Captain America Is A WERWOLF!

Captain America Is A WERWOLF!

Greetings comics lovers welcome back to casually
comics the channel where we chat all things comics from reviews of comics new and old
to history to anecdotes to really wherever our whims take us. I’m Sasha and if you’ve
been casually floating in the realm of quirky comic book trivia you may have heard whispers
of the time Captain America was a werewolf and yes they called him Cap Wolf. this was
real it really happened and the arc it happens in. You’re not going to be the same after
I tell you about but it also may not be what you expect. Before we howl at the moon if
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so more can know the joy that is Cap Wolf. This story arc comes to us from 1992 and is
written by Mark Gruenwald the same person who brought us the Cap accidentally doles
meth I mean ice arc. So all the things that were happening there the multiple plot points
the appearances from random characters for no reason that’s all going to happen here
but even more. This arc is 6 issues but it’s really 7 cause there’s an epilogue that
wraps everything up so the whole 6 issue arc thing is deceiving. We’re of course going
to look at all 7 cause in for a penny in for a pound. Issue 402/issue 1 of this arc go! Man and
Wolf the search for john jameson begins man cap sure looks mildly concerned on this cover
the werewolf looks cool but cap pulls focus which makes sense cause it’s his cover still
it let’s you know what you’re in for werewolves! Our story opens with a werewolf attack and
the title the prowling which is most likely a play on the howling which is a really good
werewolf movie even if not all of the effects hold up. Also this werewolf attack was fatal and we
see wolverine briefly investigate say hi and bye to wolverine he won’t be back all issue.
Meanwhile in new york Captain America decides that he needs to go look for some of his missing
friends two are missing diamondback and john jameson who yes is j jonah jameson’s son.
So he decides to look for john first why I dunno he flips a coin or something he leaves
Black Widow in charge and takes a leave of absence from the team cause why use resources
that would speed up your search when you can do it the hard way. Actually they may have a lead on John the
werewolf attack ok so some of you may be wondering how and or why is this a lead. Ok so the comic
and I will tell you so John Jameson is a werewolf man wolf. He was turned into a werewolf cause
writers felt the character was just languishing and they should do something with him and
well why not. John Jameson was an astronaut who went to the moon and there he found a
gem which he made into a pendant cause why give over the artifacts you find when you
can wear them and it attached itself to his neck and when activated by moonlight turned
him into a werewolf. So he’s a space werewolf this is the cliffnotes there’s a whole thing
about who made the stone and why but that’d what you need he’s a space werewolf and
his transformations are tied to this god stone which is the gems actual name. Captain america goes to check on the godstone
which was currently in dust form after being destroyed curt connors had it cause why not
just leave it with the lizard. Any idea what happened to the dust? Yes curt
swept it up and carefully put it in a sealed container to examine. Then what? Then he put
it away. In an ordinary drawer unlocked that anyone
could open shock and awe it’s not there anymore. Cap then goes and ask jameson if he;s seen
his son to which he’s all my son is missing and he was a pilot for the avengers. Way to
go cap. Really this is here to build emotional tension to make us worried about John that
is the only time this will happen for the rest of this arc so I hope you were concerned. Cap decides he needs mystic occult help but
doctor strange isn’t available so we get knock off doctor strange doctor druid which is funny
to think of his as but actually he came first and then doctor strange was created and pretty
much usurped him in all ways. In fact doctor strange partially came about cause lee vaguely
remembered druid then called doctor droom but forgot his name but wanted to bring back
a magician. Ouch. He’s not on the best terms with the avengers
cause of a long stint being mindcontrolled by the villainess terminatrix. But he wants
oh so desperately for them to like him that he spends all his time talking about how useful
he is or at least that’s how he’s written here. He jumps at the chance to work with
Cap.And get a ride on his custom sky cycle batteries not included. They’re attacked by a werewolf which allows
for one of my favourite panels. Cap knocking the creature off Druid with his shield while
yelling John is that you. Punch once for yes twice for no. The doctor’s down for the count injured
bleeding in that 90s way meaning they say he is but we’ll just have to take his word
for it. However the werewolf they are fighting is captured by moonhunter. Who is that he’s
a new character created for this storyline. 409! Guest starring wolverine he’s back!
The doctor is fine he’s magicked his wound closed so cap takes off after moonhunter on
his sky cycle which gets destroyed with one shot. Oh no say it ain’t so. Wolverine sees
all this happening overhead and we see moonhunter taking his captured werewolf to a mysterious
doctor. Who’s revealed 2 pages later it’s nightshade. Ok nightshade also known as queen
of the werewolves she’s a scientist who loves turning people into werewolves why cause
everyone needs a hobby. She’s a captain america villain and yes she’s tried to turn
him into a werewolf before. Anyway she’s working for a mysterious hooded figure dun
dun dunnn. And he’s got the moon gem aka the godstone, but no time for that wolverine
showed up in this town that they’ve turned into werewolves yes the whole town. And he’s
overwhelmed cause this is the 90s so logan still has restrictions on his abilities. We’re
not in old man logan territory which wants you to believe he can defeat all the x-men
singlehandedly. Meanwhile doctor druid has used his wound
to track his attacked back to this same town my wounds fine the walk has invigorated me…uh
huh I believe you, but does cap? Well he better feel invigorated cause they
are surrounded by werewolves. Issue 404 has a cool cover with cap fighting
wolverine and logan’s claws ripping through the title it’s exciting makes you want to
dive in. Let’s show them we’re not sheep. No not
sheep for sheep cannot levitate out of harms way I do not possess your physical prowess
Captain but I will attempt to aid our cause in my own inimitable manner. You can just feel Steve going I should have
waited for doctor strange or gone alone. Cap is still looking to see if any of these
werewolves is john raising an important point if your friend is a werewolf you should really
try to see their lycanthrope form at least once you know for emergencies. Druid levitates cap out of the fight and makes
him invisible meanwhile nightshade has been trying and failing to turn wolverine into
a werewolf because of his healing factor but that doesn’t stop her boss from hypnotizing
him. Abandon your efforts to make him one of the moon children , He is feral enough
for our community as is. As the sun rises the town transforms back
so still invisible cap and doctor d explore it and go to check out the mayor’s office
where they’re attacked by wolverine. Steve is appropriately confused to see him there.
Wolverine? Logan you’re under some sort of spell you have to fight it. While Cap is fighting logan doctor druid peaces
out which means logan is able to get him down and then nightshade tranks him. Captain america you don’t know what a treat
this is being able to ply my trade with your exquisite physique again so soon. Awww yeah
it’s cap wolf time. Captain get ready to howl 405 this issue is just called capwolf there
he is look at him getting a cover all to himself cause we need to bask in this glory. The shield
still hiding some of the face so you need to go inside for the reveal love it. We get a two page spread for his transformation
into a blonde werewolf. I’ll even forgive that this issue is called dances with werewolves.
Dances with wolves had come out two years earlier it would have been relevant or at
least a pun I can see you making the leap to easier than you would at the time of this
recording. However nightshade can’t control him and
he still retains some semblance of human thought Voice bad voice not listen bad. Shiny thing
mine take. Cap escapes and doesn’t turn back in the
sun why cause super soldier serum that’s why if you ever need Steve to not react as expected
deus ex serum to the rescue. Why can cap eat a whole chocolate cake and I can’t super
soldier serum. Still the sunlight thing is instantly rendered void cause the villain
leader just forces the townspeople to transform in broad daylight which he can do cause sorcery. Meanwhile didn’t cap come here with someone
oh yeah the deserting showoff I hope captain america doesn’t think I deserted him nah
I mean why would he think that it;s only true. No I am certain he can handle himself. To
his credit he finds the moonstone but then comes face to helmet with dredmund the druid
so get ready for a druid battle and the gtwo proceed to have a psychic battle but a real
one meaning they’re just standing there. Scintillating. Cap meanwhile is trying to talk to the werewolves
but to no avail and then wolverine attacks him again and werewolf cap doesn’t gold
back he goes for the eyes. How’s that psychic magic fight going i am
exerting enough sheer mental force to give him a cerebral hemorrhage how can he still
be standing? Oh gee I dunno maybe you’re not as great as you think you are. And he;s
not cause he loses. Yeah that’ll get him reinstated on the avengers. Cap has returned to nightshade cause in his
confused werewolf brain she was the only person who could help him. He bright moonhunter back
with him after defeating him too. 406 wolfpack attack man the 90s really loved
the logan haircut except for cap they all have it. Into the punishment pit captain you’ve been
a bad beastie running about and scaring the poor townsfolk. Look at her shoulder pads
I’d be too scared to ever wear those what if you tripped. Same with the spike collar
what if she forgets she;s wearing it and goes to scratch her neck. Cap drops into the punishment pit and instantly
gets into a fight with the alpha werewolf. A fight he wins very quickly he throws alpha
wolf right up against the grating. Doctor druid is being set up at an alter and dredmund
proves he is truly dastardly by cutting off his ponytail cause he thinks it looks bad. That’s too far you leave people’s looks
alone that;s such an added insult like not only did | defeat you but you could look better
too. Here I bought you some new clothes and a comb.
In the pit wolfsbane is down there from x factor cause why not canon wise it’s cause
the moon gem was luring all lycanthropic creatures to this location but really she;s there to
a teach cap how to speak with his werewolf larynx and be to introduce the concept of
x factor and x teams into this so we can now have cable in this story, here he is the man
out of time himself why cause it’s 1992 and Cable is really popular. He’s not even
looking for wolfsbane he’s looking for feral. Capwolf is leading a revolution in the punishment
pit for pyramid biggest at bottom. Working together do what no one could alone.
Aww even as a werewolf cap is pro teamwork. Now free the wolves don’t get wolverine
cause he;s still mind controlled and instead they capture nightwolf and moonhunter which
is his real name he;s zachary moonhunter how can you not hunt werewolves with a name like
that. Also they’ve been making werwolves from a normal supernatural I got bit/family
curse werewolf not the moonstone.But they’re pseudo werewolves partially under dredmunds
control modified by nightshades serum just go with it. Nightshade refuses to make an antidote mostly
to spite cap wolf who needs to hurry off cause dredmund is conducting a ceremony that he
needed doctor druid for or well any sorceror I guess. The blood of the ancients pulses through this
man’s veins yet he is an unworthy vessel for their grandeur and glory. Ok so he needs
his blood to purify the moonstone for this ritual cap wolf bursts in but not before he
slits doctor druids throat and attaches the stone to his and he begins to transform. Concluded i two weeks that’s a lie. Fake
ending issue go. Capwolf vs cable whole will be lord of the
wolves. I love cable but please someone why is cable here. He doesn’t have to be here. So what dredmund transforms into I kind of
love the starwolf this design of this cosmic werewolf I think it’s really cool. The energies
of this mystical stone immersed in the blood of my prey and shaped by my own occult mastery
have transformed me. So did it matter whose throat he slit or did it just need to be somebody
he beat so could he have just punched some guy in the street and still gone immersed
in the blood of my prey. Asking for a friend. You wish to test my power for yourself very
well be that way. Capwolf star wolf fight! I am the ultimate
man wolf you are a mere product of abnormal chemicals. Don’t throw the serum at cap
like that he’s sensitive about it don’t make him do a whole warehouse full of drugs
he’ll do it. So star wolf wants to make the world into
wolves cause humanity is degradation people are the worst and they suck you know the drill.
So Cap’s pack show up to help him cause he’s the alpha and they fight starwolf’s
townspeople then Cable shows up cause feral showed up cause he has tracking devices inside
all x factor members uniforms oof cable boundaries. Fun fact did you know cable is named after
mister sinister like his whole name nathaniel. Just telling you cause the more you know and
I mean narratively cause scott spent a year with sinister as a child it was a whole thing.
If you’re super new to comics another fun fact cable is cyclops son born in the present
raised in the future. And he’s here to insert himself into this fight that has nothing to
do with him at all. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf. Cap tries to get cable to b u t t out which
gives starwolf the opening to wrap them up in a carpet. What is happening? Whose mutant power is it to control carpets The while wolf cap fight has moved doctor
druid to the laboratory where nigthsahde is being held and he injects her with her own
serum to force her to find an antidote cause despite being the self proclaimed queen of
werewolves she herself doesn’t want to be one. Moonhunter who was mindcontrolled this whole
time apparently frees wolverine but doctor druid is alive and fine despite having his
throat slit and frees both of them from their brainwashing. I’ve won captain america and the bionic
interloper have been crushed starwolf proceeds to monologue hard when wolverine just causally
walks in and cuts the carper holding capwolf and cable open. They ain’t been crushed Why did everyone think that these two were
defeated by a rolled up carpet what does that say about everyone here. Why were they down
for the count how tightly was it rolled? Impossible you should be dead. It was a carpet! Cap starts trying to remove the gem from his
throat and his kinda succeeding when it seems like cable uses his telekenisis to force it
out and then steps on it. So I guess it ‘s a good think he came after all thank goodness
he survived that deadly carpet. Ok now for the secret ending issue 7 408. Everyone is just gathered in the room now
it;s kinda like yeah that was a thing that happened to us nightshade has concocted a
cure in what appears to be twenty minutes Doctor druid is alive cause I managed to seal
my throat wound through sheer force of will. Please let me rejoin the avengers I will 100%
abandon you to do my own thing but I heal my own wounds.
And the white wolf was john jameson he was there the whole time hooray! We were all so
worried. When suddenly Cap is attacked by an evil nightmare version of himself which
is a hod over from the infinity war arc which if you hadn’t read would make no sense cap
has to defeat his evil duplicate while slowly re-transforming into a man. Hands up those of you who have figured out
this evil twin is a refugee from the infinity war. This prob played better when the comic
was released now its just kinda like ok I mean everything else in these issues was so
bonkers why not. Nightshade reluctantly cures the whole town
except for one person the guy who was the natural werewolf who is all it’s ok i accept
my fate and then rides off with some guy on a motorbike. Jameson resigns cause turns out he wasn’t
missing he went to work for dredmund voluntarily why?? Well cause When I became an astronaut
at the start of the space age you superhero types were practically unheard of. Guys like
me we had the right stuff we were the bravest and the brightest the best humanity had going
for it then you guys began popping up all over and suddenly astronauts were yesterdays
news. I guess when I applied to be your pilot I
hoped to see up close what made you people tick see if I could get some of the new right
stuff to rub off on me. Being near guys like you cap has just gotten
to be too much for me to handle i need to do something else with my life Okay john but i just want you to know I’m
going to miss you as far as I’m concerned you do have the right stuff… Ummm no he’s not ok he nearly started a
wolf world because of how not ok he is but there’s always a place for him on the avengers
but not with their therapist cause clearly they don’t have one also cap instantly hired
moonhunter as his new pilot cause that’s how hard john’s position was to fill. He
at least waiting til john was out of ear shot though. They really will just let anyone into
the avengers huh Zachary. And that was the story of cap wolf. What….just…happened.
Everything was happening in that story and some of it for no reason. The 90s loved a
good cameo and if you could put wolverine in a book he was going in the book why cause
he’s wolverine. This was fun but it probably read better as
single issues than all together, all together at once it’s a lot of a lot and just how
little some of it fits together shines through it’s definitely not a story riding high
on emotional stakes but it certainly has action and werewolves. It’s not boring that’s
for sure there was even an entire subplot I cut out from this involving another of caps
friends. Still i have questions was it really worth
creating that moon hunter character? How long do you have to be missing before cable activates
the stalker beacon in your suit? Is anyone going to acknowledge how not ok john is. So this this is one of those comics people
tell you about when they say comics are silly and this is out there but honestly I had fun.
It’s not the best and the motivations are what exactly why werewolves this fixes mankind
how? But really this was about the werewolves if you’re reading this especially now you’re
here for cap as a werewolf and this comic definitely delivers that. However major points
lost for him not even fully defeating the star wolf. Why do I love the star wolf so much. This this stays with you is that good or bad
you decide. I think this comic had more weaknesses than strengths especially for a modern or
newer reader who may be missing a connection or knowledge base for a lot of the characters
however it’s strengths are so outlandish that they stay with and it’s enjoyably hokey
I sealed my own neck wound said no one ever no they gsgdsggdg. So what did you think? What’s your favourite
supernatural arc share your thoughts down below. I’m Sasha thanks so much for watching casually
comics. please do all of the YouTube things, like share comment subscribe and hit that
bell notification so that you never miss a vid. I’ll see you again soon here on Casually
Comics bye bye.


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