BSc Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography)

BSc Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography)

I’m Alun Gwernan Jones, I’m a second year student on the Medical Imaging BSc programme, at the University of Exeter. So I’d always wanted to do something related to medicine and when I saw the
facilities I was really excited by what high quality they were, and then the
whole idea of actually being able to get onto the programme was just fantastic and when I met the people here, they were incredibly friendly and welcoming so
it’s just been bit of a dream come true for me to get onto the programme. I still sort of metaphorically have to pinch myself that I’m going in to lectures and I’m learning all about the stuff that I’ve always wanted to learn about; the
way that the human body works and then on placement I am actually that person
going out and calling somebody’s name and doing an X-ray exam on them which is just really exciting. I really liked Exeter on the Open Day, it was so cozy and everyone knows everyone pretty much. If you want to go studying with a
friend it’s really easy to go find a workspace to do that, and likewise if you
want to go and see a lecturer, they’re really approachable and have an
open-door policy. I’ve always had a really strong interest in biology and physics and the Medical Imaging programme offers an in-depth knowledge into those
areas as well as the patient-care experience. Placement is my favourite thing about the programme, it’s absolutely terrifying your first day as a first year
when you turn up into the hospital and you feel like you know nothing. And it’s really nice here, we have a four-month block placement so it means you get to actually settle in with your colleagues and feel confident in that area and therefore you can kind of push yourself out of your comfort zone and, by doing that you actually learn a lot more than if you’re just moving around all of
time. I chose Exeter because I wanted access to the brilliant lecturers they have here who have all specialised in different modalities for Medical Imaging. They have a brilliant range of societies here and they have a really strong community amongst the campus, not only on St. Luke’s which is the Medical campus, but on Streatham as well. I feel really accepted here. As a first year there was loads of support not only from our personal tutors, but actually from the students in the upper years: so they have peer-assisted learning schemes, where the second and third years assist us with our learning. In second and third year there’s actually more opportunities to get involved; with the council, with the Dean’s competitions, there are journal competitions we can get involved in, yeah there’s loads of opportunities that the University gives us. Once I’ve qualified from the University of Exeter, I’d like to specialize and then travel; not only around the UK, but this course actually gives me the opportunity to work anywhere in the world.


  1. Azharul Islam Azhar says:

    Love my profession

  2. Sathish Balu says:

    I am doing my 1st year bsc radiology and medical imaging technology. I love this career…

  3. Mehedi Hasan Joy says:

    I am from Bangladesh. I studying Radiology and imagine diploma Course in Bangladesh. Iam interest to studying bsc Radiography Course in abroad. So what can i do? Any one help me?

  4. D says:

    How much radiation in miliserverts
    Does a full spine x ray expose you to?
    I have had 2 full spine scoliosis x rays in my life is that too much radiation can i take more x rays?

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