whether you are trying to move your piece to a legal
position. If not, the move simply doesn’t happen. The time between moves by your opponent
do not take more than a few seconds to make either, which adds to the overall smoothness
factor. Along with the regular tournament mode, the puzzles are worth checking out too,
and may be even more fun to play than tournament. Each puzzle is a scenario where you must complete
a checkmate with one move. The challenges start off with three pieces and work all the
way up to a nearly full board, and it’s a great feeling when you know you’ve made the
right move. The only qualms I have with Dexter’s Laboratory: Chess Challenge is the fact that
there is only one camera angle for tournament mode, which might make wayward moves easier.
I would also prefer a file save as opposed to passwords, since 2002 is probably far enough
into the future for battery save. With classic animation that tickles the fancy of classic
Cartoon Network kids everywhere, Dexter’s Laboratory Chess Challenge is a worthy addition
to your collection and will take you back to the days where you wished Computer was
just a few stories below your bunk bed.


  1. Daniel Baker says:

    not first

  2. BattleJoe97 says:

    @TheDLBinc Fuck Second

  3. BattleJoe97 says:

    @RandomJasonO Fuck fourth

  4. RapDog62 says:

    Loved this show

  5. Bill Rizer says:

    @BattlefieldJoe97 fuck fifth

  6. BattleJoe97 says:

    @BattlefieldJoe97 Fuck sixth

  7. BattleJoe97 says:

    @BattlefieldJoe97 Fuck eight

  8. mkocja5a says:

    oh god i hate this cartoon! not just because it sucks and the characters suck, but because it wastes an awesome concept. a little kid with technology, a laboratory and giant robots could have been an amazing sci-fi action show, like transformers! but instead, what do they do? make it …a fucking comedy about an annoying kid with an even more annoying familly -_- WHAT THE FUCK!
    (…sorry, i had to get that off my chest) XD

  9. Bill Rizer says:

    @BattlefieldJoe97 fuck seventh

  10. Bill Rizer says:

    @BattlefieldJoe97 fuck 9th

  11. BattleJoe97 says:

    @JakeTheHedgehogX5 Fuck fourteen

  12. Bill Rizer says:

    @BattlefieldJoe97 fuck fifteen

  13. vivelecorn says:

    @mkocja5a u mad bro?

  14. mkocja5a says:

    @vivelecorn no 😛 i'm glad i finally got that of my chest XD

  15. Bill Rizer says:

    @THEmomsqaud2 fuck 19th

  16. gam903 says:


  17. Joaquin Lopez Alcala says:

    The secret laboRRatoRRy wasn't in the basement, it was hidden in his room.

  18. garrywarne1 says:

    @gam903 Congratulations, that is such a deep and insightful comment.

  19. The Pirate Man Of Awesome says:

    How'd he fit it in there though?
    He even had a decayed district, with old inventions seeking revenge for him forgetting about them.
    Maybe he is secretly Dr. Who

  20. mark maher says:

    im probably the only person alive who plays chess not to win but tot understand my opponent better

  21. FastTquick says:

    Man, Cartoon Network really was the shit back then. There were a lot of great cartoons I remember watching when I was younger. Those were far better than the cartoons kids watch now. On a side note, I've always wondered who the voice actor for Mandark was.

  22. Cress Alvein says:

    Happy New Year Undertow!!!!

  23. Jack Brayton says:

    Yuck. Generation 3 ponies.

  24. gutterball92 says:

    @mkocja5a This isn't fucking ABC daytime, it's Cartoon Network.

  25. mkocja5a says:

    @michaeljacksonarg there was a hole in his room that led there

  26. orionpax55 says:

    @Redkaratika Nobody but Peter Cushing can be Dr. Who. Doctor Who, however, is a totally different story.

  27. Qwil says:

    No, no. I'm not happy.
    That certainly isn't Pinkie Pie.

  28. AlekTheNerd says:

    My left ear is lonely. 🙁

  29. The Pirate Man Of Awesome says:

    Then how did the other Docters play the role? lol, I actually prefer David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston

  30. Dev LovesSatan says:

    @KidAuthorFilms All ponies are yuck ;D

  31. Mariofreakman says:

    I miss old cartoon network cartoons )-:

  32. Joaq Wizard Phoenix says:

    Don't Like This Comment

  33. mkocja5a says:

    @RickRoller90001 nah

  34. Maaz ahmed says:

    what if u don't know how to play chess?

  35. Mike Young says:

    for me when i was playing this game, i choose dee dee as my power character. also, mee mee and lee lee are one of dee dee's friends. so, my rival is dexter because he turned dee dee into a victim in episodes.

  36. The8bitLoser says:

    i had this game, didnt even know how to play chess and it was still fun

  37. HyperHunt621 says:


  38. Hezekiah Ramirez says:

    A friend of mine once made a typo that is much funnier in retrospect. She wrote "Sexter's Lab," since the D and S keys are next to one another. Well I didn't give it a second thought at the time but then "sexting" became a thing. So "sexter" actually kind of makes sense now in a way. Sexting… Wow. One of the worst portmanteaus I've ever seen. It's kind of creative I guess but it just sounds so stupid. Oh well, at least it made the typo funny.

  39. MrYoshbert says:

    Wow, actual voice acting!  Pretty rare for a licensed GBA game based on a cartoon.

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