5 Chinese Medical Breakthroughs You didn’t know about!

5 Chinese Medical Breakthroughs You didn’t know about!

When you think of Chinese medicine, you might
think of traditional medicine and an old sage with strange teas and cupping jars, but don’t
be fooled by movies and pseudoscience. Today, China is on the cutting edge of medicine
and medical procedures, which is why we are counting done the top 5 Chinese medical breakthroughs. Welcome to top 5 China, be sure to subscribe
and let’s get started with number five. Coming in at number 5 is Professor Tu Youyou
and her work with malaria treatment. In 2015, she was awarded the Noble Prize in
Medicine for her key contributions to the discovery of artemisinin. Artemisinin has saved millions of lives and
represents one of the significant contributions of China to global health. In response to a request from the Vietnam
government for help on malaria treatment, the Chinese government launched a secret operation
called 523 Project. On May 23 (523), 1967, a meeting was held
in Beijing Hotel to discuss plans, which officially launched the project. Professor Tu was brought into the project
in January, 1969 when the 523 directors visited her institute and asked for help. Professor Tu became involved in the 523 Project
after the visit and was designated as a team leader to search for Chinese herb recipes
having antimalarial properties and as they say the rest is history. Tu and her team have saved millions of lives
and have greatly improved global health. Moving on to number 4 on our list is medical
robots. Although this is not necessarily a breakthrough,
it is important to talk about China’s contribution to the development of medical robots. According to Robohub, “By 2021, the medical
robot market is projected to grow to at least RMB 2.2 billion. From surgical to rehabilitation and homecare,
robots look set to transform parts of the nation’s healthcare industry. Robots will reshape secondary care, primary
care, and home and community care. Already, surgical robots are assisting the
nation’s surgeons in some high-end hospitals, and accomplishing more precise, less invasive
procedures. And the sales of rehabilitation robots have
boomed as hospitals improve their rehabilitation units.” Robots are becoming commonplace in many hospitals
and community homes around the world and China is the largest producers of robots in the
world. This means that China’s medical contribution
to global health is expected to greatly increase in the next few decades! Coming in at number 3 is regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is an expanding interdisciplinary
research field that can impact healthcare by offering new therapeutic strategies to
replace or regenerate human cells, tissues, or organs with the ultimate goal of restoring
or establishing normal human functions. The past decade has seen significant progress
of regenerative medicine in China. With government backing, the progress in regenerative
medicine is driven by increasing medical demands of people, accompanied by the economic growth,
population aging, and lifestyle change in China. Although regenerative medicine encompasses
many components, tissue engineering and stem cell technology are generally considered the
two key players. One example of China’s progress in this
area is the case of five Chinese children getting lab-made ears grown from their own
cells. Chinese scientists say they’ve accomplished
something that’s long been a goal in the world of regenerative medicine—giving someone
a new, perfectly compatible (external) ear, freshly grown in the lab. This trial was carried out in early 2018 and
if deemed successful we could see Chinese lab printing and growing new body parts in
the future. This could change the way cosmetic and regenerative
medicine is practiced in the future. Moving on to number 2 is Cloning! According to the Guardian, “The recent news
that a laboratory in Shanghai has succeeded in cloning macaque monkeys made world headlines
not just because of the impressive scientific feat but because of the implications for humans. While mammals from sheep to pigs and dogs
to cows have been cloned before, primates remained a problem. Mu-Ming Poo and his colleagues cracked the
problem by treating the monkey eggs into which the genetic material of the cloned individual
had been placed with a cocktail of molecules that awaken the genes needed to promote development
into an embryo.” With the successful cloning of a primate,
Chinese scientists could unlock a multitude of new medical discoveries and breakthroughs. This cloning breakthrough could lead to personal
organ growth breakthroughs or other medical procedures. And finally coming in at number one is CRISPR. If you don’t know what CRISPR is, it refers
to a type of gene editing procedure. CRISPR/Cas genome editing techniques have
many potential applications, including medicine and crop seed enhancement. The use of CRISPR/Cas9-gRNA complex for genome
editing was the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s choice for breakthrough
of the year in 2015. Chinese scientists have been experimenting
with CRISPR and have made a number of breakthroughs in the last few years. “The Wall Street Journal reports that so
far in China, at least 86 people have had their genes edited, and there is evidence
of at least 11 Chinese clinical trials using CRISPR. One of those trials, the WSJ found, began
a year earlier than previously reported, putting the start of the first Chinese CRISPR trial
in 2015.” Seeing how powerful this technique can be
in fighting cancer, viruses, and genetic problems, China is implementing new trials and will
see even more breakthroughs in the next few years, which is why we placed it at the number
one spot on our list. This will truly change the future. So, there you have it the top 5 medical breakthroughs
and projects China has completed or is currently working on. Leave a comment below to let us know what
you think of these breakthroughs or what you would have added to the list. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to China
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