Biomaterials for Medical Devices | Evonik

Biomaterials for Medical Devices | Evonik

Did you know that worldwide osteoporosis causes more than 9 million fractures annually? As a result there is an osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds. Imagine how these millions of patients
must feel. At Evonik’s Medical Device Competence Center in Birmingham, Alabama, experts are working togehther with a Evonik colleagues around the world on solutions to help those patients. They are developing polymer materials that are lightweight, increase bone formation and can also be completely absorbed by
the body, reducing the need for removal surgery. These polymers are already used
in a variety of applications. For example for the treatment of fractures of the
hands, feet, cranial and facial, for the reconstruction of tendons in the
shoulder or knee or for stents which keep clogged arteries open after a heart attack. The advantage of implants made of resin or polymer is that they can be completely absorbed by the body with precise control of degradation. Ideally the implant degrades over time as healing progresses and the load bearing
capacity of the bone increases. This eliminates the need of an unpleasant
secondary surgery which would be inevitable using metal applications. But if the implant needs to stay in the body permanently another Evonik polymer VESTAKEEP can be used. VESTAKEEP is biocompatible and comparable to human bone in its elasticity. But we’re not stopping here: Evonik’s
experts are also developing different materials such as powders and filaments for various 3D printing technologies in order to create patient specific implants that come right out of a 3D printer. Currently surgeons have to
select the most appropriate implant from a number of standard sizes. By using a 3D printer and Evonik polymer instead an individualized implant could be available within a matter of hours. Perfectly made specific to the patient’s
needs. At Evonik we’re constantly working on solutions to improve patients lives.


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