Byjeannine’s Korean Acne Treatment | Seoul Guide Medical

Byjeannine’s Korean Acne Treatment | Seoul Guide Medical

Hey guys today I’m gonna be showing you some skin care treatments that I recently got here in Korea and I’m sure most of you know that Korea is known for its beauty industry like plastic surgery skincare treatments and so on and as I’m currently living here in Seoul I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to kind of work on my skin as It has gotten really really bad over the past year ever since I stopped taking birth control when I got off my Hormones went crazy and my skin was breaking out really really bad I had really bad acne and that’s why I’m dealing with acne scars right now I’ve been trying out so many different skincare products, but nothing really helped So I started to get really frustrated. Luckily, there’s makeup and the scars are easy to cover, but I just want to feel Comfortable without makeup as well. And I feel like a lot of people can relate to that It’s honestly one of the reasons why I stopped filming makeup tutorials because I just felt so uncomfortable sitting in front of the camera camera showing my face like that and I just didn’t feel like filming and you would see how it would affect me and I don’t want to sit there and Film and pretend that everything is fine if it’s not I mean, it’s not just the skin but it’s more to that but it’s one of the main reasons why I didn’t film but from now on can only get better as I Get contacted by soul guide medical. I’ve actually worked with them in the past So there’s a video on my channel of me getting a skincare treatment with a soul guide medical So if you guys haven’t seen that make sure you guys check it out. So soul get medical is a medical tourism service provider They have foreign patients get the treatments and procedures done Which you want to get here Korea by guiding them through all the steps as they are fluent in English They have native speakers which are fluent in other languages as well And also they have access to all the top hospitals here in Korea. They even provide Airport pick-up they help with transportation accommodation So everything is well taken care off the slogan medical my friend. Tony Medina helped me find a moleskin clinic and Recommended me to use their services which take care of everything for me Mo Skin Clinic is fluent in English as well and they are located in the center of Gangnam So this is what my skin looks like now and This is what my skin looked like right before getting the treatments as you can see it has gotten way better I still have a lot of acne scars, but Yo, it got so much better. So if you’re interested in the treatments I’ve got and make sure you guys keep watching So first I had a consultation with a doctor to find out What would be the best as a first step for my skin? So as my skin was really bad, we decided to go with a care package first before getting the actual laser treatment And it’s called speaker link Something called care and then there’s the laser portion of it when you should probably go with the care first They have a really cool treatment here called speckling You should do it maybe a couple of times but Even after one time it kind of cleared up a similar issue and it makes it a little bit better And then after that I can go ahead with the actual laser treatments that will help to clear up this combination So it’s better not to wash your face today Just go to sleep with the way we move you and then from tomorrow you can wash your face and when they come So after the consultation we started off by cleansing my skin using the clinic’s own skincare products and it honestly felt so relaxing So next I applied a special oil that is made with a clinic themselves to clear up the skin and to clear up the sebum and After that, we applied an oxygen mask which bubbles and you can really feel it tickling on your skin why the oxygen mask goes on we use the steamer to really open up the pores and that’s how the oxygen masks dosed insight into the pores to really Clean them after the first round of steaming We cleanse my skin again and repeated the whole step to open up the pores even more to get it ready for this pickling treatment So for this pickling they’re using these kinds of ampoules that really go into your pores and They really work it into your skin. That’s why it hurts a little but it’s not too bad. So she’s saying this may hurt It might not hurt at the very beginning but you’ll feel it slowly coming in a little bit and there’s a smell so Yeah, just be aware. There’s a smell It smells like the ocean. Oh no. Oh It’s Organic right, so it smells very organic My skin felt really warm and I felt this kind of heat as the speaker lingos been really deep As a steamer and oxygen mask between the open up the pores without the steamer and the mask The speaker Ling wouldn’t go as deep into the pores. That’s why it would be less effective. I Can see how it smells like feet Yeah So this is mineral water that’s going to help this treatment become more effective and it’s also going to help you for the aftercare That’s nice So after the mineral water step we went for another round of speckling as it should be done at least twice As the second round is more effective than the first round So this is the second round of Mineral water that’s going to cool your skin because I’m sure you probably feel a little bit like at this point The mineral water feels so refreshing as you may feel hot and it really helps your skin cool down a little How does it Refreshing. It smells kind of sweet – I Rhonda water miss. Bye everyone Yeah, yeah, it feels amazing I’m not sure how it looks on camera, but Just looking at you from this side. It already looks a little bit More common down not it’s not gonna be gone right any but it looks a little bit more calm down So after that, we applied in essence and a chic mask that is specifically made for acne So why the sheet mask was still in my face I was undergoing laser light therapy to cool down my skin and to rejuvenate This kind of rejuvenation laser light therapy has different effects the one that you’re undergoing right now has to do with With the heat in your face, so it’s cooling you down and rejuvenating yourself your body a cellular level This rejuvenation laser light can be done by itself But it’s usually better done at the end of the treatment that you’ve suffered some damage and after the laser We apply two different creams to rejuvenate my skin even faster I would give you a tip while she’s getting her massage After this treatment, they’re not going to place Sunscreen on your face because the materials you have in your face has to work if you play sunscreen. It’ll block it from working They are gonna place Specialized creams to control your acne. So right now not a good idea to go out into the Sun You know, if you got to insist not for a couple of minutes, that’s not a problem. Like don’t go Sun tanning Just you know go someplace inside Like tomorrow you can start placing sunscreen wash your face But for today better to just keep it under control and don’t be out in the cemetery So tip number two if your face is still burning afterwards Which is a really normal sensation and it might last up to a few hours when you go home Just put an ice pack on from time to time like this, but you don’t want to put on any creams or extra solutions So ice packs, yes, but creams or extra solutions. No, not quickly so the whole day whenever I went to touch my skin like I just like touch it it would hurt a little since you could Still feel the little small particles So just don’t touch your skin. So this is what my skin look like right after the treatment when I got home. I Notice in my skin look flatter and more calm because I used to have those small bumps. Um, Like in this area that you could still see with makeup August I mean acne scars are easy to cover but the thumbs would still be visible and like super textured and I feel like the civilian treatment really helped me get rid of those because everything looks so much more even a couple of days after my skin started peeling as they told me it would and then you know It’s having the effect also, you shouldn’t feel it with your fingers. Just don’t touch it Wait for it to fall off by itself completely Also, Tony told me that there could be temporary breakouts because the skin over produces sebum, which has happened to me unfortunately, but it’s just temporary so I didn’t really Freak out or anything. So two weeks after the speaker link treatment I came back to the Skin Clinic mo Skin Clinic to get the actual laser treatment The laser treatment I got is called dual Fraxel It’s a treatment that erases hyperpigmentation by using – for two different lasers at the same time So using two different lasers boost the effect and the speed of the treatment. So this procedure improves scars wrinkles and pigmentation So we started off by cleansing my face and by applying a numbing cream Which we left on for around 20 minutes as you can see my skin look really really really bad Because I had the temporary breakouts from this pickling and I think at this point my skin has been the worst it has ever been Yeah, I know. These angles aren’t really flattering Thanks on you. I can’t really chubby ever since I came here, but I’m working on it. So bear with me But yeah, what are you seeing here? Is the numbing cream We apply the thick layer and make sure that everything is well covered in the numbing cream And then we applied a foil on top to make sure that it like assists on my face. Also, I got anti pain medication as in a shot in my hip She’s removing the numbing cream, I’ll explain what’s going to happen. She’s going to have a Fraxel dual gun on her face this is a much more advanced version than the original Fraxel ‘s So this is going to resurface her skin and make it better the downside to this is that she will have a few Days of downtime you can see where her face is gonna be a little bit red and it might peel a little bit But that’s part of the resurfacing Experience the goal of this laser is to resurface your skin close your pores a little bit fix a bit of the acne It’s not gonna get everything a hundred percent. In fact, the improvements are not that’s a 50% improvement over There are no lasers that do that you can expect about 10 to 20 percent improvement So this is something that may have to be done two three times Maybe even five times in total for some people. It really depends on on your Condition so then I got injections in my pimples and even in the ones that were still Under my skin and haven’t really come to the surface yet to make them go away Faster so worth it because my pimples were gone the next day I don’t know how but they will flat and I would do it again. So you’re gonna have some injections down right now, okay Here we go Okay, it’s not that bad, okay Yeah, so a feeling you’ll get is when he not when he pierces the skin but me pushes the liquid inside Okay, kind of going on one more right now, okay Jay’s component On one underneath your skin So after getting all the injections we started with the first round of laser Okay, here we go ready Yeah, hang in there, okay It’s pretty interesting you can literally see her skimpy Resurfaced really? Yeah. Oh, can you roll your lycian roll your Lipson. He’ll do the lips now ready So since it’s a dual Fraxel laser, there’s two different settings. So after we were done with the first round, which is good for Scars and pores. We went ahead with a second mode, which is good for hyperpigmentation So this is a different setting so we’re gonna place some goggles on you for the setting ready The sound as you can tell it’s different as well There’s a bit of a heavier resurface, yeah, does it feel the same? No it is it’s worse Oh It sounds scary don’t worry, the bunny rabbit is here to protect you I Can’t really explain the pain My I just felt really hot. And it feels like your skin is getting burned and that’s literally what it feels like I Can’t imagine what it would feel like without the numbing cream and without the anti pain medication after we were finally done with the laser We spray the mist which is the treatment for after lasers and we put on the cooling sheet mask Bet that feels so good So after I got home after getting the treatment my skin still felt super hot and It was still burning even a couple of hours after so I applied a sheet mask on my skin Which I had put in a fridge before to cool it down a little and it felt better immediately The laser treatment itself hurt a lot for me personally, as I said before my pain tolerance is really low But it would have been way worse without the numbing cream and the injection and the shot It just felt super hot like my skin would get burned, but it only lasted for a couple of minutes So it was fine and it will be worth it in the end the next day I noticed that the pimples I had were gone due to the injections like I mentioned before and the films I had especially the ones That are still underneath the skin those take forever to go away but with the injections they were gone the next day and I don’t know I still don’t know how I’m Cooking is that what you call it? But yeah, I would do it again. Also the next couple of days you could see Like like a pattern on my skin that the laser created and I’m going to show you a picture right here But it didn’t hurt or anything I didn’t feel any pain and it just went away by itself So it’s totally sad one laser treatment is gonna improve the skin from 10 to 20 percent So, of course, my scars aren’t gonna fade away completely But I did notice that my pores especially on my nose since I have really big pores pores whereas smaller and tighten So that’s what I didn’t notice immediately so again this is what my skin looks like now a couple of weeks after the treatment after the laser treatment and as you can see it has gotten so much better than on the pictures and videos I showed you in the beginning before the treatments and I couldn’t be happier because I don’t know wilkes It’s such a big difference, but the difference is insane. So we pretty much got my acne under control now I mean, there’s still a long way to go. I still have acne scars but keep in mind I’ve only had one laser treatment so far. So I’m gonna go undergo some more laser treatments to Make the rest of my acne scars fade away So if you’re in Korea and you want to get a treatment or a procedure definitely go check out Seoul get medical they explain everything so well and they got you through every step so you feel So so well taken care of and I can only recommend them you can find all their handouts in the description box down below So definitely go check out their channel and don’t forget. So hit the subscribe button and also follow them on Instagram Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe and comment down below if you guys have any questions and yeah, that’s it for the video Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next one. Peace Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery skin dental vision correction and other medical treatments Soil guide medical is here to find you the best doctors the best procedures and take care of you from start to finish Contact us at consult at soul guide medical comm for a free consultation with our specialists Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with airport pickup Accommodations in clinic translations aftercare and hold your hand every step of the way Visit our website at soul guide medical comm for more information sole guide medical. Happy patients always


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